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  1. Lets get this party started,,

    We've had 2 years to get the house in order, but many just took the advantage and kept spending.

    If you have a house, with a massive mortgage, you should of sold it over the last 2 years...

    Now the time comes to throw back the keys...

    Interest 5% = 40% off current prices

    This will be good for all of us in the long run,, cheap money / debt is not.

  2. Yes, yes. I have lived there and what you say is true up to a point BUT:

    1. Those who get pregnant out of wedlock are sent to prison meanwhile prostitution on a scale and level of openness I have seen few places except vegas is tolerated.

    2. The conditions of the labourers are truly appalling.

    3. It is no sense a democracy and abuse of power and corruption is incredibly rife. There is no free press and censorship is severe.

    4. Its safe but its not as safe as people make out (particularly if you happen to be a grain merchant from Afghanistan but that is another story). Rape and murder do happen. Not necessarily reported widely (see 3 above) but they do happen. Graffiti is quite common in places where there isn't the cash to fund a ready supply of cheap labour to clean it off again.

    It has its plus points (mainly to do with low tax and cheap domestic help) but it also has huge flaws. As I said above it is at a cross roads it either properly opens to the west (with all that entails) and hopes to take its place as a true world city or it withers into the shadow of its oil rich neighbours.

    Point 1, yep true,, but get the girl pregnant and you have to get married... Just a certificate, not a prision sentance

    Point 2, I have 500 labours working for me, don't tar every picture with them same brush.. We keep the happy or they go to the labour department who have plenty of new fines...

    Point 3, Yep Tue,, so you believe in free press in the UK,, hahhahahaaa The system here is know, nobody trusts gulfnews.com

    Point 4, where is truely safe, as a percentage Dubai is probably the same as the UK

  3. Safe for children? Maybe not the 6 year old camel jockeys bought in from Pakistan.

    Yep that was happeing 10 years ago, but Dubai faced it demons...

    Dubai has gone from Victorian Age to Modern Times age in 20 years,,,

    Arab's are with the west, why do you want to kick every achievement in the nuts..

    Seems to me, many are convince themselves the grass is toxic on the other side..

  4. if you couldn,t find it, how did you post THIS?


    Yep, he probably won't...

    If he's a hard worker, he will probably be rewarded for being great,,

    Unlike the UK Goverment who reward the slack...

    Damn, who do you thinks going pay your pension when all the educated have gone..

  5. The negative opinions on this thread remind me how not so great British we are.. I see some envious post of hate, but then thats always been the way on Housepricecrash... The have's, fighting the have not's..

    I've worked hard for years, if I come back to the UK and buy a new car luxury car, people will automatically judge me.

    As to the slave trade posts,, If a labour want's to leave, he now can... Yes how people are treated here if different, but its far better than their home country..

    UK companies for years have been exporting the jobs oversa that they couldn't do cheapily in the Europe.. Make it in Asia, customer service in India... We are still acting as the slave master but from overseas..

    PRIME EXAMPLE.. BT customer call centers in India.. BT want to bring them back,, Unions in UK up in arms, " no one will work these hours, for those wages...", " I'd rather be on the dole " ... UK customer " I'm not paying anymore in my bill "...

    What are you going to do if China stops exporting,, UK Manufacturing is almost gone,, The mindset of hard work for low wages has been exported by UK companies for years...

    The world cannot live like the west,,, personal I support Greenpeace and WWF, for the rights of the planet and all its inhabinates. Rather than hating people for how they think, I try my hardest to change attitudes.. But on some people I can see its hopeless.

  6. How big are the slave labour slums getting?

    No existant now,,, in Dubai

    I actual work with Channel 4 dispatches.. Dubai Goverment put its foot firmly Down as UN also gave it pressure on this.

    Prisions for the scammers and cheats are getting full though...

  7. Look Dubai does nothing for me and I have no craving to visit in my lifetime...a man made utopia...people their culture and their history make a place a real fascinating place...I know what I like, new, clean and man made is not attractive in my mind... ;)

    I don't disagree,

    P.S You would make a great Emirati Spokes Person....

    I work currently with 26 Nationalities, the history I love most is in the individuals story..

    Back to Topic,, Dubai has gone through a massive correction.. Investors have suffered..

    Here are my thoughts

    It feels to me currently we hit the surface of something... But the surface is a muddy squishy mess that we are slowly sinking in.. At some point we will actually hit a firm surface. The problem is when you stand in that kind of sinking sand, you can't just pull your foot out without risk of losing your shoe. If in real sinking sand we are told to lay flat and try and crawl or roll out.

    The surface hit...

    Banks are willing to lend again, but you need 20% deposit and have a regular salary above 15K. Interest Rates where never fiddled with thus you can get around 8% at best. This criteria will only improve, but slowly...

    The sinking

    Supply is going to be an issue, I recon the majority of investors are going to face some financing issues as they expected to get out before the handover. Developers still have stock of units coming to completion, but are reluctant to cancel..

    I believe cityscape will pass with no significant mention as advertising budgets are close to zero. What we need is growth, that’s what made Dubai. Attracting foreign companies, longer residence for home owners... When I came to Dubai, it had good quality of life, a buzz was in the air and many opportunities to be had. Today that quality of life is returning but very few opportunities are available. I like many still have some doubt on its future, count the fills,, even at Spinneys I want my 25fills... I can't see us ever returning to the 04-08 period, maybe things will be like the 01-04 period,, but I wasn't here then...

    Many questions aren’t even asked, the culture of avoiding talking about the bad doesn’t solve the issues. Leaving a job undone, never makes the job done.. I always get told there is a plan, some new leadership from the top,, but I haven’t seen that action as of yet, maybe this is a good time to use inshallah.

  8. Sorry Winkie,, Yawn...........

    As I said, if you don't want to come and see, stick to Italy..

    Problem is, done it, seen it, eat it and smelt it.... plenty of times..

    It expensive, rubbish hotels and dirty,,, Maybe you would like Sharjah instead.... (just -expensive)

    Or maybe you should see what the biggest names in Italian Fashion are doing today



    Both are here in Dubai...

  9. Strange how history repeats itself.. 100 years ago Supertax introduced / Surtax

    In 1929, Supertax (which had been introduced in the Finance Act 1909 at the rate of 6 old pence in the pound (2.5%) on incomes over 5000 per year) was renamed Sur-tax. By 1934, the rate was variable from 1 shilling to 7 shillings and sixpence in the pound (5% to 37.5%).


    As you may have already read a new bill sets a 90% surtax on those who earn more than $250,000 a received a bonus from a firm which took in over $5B in federal aide. Here are some quotes from Dealbreaker, Fintag and Obama on the issue.

    (90% Tax on incomes above 150K a year, here we come)

  10. ...many cities are real many cities are thriving, living and breathing...for many money is not a sole motivation of life and happiness. ;)

    Dubai is not just a City, it is one of many Emirates.

    The UAE population may only be around 5 Million, so its hard to compaire..

    thriving, living and breathing... That would be extremely true of Karma, Satwa and Bur Dubai...

    Here, I even made this video for you as an education

  11. Sounds like the last place you would wish to be, artificial, concrete, materialistic jungle.....will most definitely give it a miss, there are many real places I would rather be. ;)

    Please do give it a miss if thats your perception,, maybe it's artificial,, but hell,, which city isnt... Well accept my home town/ now city of Brighton/Hove..

  12. I'm a white westerner from Brighton, aged 33...

    I have been in Dubai for 5 years now, working full time for the South Koreans

    Dubai isn't Handout UK, If you want to work hard, you can rake it in ..

    The property crash here has been a realistic one, prices down from peak 70%.....

    Much promises of developers have gone up in smoke, just like Las Vegas boom in 2002..

    The system here has had no phoney stimulus package, Interest Rates for borrowers are still 8%, Banks will only lend with 3 years proof of salary...

    Maybe UAE goverment will introduce a TAX,,

    Petrol, 25p a litre

    Fags, 1.25 a pack

    no Income TAX, No VAT, no money back no guarantee

    Rodney this time next week we will be Millionaire's, (many did become Millionaire's)

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