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  1. Yep you cant beat the House,, Merging NR and BB is a great idea,, only 10,000 or so more redundancies. The only loss is the massive negative equity thats going to come.
  2. Just another thought,,, Total Population US :301,139,947 Bail Out Package $700B Equilvent to $2,324 per person Total Population UK: 60,776,238 Bail Out Package BB + NR + ? my guess $141B = approx £81B Equilivent to $2,324 per person
  3. BB officially Toast, only to be bought up by Gordo Kind of makes sense to merge the two as it will save money in the end By The Way... BTW Change: 4.25 -(15.04%) 3 days to nationalisation
  4. Last Trade: 25.00 p Trade Time: 11:37AM Change: 3.25 -(11.50%) Prev Close: 28.25 Open: 29.50 Bid: 24.50 Ask: 25.00 1y Target Est: 40.24p Day's Range: 23.50 - 29.50 52wk Range: 31.00 - 431.00 Another Nationalised Bank... Remember what happenend to NR,, no buyers,, same with BB
  5. Breaking News.. He is about to buy Bradford and Bingley, NR and BB, Companies will then be merged, watch the next 3 days
  6. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/afp/20080923/tbs-...ta-8cc5291.html Look Gordon here's an idea for you,, put interest rates up, then profit of the Tax on savings. Printing money like an certain African country won't help anything That £23B pounds is your future TAX increases,,, thank Gordo,, thanks for nothing.. Were are doomed......... doomed I tell yee...
  7. So approximately another £2,500,000 need to sell property. Maybe you could use it in a last minute gazundering attempt.. Give me £90 off or the deal is off ...
  8. 250,000 Homes on the market without EPC Any property that was one the market before HIPS has to have one after 1st Oct 2008 otherwise it cannot be advertised. Another little turn of the screw, will sellers take lower offers to avoid another charge. http://www.estateagenttoday.co.uk/News/Sto...e=news_features
  9. Because the $700B USD isn't going to happen........... Just a time for the the ones in the know to get their money out.
  10. Its all bolllocks any way as most agents dont reduce the price on RM then convert it to sale. I know for a fact that properties have gone through in my area for 20% less than RM asking price. Websites that show price history for recent transactions are about 2 months off the crash data hitting the actual selling prices are back to 2004 levels
  11. 8 Man Tents from Argos a even cheaper solution,, "If you go down to the woods tonight, U will be in for a big suprise"
  12. With a mulitple of zero I expect the average house to be worth 50k,, at 3.5x probably 120k,, at 5x it was 175k.
  13. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/7621137.stm International Rush on AIG
  14. http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story...4-20142,00.html China going under to,,, even though they cut rates
  15. Reacon you might get a bit if you were to ebay off your profile... At least some cash in the hand for all those posts and guru status. You might feel lonely with out the NUTTERS FROM HPC. laterz..
  16. I was going to do the same,, Even considered re-editing one of those annoying adverts with a nuclear explosion at the end
  17. Type " HBOS RBS Rights issue " into youtube, it will be at the top
  18. The bank that likes to give you extra,, then has no Idea were the extra came from.... Who gives you Extra,,, Lloyds TSB do...
  19. No Boom,, No Bust,, No More Index Value: 4,968.20 Trade Time: 2:09PM Change: 236.00 (4.53%)
  20. Hello new lows... House Prices are will crash in the same way..
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