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  1. I don't think I've ever seen a good policy suggestion from TM. I wish they'd replace her.
  2. 88 years left on the lease. I appreciate London is insane, but can't you rent a space somewhere for £4k a year ?!
  3. Flight to quality ? https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/echarts?s=COST#symbol=COST;range=5y Between the discounters and the higher quality suppliers the big four don't have much wriggle room..
  4. 10% borrowing rate for a sovereign nation. That's got to sting.
  5. Now home builders have recovered from the crash in 2007/8 it seems a gentle tax on land banks might not be a bad idea. As other have said, if they have no immediate plans to build on them why buy the land other than speculation? Perhaps rather than letting the large builders hoover them up and sit on them the plots should just be sold to whoever wants to build at that time. A small tax on holding land with PP would start to address that and raise a little revenue for HMRC in the mean time (get the taxpayer a bit of money back from all of the recent government schemes to support the builders).
  6. Well, they just want to keep their nice rural neighbourhood a nice rural neighbourhood. I can sympathise with that.. I doubt many of the people waving banners either support or asked for a population expansion. Change is being forced upon them by the society around them. Unfortunately society doesn't have a choice but to inflict this on communities because we have to house additional people somewhere.
  7. First public debt defaults hit Ukraine. (3bn to Russia on 31st December). This will presumably make it very hard to raise money in the open markets.. now 100% reliant on US/EU life support?
  8. They are right to a degree, the countryside would be nicer without more houses. But as a nation we also encourage higher population levels year on year. Since you can't not house people they should really be protesting for better management of migration and disincentives on having larger families. In the mean time we need a lot more countryside turning into houses.
  9. If only NOEL was still posting.. I seem to remember the FTSE was his baby
  10. +1 What is so special about 16 hour weeks? Even a single mother could presumably work 20 hours a week in between the school runs? If you want to supplement low wages then a straight taper seems the most sensible approach. Get rid of housing benefit and free council tax etc.. Just have a flat rate for unemployment that covers any reasonable basic costs, then as you earn just slowly decrease the benefit by a few pence in the pound until it tops out. The reduction in administration costs alone would be a considerable saving.
  11. Presuming continued economic and social stability, can we support 75m (or even 300m) people? Yes, of course. Would the UK be a better place to live ? I would argue not. Given builders have already explained the reason for missing house building targets as being down to the availability of land, will we actually be able to build the infrastructure required for the planned increases? The problem is the issue is entirely subjective. I know a lot of people will argue 75 million or more people in the UK will be a good thing and they would love more people. I'd say the ideal population for me would be about 40-50m tops. Even less if we wanted to really "green" about it.
  12. If you flick through the conservative manifesto it isn't explicitly stated but is arguably in line with the general theme of reducing the welfare bill and moving towards a new system of universal credit. I guess it's the sort of change no government wants to draw attention to because it's tough medicine to swallow.
  13. I'm not sure they did, as far as I can tell they tried to force it through. The commons openly approved the changes. The lords are arguably exceeding their authority.
  14. Been thrown out.. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-34651772
  15. https://www.rt.com/business/316280-ukraine-debt-payment-default/
  16. AFAICT there isn't actually that much difference between what Corbyn wants to do and what we're already doing. Corbyn just wants more. So, right now the BoE prints money and buys government bonds from "the market". The government sells government bonds and takes money from the markets. In effect, the BoE prints money and gives it to the government.. who spend it on infrastructure projects, but mainly just on making up the budget deficit each month to pay for normal government spending/out going's. Jeremy just wants to do away with "the market". Which just means it will be much more obvious that we are printing money to support government spending. I vaguely remember this is illegal under international treaties which is why QE was done the other way in the first place. Jeremy argues that we might as well print enough to cover normal government spending, plus a bit extra to pay for some nice populist vanity projects. It sounds a lot like Argentina circa 1989. It will be workable while interest rates and inflation are low, but once interest rates and inflation pick up globally we would be at pretty serious risk of a currency crisis I would imagine.
  17. Not sure what metric Germany uses to manage its interest rate, but if inflation based I would presume a population jump would push asset prices up. Mainly housing as more people chase the same number of properties.
  18. Bit of news in Ukraine.. http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/09/09/us-ukraine-crisis-exclusive-idUSKCN0R924G20150909 http://news.yahoo.com/ex-rebel-chief-eastern-ukraine-ouster-due-intrigue-183122473.html Looks like the Russians are still not prepared to fully annex East Ukraine.. which is probably a good thing. Independence with trade in both directions is probably a good position for them.
  19. Very much so. Not heard of any of the performers though.. all a bit "Johnny 5 Hats" for me! http://www.creamfields.com/lineup I'm escaping to Wales for the weekend
  20. No doubt I'm going to hear them all, we've got creamfields kicking off around the corner this weekend.. [old man voice] All sounds the same this modern muck.. [/old man voice]
  21. I'd say you've been well and truly vindicated. I admit I thought the central banks must have known something we didn't WRT imminent rate rises.. seems it was purely wishful thinking.
  22. Certainly starting to wish I hadn't been dripping money into South American and Mining investment trusts over the last month or so. Definitely getting wet at the moment.. I'll keep telling myself it's a long term punt and pretend I can't see all the bad figures coming out
  23. I think you think people want to punish youngsters in some way. Being unemployed (if you want a job) totally sucks whatever age you are. It can also be depressing, demotivating and lead to isolation. Offering an opportunity to get out, get some exercise, socialise with new people, do some new things.. stops you getting stuck in a rut and depressed. I think it's a great idea. I'm happy to beg to differ.
  24. Don't be silly.. you've been watching too much hunger games I'm talking about giving the young unemployed an opportunity to do something fun and motivating.. You're talking about blaming and f#cking people over.
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