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  1. I agree.. but anyone can set a up a petition on that site, you just have to decide carefully what you actually want to protest. As I see it the bulls have one valid point, the population is growing and our island is (if anything) shrinking. We can either petition for rural green belt to be released for more residential property, or we can build more high rise flats that no-one wants to live in, not much of a choice IMO. HOWEVER, I believe that property IS overvalued (it must be an unsustainable market if 90% of new blood can't get in) and all we need is for something to spook the speculators and the foreign investors before the whole lot comes tumbling down to a "reasonable" level again. The question is, what and when. Lib
  2. Jajaja... thanks Cells, you pre-emptively undermined my entire arguement.. Interesting perspective though
  3. I fail to grasp the perceived benefit of this scheme.. surely we already have a perfectly good system for taxing vehicles by the mile? Tax on petrol! Surely instead of c*cking up a bloated unnecessary project like this it would be far more efficient to just raise tax on petrol again?!?!? Of cause, inefficiency = more public sector jobs that we can out source to India to help them strengthen their economy.. makes perfect sense! Hang on...
  4. http://www.statistics.gov.uk/cci/nugget.asp?id=12 this shows employment to be roughly 75% .. unemployment is only 5.5% Should we be worried that we really have 25% unemployment? (the discrepancy seemingly just disappearing into the ether) surely someone is pulling our leg
  5. I agree.. am I the only person that watched that video thinking, nice arial shot of a prison block? If you concentrate your mind you can already see the addicts shooting up on the stairways. Not for me ta
  6. Thanks Muttley, and actually thanks to everybody here.. it has been my best source of info in the past few months. The opinion hasn't necessarily moulded my views, but some of the great links and references definately have. It's nice to find a place with such refreshing views compared to the usual main stream hype. Lib
  7. It defies reason, but this is an emotional out burst.. he's obviously not thought it through. I'm more suprised it was published.. it would appear that the "citizen" is very short of real stories
  8. As a new user I can't post a new topic so I apologise for hijacking this one (slightly). I am a potential FTB in a position where I could just about buy if I really needed to, however it simply makes no good sense at the moment. If Merv thinks houses are over priced and the bank of America thinks the same (not to mention numerous other highly respected figureheads) then it seems highly likely that this is indeed the current state of affairs.. impending crash or not. Why buy into an overpriced asset? I pay 200 pounds a month to rent.. going up to 270 when I move to a nicer area as I migrate with my job. I can save roughly 1000 pounds a month like this (and am doing). I am happy to live in a smaller house and save for a while. Even if house prices do still go up marginally for a while longer, I doubt they will continue to make more than the 5.25% earned on my savings (going up soon.. yey!). If I really believed that the housing market was a never ending gravy train as many bulls seem to think then it would make utter sense for me to use all this income to take out a massive mortgage and watch as my assets sky rocket. After all.. it's a given, right? They would all feel sorry for me when I'm repossessed, right? (obviously that could NEVER happen). I would not WISH anybody into a position where they lose money, but equally anybody that makes a high risk investment based on something with no obvious immediate future doesn't deserve protection from their own mistakes.. they have gambled just as we are doing. Do we feel sorry for the guy that makes a killing on the horses and loses it all the next day? Why do the bulls make me out to be the bad guy? just because I want to save and invest at a more appropriate time! Canis Canem Lib
  9. Hi All, Great forum.. as a FTB I've been monitoring this and other sites for a while now. Very interesting, some tough decisions to make. I'll be watching for some time to come and may start posting properly soon. Thanks for the great content. Lib
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