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  1. It is possible, 12 years with no life. I don’t buy it if I don’t need it to survive.
  2. At which point can interest rates go back up,,, ??? When we hit 3X multiples
  3. Insurance values will rise with the increase of crime and malicious attacks to luxury cars. I'm going to start putting some cash towards an Audi R8 fund Maybe in 2009 we will find a 2006 model for 30K, 2/3 of original price.
  4. It won't stop, you can fiddle with IR decisions all day,, but its too late now.
  5. FP, good performance.. Have you considered having some media training now this crash is happening...? Just a thought...
  6. What is interesting also is the Dealer sold a car without the Finnance being clear.. see link at top... astrocadia dave s13 Hitch78
  7. http://www.tradingeconomics.com/Economics/...aspx?Symbol=GBP 6M is a realistic number, as being on the sick permanently will become difficult. As they become converted back to unemployed,, the numbers will rocket, though actually save the Tax payer money.
  8. Can't you buy the remaining 60%, then sell. I had a friend who was kind of stuck, he couldnt arrange the mortgage to purchase the remaining share and ended up selling at what the HA would pay for him. Sorry to hear that you feel trapped. Is there no termination out clause. At least you didn't own 100% of the property.
  9. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/7702617.stm About a hundred people have lost their jobs at a car dealership which has gone into receivership. Sidlow Car Group has about five dealerships across Sussex and Surrey and has been in the area for decades. But then from Piston Heads http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.a...=593692&i=0 The guy called the Problem,, others said he was just over reacting. My Brothers Business was Owed £500,, lucky for him. The Builders that just completed a full fit out will really be screaming. Chain reactions of bankrupcy will occur,, anyone fancy a cheap VW...
  10. The wheel fell off before they got their,,,,?
  11. Our last hope for a HPC is Unemployment.. How can Brown fiddle that one...???
  12. When the unemployment starts to rise,, interest rate cuts have no effect
  13. Thanks for youre post.. When I was in the UK I lived on a budget,, I drove a smart car, saved every penny I could. Living on a Budget, rather than being excessive. When I come back,, that is exactly how I intend to live,, within my means.
  14. I did look at 25 Acres of woodland that had a barn on it,, I was considering to occupy the land for 12 years to get the right to build something.. But there is always someone jealous of the fact you can make money when they can not. I can understand planning regulations, but as people have said before on here UK has more green spaces than the majority of other European Countries,, mainly because the rich want to keep it that way, green wash used as a excuse. If you really want to look after the environment, Lock it off and scar or vehicle going in or out of it..Then nature will truly return.
  15. That was my intention,, I posted before if the rates don’t reach a certain level I will leave HPC,, for ever. I feel cheated but as in poker, the Bank usually wins. I have witnessed reductions of 20% already,, 250K to 200K I am assured that I can get another 10% off,, 200K to 175K Fantastic if I can achieve a 40% drop from peak and I can wait until 150K. How will the UK government cope with all the lost TAX revenue from the following 1. Stamp Duty, falling house prices and few transactions 2. VAT, people purchasing less in the shops, 3. Income Tax ,the increase in Unemployment, 4. Taxation on savings, the loss of revenue on Taxing savings and other such issues. 5. Capital Gains as assets are worth less. 6. Fuel duty, as Petrol Prices reduce Plus many other Taxes that exist. I viewed properties and made connections with agents in August,, they still have 80% of the properties that were on the market at the beginning of the year. So it looks like two more months of HPC,, then I will be a property bull as I will of purchase a property. Mortgage free and a property probably purchased 40% off peak.
  16. Thanks for taking me seriously.. http://www.alliance-leicester.co.uk/invest...x?ct=primarynav Some of my options,, As long as the capital is guaranteed, I would take a 6 year option and just rent in the UK if and when I return. As to Rightmove and agents,, I normally am looking at vacant properties where it has been reposed or maybe somebody has passed on. Most occupied houses involve chains and I will act swiftly to secure a good price. Most are stubborn on pricing and a reduction in rates just made everything worse. I don’t want to be caught out guessing the bottom of the market,, I always have thought a houses were too expensive, so for the last 10 years I never purchased. I also worry that Brown will twist the knife even more,, what happens if rates drop again?
  17. Well you say that but its all the wife and I need.. She doesn't work as she was sick for 2 years so I pay for all bills. She has Grand Designs on what we should buy but I like to keep things simple and in budget. I am only 32 so it would be my first purchase.
  18. I thought we were supposed to hold off for high interest rates. If I am a sheeple,, I don’t have a clue
  19. If I do buy Santander has less another 175,000 I resisted taking out a liar loan before.. I dont even want a mortgage as I want nothing to do with the banking system.
  20. Yes that still stands I estimated that it will be by 1000 posts, I though interest rates should have been at those levels as inflation takes off. Now I am in a situation causing me to buy a property,
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