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  1. With so many first time buyers, I worry that we will not see any correction for some time..
  2. I am really Lazy,, I spell checked but I didn't proof read. I suppose I cant edit the poll now.... Yes You Thing should of been You Think
  3. I expect most of us to be FTB's that just think these askng prices are crazy. As a FTB I have 50,000 saved and would be ok paying 1,000 a month on a mortgage
  4. If I am honest, I want to be able to afford a home to live in... Even though I would consider itas an investment too..
  5. Because in five yars time it's likely that the properties will be worth 30% less and the repayments 30% more
  6. If they are paying more than 20p a night, shes got a good thing going...
  7. I looked into buying but the owner insisted on sealed bids.... I enclosed the following words, one of which is to rude to post here.. The other word being off. But I went to the Bank who said based on my paper round of 600 pounds a year, I could borrow 6000 pounds..... Wicked......... I will be on a ladder..
  8. I'm sure many Americans ponder at the complexity of Jonathan Livingston Seagull...
  9. If you are educated in the UK, there is a 90% chance you had to read the book as part of our secondary = high school education... Its on the curriculum... curriculum being what our Left Wing, Lesbo, Pot smoking, English Teachers force children two read. Well in my case anyway. Nothing wrong with that sterotype, just I am Better at maths and science than english.....
  10. Thats what I heard, a 3.6% increase this month. Maybe I should but a shed and lease it out...
  11. Since when has university had anything to do with getting a job? Going to uni is about putting work off! Answer = To any students, Networking is Key, even if this means printing of a business card with Student and your Uni Address on it. I used to get to talk to many companies as I was a student of UNI of Brighton You are not there to learn you are there to have sex, drink beer, and become a more rounded character. If you have successfully achieved this, when you go for interviews afterwards it will be recognised and you'll get the job. Answer = Business is exactly the same, clients will always try and get you drunk. You might get a shag on top of a deal. There aren't many courses that actually make you immediately employable - most of the required skills in any given proffession can only be learnt by actually doing it. Answer = Realise that 90% of what you learn't you'll never use
  12. I am moving back to the UK, I have struck a deal with my Mother to move into her Luxury Shed But I'm worried that if I dont by an old shed soon, I'll be priced out of the market www.readersheds.co.uk
  13. No WATCH THIS... Bob has the answers Repent, Quit your job, Slack Off,, so they say Praise Bob
  14. 2009, Now Ians living at the bottom of his Mum's garden... At least the families still happy.. cut and paste in paint
  15. Quote "Pull the wool over your own eyes" Bob Dobbs, Slack Master
  16. I could get 3 consultants at that price all at the same time
  17. I'm in dubai and the same people are employed at that same rate..
  18. 0.5% increase. Visualise it in your head and it may happen.... But how many of us are waiting in the wings to buy..... Me for one.
  19. But on top of that you have a mortgage of your own because you borrowed 100,000 Interest Only , 300pm extra... Then its empty for 2 weeks changing the Tenant... were are you going to get that 400 pound that you missed out on
  20. Lets hope interest rate rises KILL OFF BTL.......... It will happen at some point... Just when I dont know If your thinking of BTL, Dubai gives about a 9% return on apartments and 8% villas TAX FREE My Mothers 2 Bed House in the South is now worth 240,000 as she has an offer on it, but it would only rent for 800 pm that a 4% return I rather have the Money in the Bank and Rent
  21. I emigrated to Dubai.. Three Years on every one is doing the same thing in Brighton.. If you consider going anywhere, consider Dubai because its TAX free and lost of Jobs I get 6% interest in the bank, with NO TAX... I get nearly that rate on my UK savings but 1/5th is lost in TAX. Problem is as an expat that you'll find things you'll love, and you will find stuff you miss. I have the same amount of savings as you but just can't by in the UK as prices are very silly and the graphs seem to point to a crash at some point.
  22. God you sound like my Mother.. But I think that actually is what people think.
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