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  1. +1 A proper boot camp with physical exercise, change of routine, character building experiences and some simple classes (CV writing could be one) would be much more productive. Make the activity fun and rewarding as well as challenging.. Might help break a few people out of that depression you get when you get stuck in a rut and feel crap and directionless..
  2. No reason why not.. In government management speak you are equally as much a "stakeholder" as anyone else. Personally I expect this is just a way to quiet them down for a bit.. pour oil on the water. Consultation (group surgery) with one junior minister, followed by 6-9 month wait, followed by brief statement saying saying their input has been considered and passed to Osborne for consideration in future legislative decisions. What they'll actually do is get 12 months peace and quiet from these rambling self serving sharp elbowed shouty types.
  3. I think the doubts about shale were more about how long it would actually last.. projections ranging from 2020 to 2040. We are probably in a bit of a sweet spot now for the next decade or so.. I'm not sure if shale has been proven to be a long-term silver bullet though.
  4. I thought demand was still on the up (and predicted to be for quite some time). I'm pretty sure this is supply driven.. mainly caused by cheap shale oil from the US.
  5. Property 118 crowd have nearly hit 300 pages on their Summer budget call to action thread.. certainly plenty on gnashing of teeth going on, including a guy in one of the later posts who's trying to speak to his MP. Seems the MP isn't tripping over himself to listen to a whining landlord.
  6. Interesting thread.. it would be good to understand more about how the strength of the Brazilian economy reflects what is going on in the far east. Given the Chinese stock market has been quite buoyant of late, I presume the correlation is not necessarily that strong. Brazilian exports are largely made up of ores/metals, oil and food stuffs. Oil revenue will have dropped because of a supply-side glut from the US, not a demand drop globally (demand is still increasing), food stuffs may reflect the strength of the global economy but not particularly China I wouldn't have thought. Iron ore must be the best indicator.. but this is mainly used for the construction industry AFAIK, not so much in the wider economy. My guess is this shows us China has cut back on throwing up ghost cities and is concentrating more on manufacture, service and export industries.
  7. Dividends don't mean much if your capital value has dropped. But sure, shares offer better returns than a bank account if you get lucky/right. If you feel it is a zero-risk monopoly then another option would be for the state to purchase it and run it as a national interest. We're not very keen on that in this country.. having the public sector running things doesn't always seem to save the public much money.
  8. Governments seem to want wage inflation and are pushing for it through policy (NMW) and talking up wage inflation expectations. It will be interesting to see whether they can actually achieve it or if the whole thing flops and they resort to more money printing again.
  9. I hadn't realised these were specifically O&G roles.. but reading the article I see that you're right. Not big news then really, the same market forces affecting everyone else in that sector.
  10. According to my Bloomberg app dividend yield at Centrica is about 4.8%. It's not terrible, but investors are hardly making huge profits.. especially if you factor in the share price being lower now than it was five years ago.
  11. Anything to do with the planned rises in minimum wages? Are companies weighing up the cost of labour and cutting their cloths accordingly?
  12. + how much new housing stock do they imagine they have created with their risk? Delusion much?
  13. Looks like most aid is presently coming from Europe: http://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2015/jul/09/ukraine-crisis-eu-aid-political-solution-christos-stylianides Sounds strained but stable
  14. Any news? Not heard much in the MSM recently so I presume both sides of this civil war are sticking to their agreed territories with only minor skirmishes here and there? Has there been any improvement in living conditions in the East? Is there still enough of an economy/infrastructure that they are getting food, water, fuel, services etc? Are they simply self reliant or are they managing to trade with Russia/Europe/West Ukraine?
  15. Nothing so interesting I'm afraid.. someone further down that same thread mentioned he had to refer to this forum as "HPC" because direct links were deleted.
  16. Great link to the 118 site. Those poor sods, they really do make it hard to feel sympathy for them.. the sense of entitlement and indignation displayed by some is breath taking. Apparently HPC links are automatically deleted too. Seems this forum is a threat to them. Silly sausages.
  17. I'm not sure they are tax credits per-se.. you get tax relief on pension payments (semantics admittedly). It does make a bit of sense because you pay some tax on it when you take it out. The idea is to avoid double taxation. In terms of not getting it back until old age, that is more or less the point of a pension.. you need to understand that when you put the money in or, yes, you will be disappointed. If they move the retirement age (no reason I can see that they should particularly) it doesn't affect the size of your pot, it simply means you get a larger payout from your annuity when you eventually buy it.
  18. As a further note, I can see why a tax up front system is attractive to (any) government.. I think it would be an absolute popularity killer though.
  19. I take full advantage of the tax breaks currently available by paying salary over the 40% rate into a private pension. As the system stands, I am in a good position.. I save 40% on what I put in, in the knowledge that at worst I'm likely to pay 20% when I come to draw it out (probably closer to 10-15%). This is a great deal and incentive for me to save into a pension. But it is a rubbish deal for people earning in the 20% band and offers no incentive to save at all. I don't like the idea of moving to a tax up front system like ISAs, salary sacrifice works well, but I do think the goal posts need to be moved for fairness.. such as, 30% tax break regardless of your earning bracket. At this rate saving is still attractive to higher rate earners, but a better incentive for lower rate earners with an effective 10% top up from the government. To me that would be the "fair" system".
  20. I think they will at least try to raise them at some point. The US are making a bit of noise about it and when they raise I think we would try to raise in sympathy. I'm sure the government think it's coming.. Hence the surprisingly strong austerity cuts in the last emergency budget.
  21. I'm sure it was an accident.. but do you blame the rebels (if you prove it was them) who would have been shooting down what they thought was a hostile aircraft, or do you blame the CEO of Malaysian Airlines for flying civilians over a warzone? Or do you blame the EASA for saying it was safe to fly over a war zone? That would be a lot of people to put up on charges of war crimes..
  22. I'd be tempted to read your post Damik if I thought for a second you had posted anything factual or even slightly relevant instead of the usual "putler fascist 102% Chechnya you poor putler slaves :D" or something predictably similar.
  23. The Russian investigation into the downing of MH17 has concluded the evidence points towards a Python air-to-air missile as the most likely ordinance used to shoot down the passenger aircraft. Most of the evidence they cite is based on the weight and shape of the strike elements, the type of tracking and the size of the explosive charge itself. They rule out the BUK on the basis of the same evidence. http://www.rt.com/news/310039-mh17-israeli-missile-version/
  24. From the OP, only 3% were deemed "demonstrably unsuitable". I'm surprised it was as low as that.. I presumed most just pushed the products that made the most margin. These results must have come as a bit of a disappointment to whoever signed off the budget to commission the report.
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