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  1. You bring an interesting new dimension to the forum.. thanks!

    We need a couple more Keynesians to provide a balanced debate.

  2. "as I've said before, I'm now too busy to participate in HPC - you won't see much of me here for a while"

    You will be sorely missed.. Thanks for your input over the years.

  3. Gone but not forgotten

    Where are you BL?

  4. Steamerpoint.. Peterboroughs original friendly EA!

  5. LettingsLady.. Proving that being a VI doesn't make you a troll.

    Thanks for your input.. please give us the rough with the smooth though :)

  6. Thanks for many great posts. I for one have learned a lot from the likes of yourself, you have done a great service for many. Here's hoping you will hang around a while longer!

  7. Chumpus.. Thanks for your patience in explaining governmental borrowing mechanisms. Libs

  8. RB.. congrats on 20k posts. You have always been constant, a rock. Thanks for your contributions!

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