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  1. http://www.comet.co.uk/shopcomet/product/5...FUJITSU-LI-2727 Under £300 quid.. Price hard to beat..
  2. http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/part...%7C11702850.htm Min spec that you can work with,, These have come down in price since they were launched. To get Linix off and XP on is reasonably easy,, but a challenge to a computer newbie
  3. Whats the square root of -j? with out googling it.. Agreed whole economy is probaly worth the square root of it peak value.
  4. 100% agreed with the ASUS keyboard,, its a great machine but small size has its down size. I suggest searching locally for a laptop,, with XP. You'll save on the driving and you can have them showing it working first.
  5. I have a eee pc,, It is great,, 4GB version.. I have 16GB Sd card in it. But 1. Have you used Linux Before- You may find it cuddly at first, then annoying when you try and install any other software 2. 7" Screen is annoying after a while,, My one is plugged into my TV 3. 2GB Hard Disk, two small to upgrade to other OS. Suggestion,, 9" Screen and at least 8GB Hard drive.
  6. I am a Sub-Genius,, We believe "Feck them if they can't take a joke" Also "Pull the wool over your owns eyes" http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Qt9MP70ODNw http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_of_the_SubGenius
  7. You left out us Neithers I am 65% Male and 35% Yeti
  8. 11 years of Labour,,, Lets see good Browns Miracles are making water into Wine... Just like the Titanic Movie,, Brown is getting his chum's off the boat.. Telling the rest of us,, What Iceberg...?
  9. Why did they bother,,, You could build it again for those kind of figures...
  10. MEWing,, is now dead for the majority of owners... Hooray..
  11. Capital appreciation will be -(30 to 50%) in the next 1 -2 years The crash has only just started, wait until the 2009 lay-offs really start
  12. Just a thought, being an A&L customer Last time 3 times I have went in they tell me to use the phone to access phone banking for specific questions. Staff are training customers to not use banches anyway...
  13. For a second I thought you said www.brunomustgo.co.uk I'd rather have Bruno in power than that Clown Master
  14. The collapse of the high street is on going, those Retail Rates were stuipedly high anyway.
  15. It is a place to walk,,My wife walks 10 minutes to that mall. In the Old Town where I live the carpark is under ground. A correction is quickly happening in Dubai as no TAX payers will be bailing anyone out,,, why you may ask? No Tax in the Dubai... I worry whats going to happen in the UK as we have crazy TAX hikes in the future. I have a small limited company in Brighton, renting specialist equipment.. Business has increase as people no longer want to buy The other side of the arguement can eaisly be over looked
  16. I dont think anyone is buying anything in Dubai at the moment, Property, Cars, Electronics, clothes or services But again its the same worldwide as everyone is now worried for the future. As to local Emirati's they have a $0 rent base, $0 bill base as everything is provided for these lucky few. Just like a person on social security, the only difference is if they work they still get all the handouts. I disagree with speculators running to the gates with empty pocket as they are mainly playing with the profit they started with, but I do agree that local population and the rich will always come on top. They always do...
  17. Just a recent photo of a new part of Dubai taken from DIFC
  18. "jail for all sorts of odd reasons at the drop of a hat." Not the country to fight the system or disagree with the rules. I stick to them. Dubai was nothing really 20 years ago. Its not the place for a cheap holiday,, try Spain ect.. Abu Dhabi wealth,, 1Trillion USD. They are waiting for cheap deals,, they expect a worst case senario. Saw a report for the UK last week,,, after xmas looks bad for everyone, UK, Europe, USA, UAE were all in the same inflated dingy
  19. Property increased by 40% from Sep 07 - Sep 08. I would agree Dubai investors have suffered 40% loss in AED prices,, But guess what... Dollar appreciated against the dollar by 30% in the last 4 months so in £terms if any expat sells today its likely they didnt make a £loss The speculation market is over, but you could never get a liar loan in the first place. This was a crazy cash market, with min equityof 20%. So little or no negative equity. Biggest problem in Dubai are those who bought in unrealistic projects that maybe cancelled, especially resale as premiums can not be paid back.. Ay development purchased recently at stupidly high prices,, These investors/gamblers were doubling money in 3-4months. They will suffer or anyone who purchased a resale unit from them. Oh CL,, like they really give a [email protected]
  20. One religion you could try, http://www.churchofeuthanasia.org/
  21. Just burn it like the KLF did with a Million Quid as an art statement
  22. Unlikely as they always seem avoid political rants especially about the Labour
  23. Excellent,, I have subscribed too.. Thanks for posting
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