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  1. Good on for anyone that feels they are happy with what they have got. Let them live in there bubble... Until it goes pop..... or bang ....... or
  2. My friend Ben has been building it for the last 5years,,, What a strange place brighton is......
  3. I fly back to the UK on the 11th May.. I will be at the protest... I have Megaphones... www.ksl-hire.co.uk.... Its just timing to get the other stuff together.. I think back to my suggestion of sticking signs on top of Estate Agents Boards such as "NOT" for any sold boards.. "Can't" for any For Sale,,, so it becomes Can't Sell Banners and T-shirts also a speciality... http://www.bdiscreenprinting.com/brighton_screenprinters.htm is my friends shop for the T-shirts and www.sl2.co.uk is my Brothers signwriters.. I will be in contact on the 11th May but hands are tied as I am overseas PM me if you need me I also own this Just Under 2,000 Watts of soundsystem in a smart car
  4. Come to Asia or the Middle East... See how the people are treated here, then understand that the world is screwed...
  5. As I said before.. Maybe it was a decission to not raise last month, to make for the hitting headline... Largest Rate Rise in a Decade... Buyers beware
  6. I used to work in Millbank Branch, Victoria Street.. Quite a few MPs used to visit... Most of the are loaded.. One even asked if I knew who he was when I asked for I.D when he was withdrawing lots of cash But if anything I would have polo's on display... Trackers are diet food
  7. Taken from www.propertyweekly.ae Just for a outsiders perspective If you want to read the artical, click the top to enlarge... Then use tha magnifier to read
  8. It all makes sense to think they avoided a rise last month for a scary headline of bank raise rates by 0.5% 1000 POUNDS a year on an average mortgage
  9. Thats what happens when you lie on your mortgage to borrow as much as you can, then find out you monthly repayments have doubled... Still a big line of suckers waiting to take their places.....
  10. We all were wishing for a 0.25% rise last April.. If BOE had raised it at that I point I feel inflation would of still went over target limit of 3%. No matter how many little rises they want to add, the fact is people will still spend easy credit. Until some one has the BALLS to raise rates too 7%, where it should be. We will see creeping inflation. Maybe a kick of 0.5% may get the press; it seems sense if you think that HPI is galloping still. I’m sure there are some worried members of MPC, which ever way they handle this, turd will hit the fan……….
  11. I read this as 10% reduction in the house price inflation Not as in actual prices www.daft.ie
  12. Its a gas I suppose, so if condensed under pressure, you could actually grab it. Then maybe refill your lighter with it.. Carbon neutral lighter I suppose
  13. I went to see what I could borrow last Feb. Basically I was told to say that I was a BTL even though I was not, also that I earn't 60,000 pounds a year when I only make 25,000. Loan was conditionally approved for 300,000 on a house in Brighton Condition of residency in the UK....
  14. It seems to me that supply of flats is up, but houses is down... The effect will most be felt in the appartment market maybe.
  15. The worst thing is they are probably the cheapest thing on the market !
  16. I am in Dubai,,,, Work for South Koean Developers www.uboratowers.com
  17. What I would love to se if a 0.25% rise in the US Could that spur a 0.75% rise here?
  18. I did check,,,, even though it is old news Sorry if you get annoyed, you can just ignore it......
  19. Yes I would agree, most of the properties I have been following haven't sold. But stuff is still going.......... Raising interest rates is the only way to stop this.... The cost of HIPs will only be past onto the buyer anyway, so I cant see that small cost having any effect....
  20. I hope so too, but its crazy market... I couldn't face buying a place and then finding out its worth 10K less next month
  21. Maybe it did, but I check the old threads but couldn't find it
  22. I wish that was true, The house next to my mum came on at 229,000 She bought two years ago at 199,000 It was sold to a FTB within one week... In fact every house I keep my eye on goes, Yes I agree not everything is selling... But I hate to say, enough of it is........
  23. Its on the front of rightmove, look at their homepage www.rightmove.co.uk
  24. WTF Come on BOE, HPI is still strong and kicking http://www.rightmove.co.uk/pdf/p/hpi/House...thApril2007.pdf April House Price Index Largest monthly rise for 5 years! The April edition of the Rightmove.co.uk House Price Index is now available, showing trends in asking prices up to 7th April 2007. Based on over half of the property market, the House Price Index is the leading indicator of residential property prices in England and Wales. This month... average national asking prices rise by 3.65% (£8,307) in the month as Easter activities kick in. Raise the interest rate 0.5% and bring this hyper inflation to an end NOW!!!!!!!! :angry:
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