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  1. I live overseas and have worked in Dubai for the last 5 years. Eventually I do want to return to the UK to work as an Power Engineer ( I build Power Stations and Infrastructure), but this maybe Christmas 2008 - 2012 Depending on if I get sacked or laid off which isn’t that likely but may happen. I have £175,000 cash which I was getting £850 a month Tax Free in a Santander owned bank. I guess the rate drop will eventually mean I get 570 odd a month So rather just keeping savings I feel forced to purchase a shoe box. After speaking to many keen agents I have been told that anything I see at 200,000 I can probably get for 175,000 as I am a cash buyer. So I presume I can get either, as my Brother lives around the corner. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-104...p;mam_disp=true http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-180...p;mam_disp=true I see the rent for these properties at gross 750pm, so taking of fees and repairs it puts me in the same boat as having savings. 1. If I buy,. How will banks coupe as savings are pumped back into houses. 2. How much Tax is the system losing now the BOE has reduced Saving Rates,, added to falling house prices and fuel prices collapsing.. Where is the Government going to recover this lost revenue?
  2. I Have £xxx,xxx in the bank,, now if I take out a mortgage. The bank is less my xxx,xxx. The banks had no money, they still have no money.. So why did he create Billions The real issue is GB owns the Banks,, so fuel up the inflation fire then try and get out at the top.. This will really come back to haunt GB, he has just built another dam, in front of the Toxic Dam using the same technique as before. Unemployment is coming,, MASSIVE UNEMPLOYMENT... The Communists would just create jobs to keep the ball rolling,, GB will do the same. Cant afford to eat,, GB would suggest that you borrow the food from the shops and pay it back later... That borrowing is just a form of stealing with a contract. Basically GB is borrowing my savings to lend it out to a BTL, I dont agree and I am considering removing my funds.
  3. We have been cheated by Brown,,, Spend spend spend,,, never save save save... No Bust, Just Boom
  4. Nationalisation of USA health care system Bring the troops home Good on him The collapse of the USA God help him
  5. Advertised prices have only come down 10%,, actual selling prices have collapsed
  6. GB has currently created £Bs,, money is now worth less.
  7. http://www.parkers.co.uk/news/Motoring-Cos...r-get-one-free/ As it says buy one, get one free... But the car is 100% too expensive
  8. Gordon Brown has now agree to the sale of UK banking to Arab Investors Arab investors looking to move UK banking and financial services to Dubai. Expect massive exodus of companies, unemployment and a full on HPC in the UK. I was with James Goldsmith, Director of International Investment at Savills. You Bears would enjoyed the Breakfast,,, But his speach and graphs were amazing I wish I could of recorded it for you all.. from his handout
  9. Unlike Energy,, Money can be created or destroyed.
  10. A off plan property purchase must now have 30% paid before it can be resold. Also the majority of flippers,, are playing with profits and not debt. Yes some people will lose 30% of invested CASH,, They couldn't get a 100% Liar Loan and hide the deposit in the purchase price. If they shout and scream,, on the boat they go... In Dubai if you bounce a cheque, itis a prisonable offence if the debt is not paid.
  11. Yep,, I pay £28,000 a year for a 1000sqft one bedroom apartment. I earn £71,550 Tax Free. An equilvent rent of a 1000sqft one bed in Hove would cost £12,000 a year I would be lucky to earn £30,000 as a sparky or electrical engineer in the UK, plus how much would go as TAX. This is a whole new city developed over the last 6 years with 30 years to go. I would agree that buyers of property are keeping the cash in their pockets. But then if we look at Monaco, London, New York, Hong Kong ect Prices they are twice that of Dubai Prices. My advise is visit first,, I go between Brighton and Dubai all the time. Both are suffering from Housing Price Crash. But it was impossible to take out a LIAR LOAN here. 3X Multiples with 20% Deposits In Brightion a year ago I could borrow what ever I made up with a 5% deposit.
  12. Buy-to-let gurus sell after doing the maths http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/mortgages/buy...p;in_page_id=56 However, the increased cost of borrowing has finally caught up with them and they have identified for sale 18 houses that they bought in 2003 that are now coming off their five-year fixed rate deals, typically 4.5%. --- Didn't mention the LTV ratio has been reduce The Wilsons claim the prices of their homes have been static for the past three months, but estate agent Glen Wright, of Martins in Ashford, reckons they have plummeted 20% in the past year. He says: 'Two-bedroom resale houses priced at £165,000 a year ago now sell for £140,000 - if you are lucky. The market is paralysed.' HAHAHAHHAH .......... They are doomed
  13. How many people do they employee. Company could be as large as 5 people, 20% is only 1 redundancy Property Bee employee someone,, that would be 100% increase in staffing..
  14. Having visited Stockholm 3 times, I think it is a fantastic city. The Swedish are a very proud and clean nation. 1. Swedish friends that stayed in the UK couldn't understand why every house has a fence around it, why do we like barriers so much. 2. To insult a Swedish person, call them unhealthy or fidgeted,, Sexual swear words just amuse them as they don't see that as offensive. 3. Everywhere was clean in Sweden, zero tolerance to misbehavior. People had open social groups that accepted anyone. Even if I was a outsider they would consider me as a friend. 4. The social system is fantastic. But I am sure some district have the usual social issue's as they always do.
  15. Seeing 1/2 of Dixions Shops are white goods and cookers, with no one moving house I cant see these purchases happening. Even the market for Digital TV and Big LCD/Plasmas has dried up as most now have them that want them.
  16. You must be kidding,,, http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article4715153.ece Dont flaught the rules, you will be locked away.
  17. Sorry but Dubai run out of oil 4 years ago,, Finnancial Hub of Middle East,, Tax haven out of EU.. What stops them from doing what UK does,, apart from size of population. Technological, Biological, Research, Medical Care, Sports, Entertainment, Shopping ect where else do you think Middle East, Africa, India, Russia and China plan to have their Tax haven....
  18. Gordon securing HPI,, Lets inflate our way out of this hole by increasing money supply... Problem is gordon, Everything becomes more expensive.... Its scary...
  19. Yer,, were all worried that they might introduce a TAX.. Pyramids also built on sand... But Liar Loans infection is being felt everwhere including UAE.
  20. Excellent News,,, I will buy when its 75% LTV,, Christmas here we come.
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