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  1. I'm a white westerner from Brighton, aged 33... I have been in Dubai for 5 years now, working full time for the South Koreans Dubai isn't Handout UK, If you want to work hard, you can rake it in .. The property crash here has been a realistic one, prices down from peak 70%..... Much promises of developers have gone up in smoke, just like Las Vegas boom in 2002.. The system here has had no phoney stimulus package, Interest Rates for borrowers are still 8%, Banks will only lend with 3 years proof of salary... Maybe UAE goverment will introduce a TAX,, Petrol, 25p a litre Fags, 1.25 a pack no Income TAX, No VAT, no money back no guarantee Rodney this time next week we will be Millionaire's, (many did become Millionaire's)
  2. Yep, I get CV's from UK all the time, We aint sacking anymore, nor are we taking on your lay-offs
  3. People don't walk the streets here, majority drive around.. No problem, go into any shopping mall ad an area set aside.. Also you can eat/drink outside, just do it covertly.. 42-44 degrees the whole of last week, and I work outside..
  4. £800 Billion would of tipped the balance. It realy doesn't make a blind bit of difference no more. Goverment vested interests in house prices, what ever the side effect.
  5. I think its to do with a quick, mortgage free sale. Before prices come down more.
  6. Basically this would you trust a tyre on a long distance run after using this?
  7. Hehe,, Though my Gran of 84 lives in Furnace Green, which seems ok.
  8. Longest serving chancer... Just proves he was rubbish, , , Good on him I say,, Everything labour has done is just a smoke screen. But then he could of held IR in 2006. instead just ride the way boy's,, electon coming up
  9. So where will you buy? Twas born in Horsham, lived in Crawley, Hook, Southwater, Brighton now Dubai. I think getting old in Horsham wouldn't be a bad thing. Market towns with simple folk,, none of that Big City Rubbish
  10. It's Rydon Homes,, ooohhhooh.... feel the quality. not... But at least an atempt at a Pure House Price Thread
  11. My Brother went to see if he could get a good price on anything.. Its all cheaper online he said,, also you won't be able to take anything back you buy
  12. All 2 Beds in the same building, same layout... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...maxPrice=250000 £249,950 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...maxPrice=250000 £239,950 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...maxPrice=250000 £217,500 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...maxPrice=250000 £199,950 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...maxPrice=250000 £198,950 The funny part is no.4 in the list is a developer trying to off load. Everyone is in denial,, I spoke to an agent with the offer of on no.4 , £175,000 as a cash deal. They said they would want proof of funds,, but I was getting the kind of hint that this would be possible. Funny thing is,, I wouldn't pay more than £150,000 for any of them
  13. 1 British pound = 1.11151463 Euros ? according to google
  14. What are they going to do with all those MFI, Carpet right and similar warehouses... Maybe homeless centers
  15. 911 at the end,, wtf http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=023_1229383665
  16. BTW They expect layoffs double over 2009... compaired to 2008. I can attach the PDF as well.. But when asked my connection,, would he buy now,,, he said,,, NO WAY..
  17. Dear xxxx I am delighted to attach a copy of the latest Savills UK Market in Minutes for November. This monthly publication is designed to give a fast overview of what is happening in the rapidly changing investment market in the UK. I hope that you find it of interest. Prices continue to fall in the UK property market. Not only have the debt markets remained very cautious but investors are still reluctant to progress transactions in the face of falling prices and slower economic conditions in the UK. Yet with much lower money rates and cheaper Sterling together with the age old attractions of the UK (the long, landlord friendly lease with upward only rent reviews and little or no non recoverable expenditure together with large and liquid markets), the investment rationale once again looks attractive where pricing has fallen quite so far. Some investors are starting to look seriously, particularly in the prime end of the market and there have been some transactions announced this and last week. The beginning of 2009 promises to be interesting. The best opportunities will be from distressed sellers offering larger lot sizes where there are fewer possible buyers and little or no debt available. If you wish to arrange a meeting to discuss international markets, then please do not hesitate to contact me on my numbers below. My next update will be in January 2009, may I take this opportunity to wish you season’s greetings and the very best for a healthy and successful 2009. Warm Regards xxxx
  18. Yep,, Browns save the paper rich,, feck the cash poor is having a nasty side effect.
  19. I waiting to see how much less I get this month,, I used to be hung up on IR rates,, now I realise the books are against us.. 5%,, sill ok with that.. Below 3,, my cash is coming out.
  20. Can we run miss/mrs HPC, , , please oh please.. Maybe even a 2009 Calendar.
  21. I was suggesting shops where one could walk in and walk out with goods in hand.
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