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  1. I actually wouldn't be suprised if they dropped the rate. Strong pound affecting exports Yes something has to be done about HPI but a rate rise may kill our exports.
  2. Depends were you are in the world. It is already the 5th April for me..
  3. It would be interesting if we didn't have a min wage... Reminds me of those good old days of slavery, or living here in Dubai. . . No TAX - No Handouts.. Dubai the city of the future..
  4. I hope for a .25% raise But honestly I think No Change will happen today. No change today means bigger rises later...
  5. They will not be lending more than 80% so they have a buffer Also you will find that you will be renting the house from the bank at a set rate Replace words such as Interest with Profit......... Also Life Insurance is very Un Islamic as Muslims would argue, Where is the Risk.. : ) I have a Sharia loan on my property in Dubai.. Funny thing is if I stop paying the courts won't evict me, They we say that I will have too pay what I can afford. Also LLyods are one of the toughest lenders I know. Try getting a self-cert based on your accounts from them. Not so easy as other lenders.
  6. Please be aware I am from the south were wages tend to be higher Plus I also have 5 years installation experience, Plus a 2.2 in Electrical Engineering 12K is a lot to spend, I did my qualifications for free. If you register for all 3 years of the course you can do it full/time. As most of the exams are repeated, then you can work P/T when you need to. You can buy good kit second hand from Ebay, especially from electricians retiring or guys getting out of the game. I have worked on behalf of sub-contractors at 25-40quid an hour were I may only were 3 weeks, then be out of work for 1 week, with no holiday pay or sick pay. A lot of Health and Safety requirement seem to becoming more stringent. As to red tape, that's for insulating or collouring of terminal ends if you may have a two way switch.. : ) sorry had to add a little humor in…. But any "Red tape" is always good. Means higher wages for me. WHY DO YOU THINK ESTATE AGENTS WANT ALL ESTATE AGENTS TO BE LICENCED. So new-comers to the game have it harder. I always ensure to make a perfect job, It takes Longer Yes,,, But you'll never have to comeback to fix it, plus your being paid by the hour But if I am honest with you, Working in the field is not easy, for the following reasons 1. Dirty on your hands on knees 2. The other idiots that you work with ad their mentality. 3. Electric Shocks from circuits that should be dead, I,E earth circuits that are live So that's why I left the field 3 years ago and work for a property developer in Dubai www.uboratowers.com, But I can get into any country.. I.e Canada, Australia with the electrical qualifications and my experiance..
  7. Sorry, But that’s utter rubbish... I have my BS 7671 installation certificate from the British Standards , Also a degree in Electrical Engineering . As a Qualified Electrician / Electrical Engineer let me into a secret There is much higher paid official work rather than what we call house bashing. What you find is that qualified trained professionals earn 25 – 40 Pounds per hour on major installations or contracting firms. The idiots you have out in the residential repair or upgrade field are usually unqualified and don’t follow the regulations. All ways ask to see their certificates. BS7671 if anything http://www.elecsa.org.uk/PartP.asp When ever installing, modifying or upgrading a current installation you are required to provide your customers with a BS7671 certificate with each installation that you complete The first thing you need to understand is you don’t need a qualification to wire a house, change a consumer unit “fuse box” or replace a wall socket outlet. You just have to be competent to do so. The guys that you meet are usually idiots that have been electricians helpers who worked out they just put an add in the local rag and people call you work. But when you house goes up in fire because you just had your fuse box changed by an idiot, be careful as they might want to see that installation certificate…
  8. My prespective… It’s amazing, Brown actually seem to know his stuff, keeping prices high with now very small increases, what ever the costs. Cheaper than Riots on the streets. Maybe they are waiting to shift the blame on to Conservatives as they know Cameron will probably win. BUT REMEMBER. MAGGIE AND MAJOR had pretty much got rid of national debt, were Brown just dipped in to keep things rosy. The economy was on the way up when they took over. Tony with his new shoes, new haircut and his friend Alistair C. But most people forget this. I hope the new conservative government will not be blamed for everything falling down, when it was Labour that got us there in the first place. Let’s hope he can’t keep it together as the [email protected] starts sticking before they get kick out Bravo Mr Brown..........Thanks for a high with no comedown. Its like we are all are junkies that have just been given more and more drugs to keep us happy. Labour keeping rates low, borrowing money from anyone, No tightening how we lend money. But the Drug Lord has run out of stash and handing everything over to his arch enemy. Laughing as he leaves, Thinking, It won’t be long until they’ll get it in the neck and my junkies will be crying for me back………. Basically Brown sets up it to fail quickly as he leaves, Then conservatives get him out of the problems, but look bad in the process. The Tabloids make Cameron look like an Idiot and we all run back to Brown for his fix. Then Brown becomes King and there are no more wars… Bravo Brown, You are so clever……… How silly junkies are……… Pass me that credit card application and BTL mortgage as I need a fix….
  9. Actually I'm sure he would if you were a MP, COE or a fudge knocking friend of his lodge. Its who you know, you know who? : v As for the BBC and what the publish... Is this really news http://news.bbc.co.uk/player/nol/newsid_64...bw=nb&mp=wm A man who was fined for selling shirts bearing a rude slogan about the Prime Minister has the case against him dropped. Even has its own video on the story... I love the end of the story with his Latest T-shirt "Give Us A Tenner" and on the back "We'll give you you a peerage" :?
  10. Estate Agents dont ramp prices, If people want to pay a high price for a property, let them.... I believe the Banks are to blame for the current massive debt.
  11. I actually was a FTB in Dubai.... If you remember that previous thread about abroad FTB's Going to have a look around this week and buy Now.. It may be a repo, It may be a new build, It will be a 2bedroom with parking, It will cost over 250K It will probably be worth 30K less in 2 years time, But it will be my Home so I wont care.........
  12. On reading this thread, this is the point were I thought others had won, time for a come back OD ...... I do admit reading these threads is better than the telly. We are all, including myself, having to much time on our hands. We all hope house prices can come down so we can go and buy as many btl as we possibly can. Regards to all from Dubai, back in hove tomorrow,, yeah 234sale
  13. I remember being in mansfield about 7 years ago, watching a man being chased by the local women, who gave him a good slapping for a reason..........
  14. I reakon if you want some discount on a property, Just employ some louts for a month, give them money to hang round the house you want to buy, You'll surely get a discount,,,,,,,,, hehe
  15. Thats in the sales manual, make them thing they are getting some discount and they will bite your arm off...
  16. Typically the housing market picks up now, why not one little raise now, rather than two later... It looks like they are trying to stabilise the market at the top end, rather than letting it be a realistic price first. I believe a 0.25% rise would dampen HPI. More BTL's would start coming on to the market.
  17. Some sh1tty water side property here too. Look at JBR if u want a laugh...
  18. http://finance.yahoo.com/q/bc?s=%5EDJI&amp...&q=l&c= Is this the history of the dow
  19. George....... You'll definately earn more money in Dubai I meet millonarses from all the other countries you mention in your list only in Dubai.. If you dont like it I'm sure you'll have some cash in your pocket if you decide to give it up.
  20. Very Strange. I was watching BBC world in Dubai just now. The presenter started talking about Yen/Dollar issues then was cut short... I expect Monday to be very interesting Big changes ahead...........
  21. I am coming back after 3 years of Dubai Made some cash, the Uk is the best place to spend it.
  22. 30% return after 1 year 60% return after 3 years 90% return after 10 years 10% never come back As an expat pat I can tell you YOU WILL NEVER BE HAPPY No where has everything to make one happy
  23. Please listen too I prefer Bolton, Barnsley, Nelson, Colne, Burnley Bradford, Buxton, Crewe, Warrington, Widnes, Wigan, Leeds, Northwich, Nantwich, Knutsford, Hull, Sale, Salford, Southport, Leigh, Derby, Kearsley Keighley Maghull, Harrogate, Huddersfield, Oldham, Lancs, Grimsby, Glossop, Hebden Bridge, It's Grim Up North, It's Grim Up North. Brighouse, Bootle, Featherstone, Speke, Runcorn, Rotherham, Rochdale, Barrow, Morecambe, Macclesfield, Lytham St. Annes Clitheroe, Cleethorpes, The M62, It's Grim Up North, It's Grim Up North. Pendlebury, Prestwich, Preston, York, Skipton, Scunthorpe, Scarborough-on-Sea, Chester, Chorley, Cheedle Hulme, Ormskirk, Accrington Stanley, and Leigh, Ossett, Otley, Ikley Moor, Sheffield, Manchester, Castleford, Skem, Doncaster, Dewsbury, Hali-fax, Bingley, Bramall, Are all in the North. It's Grim Up North, YES IT IS A REAL SONG It was number one for around three weeks Also has Jerusalem mixed into it
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