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  1. Just a glove Puppet,, Blair was selling us short for years,, house price increase the only way anyone made any money in the UK over the last 10 years.. Those days are gone,,,
  2. Lets get this party started,, We've had 2 years to get the house in order, but many just took the advantage and kept spending. If you have a house, with a massive mortgage, you should of sold it over the last 2 years... Now the time comes to throw back the keys... Interest 5% = 40% off current prices This will be good for all of us in the long run,, cheap money / debt is not.
  3. One day people will wake up to how the majority of the globabl population live, till then we will keep exporting or labour requirements so we can import cheap goods.
  4. Interesting whats happening to LLOYDS,, wonder if Tax Payers will end up owning more if the price falls to 40 Again?
  5. Period of 5,000 to 4,000 was very quick,, will the same happen again ?
  6. I also have the bulk of savings 165k, with a Santander owned bank. Why,, Because they offer what I want. goodbye A&L, BB, and Abbey... They can shut at least two of the three branches in every town and city, convert the brand to Santander. For daily banking I use llyodstsb and natwest.
  7. Gordon's solution would be just to pay everyone more through inflationary tools..
  8. no boom, no bust....

  9. On a recent poll on UK most hated man , Gordon was more hated than serial killer Ian Huntley. Thank Bob, (The Slackmaster) labour will be gone within 9 months...
  10. Seriously is about 100 people the best labour could muster from S Brown's twitter group.
  11. I got the email offering a free mac donalds voucher is you turned up to some thing on the Seafront... But seeing as I'm not into plastic food with a hint of politcal marketing I deleted the mail for the spam it was.
  12. Point 1, yep true,, but get the girl pregnant and you have to get married... Just a certificate, not a prision sentance Point 2, I have 500 labours working for me, don't tar every picture with them same brush.. We keep the happy or they go to the labour department who have plenty of new fines... Point 3, Yep Tue,, so you believe in free press in the UK,, hahhahahaaa The system here is know, nobody trusts gulfnews.com Point 4, where is truely safe, as a percentage Dubai is probably the same as the UK
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