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  1. Its goint to be like the VAT rate,, the temporary tax thats still with us, 15 then to 17.5, back down to 15%.. I guess 20% will so be introduced.
  2. AIG are currently trying to off load commercial assets at 15% less than they purchased 6 Months ago....
  3. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...&refer=home Sheeple,, wake up.. The minister of clowns has no idea,, Brian's Mother Basically we should of kept interest rates stable in 2006 when the governor decided to drop them.. Labour has no magic, it’s all going to end in tears as rates eventually will double if not quadruple in the foreseeable future.
  4. No Boom, No Bust,, must not bust,, do anything to ensure no bust,,, Interest rates can never rise in this case.... welcome to Japan "konechwa" House price will continue to CRASH, what ever Minister of Clown does.
  5. 01 DEC 2008 INTEREST CREDITED £557.05 £146206.17 01 DEC 2008 LESS TAX DEDUCTED 0.00 £146206.17 01 DEC 2008 GROSS INTEREST 557.05 £146206.17 01 NOV 2008 INTEREST CREDITED £633.86 £145649.12 01 NOV 2008 LESS TAX DEDUCTED 0.00 £145649.12 01 NOV 2008 GROSS INTEREST 633.86 £145649.12 30 OCT 2008 D DEBIT £400.00 £145015.26 01 OCT 2008 INTEREST CREDITED £635.25 £144615.26 01 OCT 2008 LESS TAX DEDUCTED 0.00 £144615.26 01 OCT 2008 GROSS INTEREST 635.25 £144615.26 One of my accounts, Be interesting to see how the much lower its going to go.. FYI, I am offshore hence 0 Tax
  6. Yep,, still on course.. Either way its been fun.
  7. Negative interest rates and money printing machines for everyone. Inflate the way out of deflation
  8. King of the Bears..... The Valemon of hpc.....
  9. 1% Down Housing market *ucked anyway
  10. Traffic Wardens, in Brighton I had so much fun. Council sold the rights to NCP But the council will not uphold support the NCP to any complaint. So if you do get a ticket in Brighton, write to the address on the ticket with a reasonable excuse.. You'll probably get off.
  11. Green Peace will be happy to see them go...
  12. www.woolworths.co.uk Website has been taken down.
  13. Have you seen what happens if he tries the Tony Blair Grin... Fake smile from this pic
  14. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-106...=3&tr_t=buy I like it,, I could probably hide away here,, but How long till we see ads such as, seller willing to accept 300 monthly installments From the advert * Please note, that due to the nature of the construction, applicants requiring mortgages may find it difficult to secure funding.
  15. I'm sitting on the front line in Dubai,, Amlak the biggest Mortgage Lender has stop lending anything to anyone..
  16. Wonder how Sugars doing at the moment,, Standing in the Mirror shouting,, Alan Your Fired..
  17. The dirrect link does not show the crashing offer,, Buy it today and get 10% off,, wait a month and get 20% off.. :}
  18. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/search.rsp?lo_u...amp;flats=false 4 ad down 2 bedroom terraced for sale Trafalgar Road, Horsham £205,000 This property and many others featuring the Christmas cracker are available with free Purchaser’s Legal fees* and up to a 10% discount off the advertised price (subject to conditions) and strictly for completions before 19th December 2008. If you are interested call us immediately on (01403) 252... More details, photographs, EPC and map available Save property Contact the agent How sad... Just drop the price...
  19. Who will you working for Al Futtaim ? guess Please rememmber our beloved Brown the Clown came to Abu Dhabi with a being bowl.. Why.. Wealth of Abu Dhabi is Trillions, They have no Debt. Yep Dubai Does,,, But Abu Dhabi now owns Nakheel the Developer of the World and Palm,, DP World and other Dubai Assets. I wonder what part of the UK was being offered by Brown at a cheap price.
  20. Real Estate companies are laying off the waste, most small companies have no changes. Yep,, Damac are Firing 200 people,, but these are mainly from the 300 they hired this year.
  21. Thinking of working in Dubai, you should come here first. After 4 years,, I am in a wealth Trap as my salary is excellent, if you have half a brain you can make great money. I came to Dubai in August 2004, I nearly left in Aug 2006 as I thought the UK would be good, after 3 weeks in the UK, I gave up and took another job in Dubai. I will stay here as long as I can as the money is great and 1 years work here lands me the equivalent of 4years slog in the UK. The worst part of Dubai for me is the roads as some crazy drivers out there, eventually you get used to Land Cruisers coming up right behind you and flashing their lights. Also I miss day to day involvement in my family, But I get 4 weeks Holiday a year so come back 3 times a year. Apart from that, the experience of working in a multiple cultural country has been amazing.
  22. Before I got married, I didn't need much luck.
  23. When I worked with sussex police, they also had a big metal container to stick letter bombs into.. It was recalled after the bomb squad tested it to show it wouldn't work. Bomb squad explode hotdogs after terror threat http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/article.html?...mp;in_page_id=2
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