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  1. I know it won't be popular on HPC but the genetic link is true. I have added a link for you. Happy reading.
  2. I am well aware of the power of advertising. I never denied that it can work. Show me where I did. I never lost any arguament about kids and marketing as I never entered into one. I choose to see clear daylight, however, between the real dependencies on toxic substances with real chemically addictive qualities such as alcohol, nicotine, narcotics and prescription medicine and the softer, less damaging brand-association addiction which you seem to think is equally consequential. Perhaps you should branch out from marketing and into psycho-therapy - "But Miss Winehouse - we are all addicts! You with herion and alcohol - me with Pepsi!" I know plenty of people who eat at McDonalds and are slim. I know some fat people who have never eaten as McDonalds in their life. Fat people are sometimes fat because of their genes, sometimes because they don't care if they die early, occasionally because of combining over-regular meals at McDonalds with other unhealthy choices. McDonalds is not the real or only bogeyman - it is all in your stupid deluded mind. I suspect you don't like McDonalds because of your snobbery and there are plenty of people on this site who will support you.
  3. I think you have been drinking, Mr Bon-Viveur! I have never said I am a fan of big corporations. I never said advertising does not work - I just pointed out that McDonalds is not the only child-focussed advertiser. I am a fan of democracy but I value liberty even more. Freedom to choose is the key. I am guessing you like a drink - and have probably had more than one today already. I guess you maybe enjoy a smoke. Possibly red meat as well. McDonalds could be the thin end of the wedge. "First they took the McDonalds eaters and I said nothing, because I don't eat McDonalds".
  4. It is not addictive! Some people find it enjoyable, so they go back. Again: Leave McDonalds alone!
  5. I assume you mean "we all pay" via taxes. Then I would add - not all of us pay taxes. Perhaps this is why McDonalds are withdrawing - they are sick of their taxes funding advertising directed at children?
  6. I went last summer and had a great time. It was free to get in, I remember. My little girl enjoyed herself too. I ate some sandwich and it was not cheap but it tasted ok and kept me going. I recommend it!
  7. Most companies with a young customer-base will target children with their advertising. This includes football clubs, toy manufacturers, yoghurt manufacturers, I could go on for ever. Someone earlier pointed out that publicly-listed companies have a duty to maximise profits - and the advertising is one way to achieve this. I say "Burn down the Natural History Museum, with it's child-friendly exhibitions!" BD
  8. Total non-sequitur. You simply link one modern phenomenon (the growth in obesity rates) with another (more fast food restaurants). You are being far too simplistic. You could link obesity with the growth of no-frills airlines or the internet just as accurately. McDonalds is far from healthy but the same is true of Indian and Chinese food. It's also unhealthy to spend too much time at a computer. Or drink so much alcohol. Or always drive everywhere. When selecting your chosen "reason" you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Leave McDonalds alone. BD
  9. Although I in theory support your proposal, isn't there a more appropriate place to report the MP's? I don't want to take any heat off of benefit cheats, and I cannot see how the MP's fraud is a matter for the DWP. Your intentions, however, are fantastic. What response have you had?
  10. Has anyone suggested renting a better house? Is there only one house you can rent in the whole of your target area? It's not only your landlady who's lazy here. Get down the lettings agency, find a nice house for the right rent and enjoy! Save your cash for a later, better purchase..... You know it makes sense. You have belonged to this website long enough to learn that.
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