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  1. Horay for all the possible future iranian reguees.......... My Korean company is planning to send me to Iran next week.. eek!!! I actually want to go and see how it really is rather than the media's idea Time not to be so british me thinks
  2. Looks like this WW3 may sort out the worlds population problems anyway
  3. I left the UK as an economic migrant to Dubai. If you are one of the following Under 55 No Kids With a degree If you are British, or speak good English. Expect a min salary of £15,000 min a year at even a receptionist level. £20,000 as a junior executive £30,000 as a executive £40,000 as a manager, engineer NO TAX on anything that you earn or buy. No free hospitals or schools though Jobs for everyone
  4. My mother was in the same position. Single Parent, No Support. She managed to do it by.. never going out, never drinking or smoking, Having no car,Tesco Value range for us was a luxury, she worked as a receptionist during the day and Tescos at night. No at the age of 52 she has no mortgage, but no friends or social life, saves every penny for the rainy days I work in a country were many people work their ar5e of just to live. I think we have too realise that the system worked then but nothing really has changed. By not building we will always have this problem. I remember hearing that the UK had the highest ratio of undeveloped land in the EU But a highest ratio of person per sqft. We need more council housing but for everyone, Not just the poor. The system is designed to only help the needy and not the ones who work there ar5e off. But with out it can you imagine the 5hit that would hit the fan Why cant the goverment build homes and offer them for rent to professionals As a developer, the profits in the top end, not in the low end Buy supplying lots of posh properties, they could knock out BTL landlords Use the money to buy up all the repos then rent them cheaply... horaay Please quote me if I am massively incorrect.
  5. Just as good as any other labourer In my experiance, they will all send there extra money home so they can become btl landlords
  6. As you agent I warm against that as the Met office warns of snow Buy in Poland they cry, It's a lovely place if you love Poland.........
  7. Tell your agent that you Brother or Father is a Laywer and you are considering to run it buy them. If they say ok, take it to citizens advice or just pay it. They may say,,,,, "No thats ok, we got it waved for you" Read the contract you signed. If it doesn't mention a re-newal charge it doesn't exist. You can always ask for for a copy of the contract. Or Slack Plan B Tell you agent your thinking of becoming a BTL Landlord He will then probably wave all charges and let you marry one of his daughters... Sorry getting carried away
  8. I suppose the problem is what to do when you cant find any more Indians I am from Horsham, Tory Country Move out to Dubai, Business in Hove, Sussex.... My best friends are Indians, Even my Best Man is lined up to be my good friend Kumar Ashok. But as he said, where can India move its call centres as its all getting too expensive there too..
  9. So if I was a Student or Unemployied or Retired I am going have to pay a higher rent.. Give me an answer to this if you still think the Landlord should pay and pass the rents on to the tenant Please remember that the Landlord is already paying , Capitial Gains and Other Taxes. P.S I have only ever been a tenant, Never a Landlord
  10. My suggestion to anyone considering doing that is too, go and live in that country before you buy Because if you get stuck with the property, Welcome to your new home Iraq is very cheap at the moment,
  11. At least he is lazy in the work place Rather than being lazy finding a job. Give him some slack for that Plus Think how good he makes you look, when it comes to the firing line Who will be up first?
  12. Most of them are to young to remember it... They might of been around but you must of been. I just sold a web url for £4000 pounds so I am laughing. I was thinking of selling virtual villas, then people could virtually buy to let them http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=160080539182 One born every minute
  13. Sorry We are sorry, our system is having a problem showing you the correct page. The problem may only be temporary, so please try again. If you continue to have problems please contact us, including any error message or reference. Reference No: #3020-070210-092039-11574 Seem the crash is a rightmove crash.... before the HPC I can get back in now, But server must of been throwing a wobbly It seems they must of been updating as 4 of the properties that were at the 250K level are now around 10K - 5K less
  14. A house is only worth what some one will pay for it. . .
  15. Its great when hes on the UP. What happens when he get's stuck with 4 properties that he cant shift because the market is saturated. Don't let self important kids let you get stressed, they can't remember the last crash
  16. When you there it seems bad for all the reasons that you can see mentioned I didn't have very much in the UK, I thought I had nothing. Typical Graduate of Enginnering, Few jobs but low pay. Took an opertunaty to do something different But places were everyone works 6days a week, Were the only thing that matters is money, Tend to have no Soul. I miss the landscape I miss having friends that we use too struggle together to get somewhere If you have not much still have a lot I want to have kids so education system is great I like rain, the cold You can say what you want without worrying you'll officially upset the head of the country PUB's and Concerts, I am British, If you can make it in somewher thats tough to make it, It feels like you've made it The general highs and lows of being in the UK Of Course Family plus many other reasons What do you do when you have a million pounds anyway? I go shopping and there's generally nothing I cant afford. But there is nothing I want either. Apart from begin happy with what I have got. I am a member of the Church of the Subgenius, Slack will set you free.... Anyway
  17. I wont have to work my **** completely off. Just had an Idea, This is only fiction BTL in Dubai with a couple of flats, keep the money here. Claim depression and go on the sick in the UK. Get my housing allowence and benfits - then withdraw money from Dubai account, if I need anything like a new car, Flat Screen TV night on the Town. NO I WONT BE DOING THIS.... As even when I was unemployed I didnt claim a penny, had to kip on mates sofa's and such But I rekon its not to difficult to implement
  18. Problem with Brighton is the every expects everything, but know one has any money. My friend runs a letting agency and properties are sitting empty or getting squated.
  19. 30% of people last a year 30% stay 1 - 3 years 30% stay 3 - 6 years 10% die here or become a local I am leaving after 3 Years I have made from nothing 300,000 Pounds from the house I bought and get 60,000 Salary from a korean construction company 150,000 from my property 150,000 from my salary I was 27 when I came, 30 when I leave I can retire in the UK now I have no kids or a wife, but plenty of air hostests under my belt All you do here is work, drink and exercise your hips
  20. If you don't like Tax. Move to Dubai. No Tax on Fuel, No VAT, No Income Tax, No Capitial Gains Tax, No Community Charge. In a average area a one bed 740sqft cost 800 pounds a month to rent - 200 pounds a month in bills BUT If you lose your job, are sick or decide not to work for a bit. Your not getting any handouts If you have kids, you'll pay for the birth and education. 200 pounds for each check up, 2000 for the birth, xxxx pounds if any problems durring birth 1000 - 6000 pounds for each kid to goto school. If it was the Landlord who pays the Council Tax, Surely he would make the rent higher Then Students, Unemployed would have to pay it. Remember these groups are council Tax exempt Just adding my bit...
  21. If we get another rise, I can offer less to buy the house I want. Great..... Every 0.25 rate rise I have reduced my offer by 10K on a 330,000K property Basically that 10K is what extra I will have to pay over a 25Year Mortgage Curve inflation now BOE...
  22. Come on Down ... Mr House Price The rate is going up . . . . 0.25%, I am using buddest techniquies to control interest rates Dont buy anything, well not until I get the chance too....
  23. It rule number 3 in how to be an estate agent In fact if we all said price were going to go up, We would push the market up. Then the sh1t would really hit the fan
  24. It seems to me very simple. I may actually take the Goverment to European court on behalf of Indian Call Centres Min wage for anyone working for or on behalf of a European Company. That means they would have the operators £5 plus an hour.
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