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  1. Cheeky Barstared,,, I like you're style.... They will probably come back to you in 2 months to accept your offer,, which will be adjusted to £175K .. I'm sure...
  2. The reason I didn't buy is because I found it far to easy to get a mortgage in 2007 Birmingham Midshire offered me £400,000 based on 5% down. Self Cert, B-T-L AKA liar loan mortgage. Just make up the figures and as long as you sign on the line the debt/money is yours. I was actually buying a place to live in,,, but thank hpc I didn't... The same property now is worth £250,000 and not selling. It was a new build by Rydon Homes in the center of Brighton, for those who care.
  3. I hate grammar nazis more than traffic wardens. In about 3 months we will see, back to 2003 price threads occuring... This crash is real.
  4. Must be a board meeting,, monty p sketch..
  5. http://www.tradingeconomics.com/Economics/...aspx?Symbol=GBP CPI Graph Other useful graphs on tradingeconomics Unemployment, GDP ect
  6. I agree,,, Poverty for most people in the UK is not being able to live the life style they see on TV.. The fact that the have a TV, electricity, running water, free schooling and free health care means that they are not experiancing true poverty.
  7. Down by 2% already Will close by at least 5%,,, IMO
  8. Uk house prices will be down at least 50% from peak, mortgages at 3x proven salary with 20% deposit
  9. Wait for an hour or so... Asia fallout,, Uk fallout to follow
  10. Index Value: 10,435.78 Trade Time: 8:30PM Change: 707.35 -(6.42%)
  11. http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/q/bc?s=%5EDJI&...&q=l&c=
  12. 3000ish, 8 months from now,, yoyo around 2 months this level,, may go lower to 2500,, but market fundermentals will tell
  13. FYI it seems about 4 Islamic banks may be merged as this Sub Prime Toxic mess is here as well. Dubai Goverment pumped in $16B last week to UAE Bank market.
  14. Also Islamic Eid.......... p.s AWOOOOOOOOOGA AWOOOOOOOOOGA
  15. Mortgage will become increasingly difficult to get,, crash is on as portfolios are worth less each day.
  16. http://www.gulfnews.com/business/Markets/10248051.html Also Dubai
  17. Maybe U2 Bono can save us.... Make poverty history....
  18. Raising interest rates might be painful to the mortgage payer,, but people might start looking as cash in the bank as a alternative investment to commodities or shares. Shame the last 5 years has been based on rampent HPI... That was just over looked..
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