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  1. What an absoute SPANKING the Pound took today!!! FACK ME!!! Still I made 4k spread betting it!! :-) Looks like definitely no rate cut on thursday now.. ta ta H
  2. Sorry... my portfolio is in the South east (surrey) and the South west (somerset)... so no this is not some northern high yielder LL your being obtuse with...... If you paid £1700 in 2001 I think it was you that was the mug then and you've obviously realised you were being ripped off rather than rents dropping that much..... obviously they've dropped because that period was the time of most rapid growth therefore lack of demand in renting but to drop that much.... pleassseee thats plain lies!!! ta ta H
  3. This is simple supply and demand... sorry... Fundamentally people need somewhere to live..... therefore they are either buying or renting.... now when we have +ve HPI it is because people are buying creating the growth...therefore they are not renting...creating a lack of demand on the rental market and rents to fall.... when a crash happens the opposite is true....it's -ve HPI because there is no demand because people aren't buying... therefore they are renting...more people renting means more demand on rents therefore +ve rental growth..... I can't believe all you STRers can't see that...
  4. My offer would've been between £285k - £295k.... but I am only interested in it as an asset to make money from... it's not emotional to me... just a plain business decision... if you're not motivated enough to sell to me at that price... fine... someone will be... it's just a numbers game... the key is to generate lots of numbers of leads, make lots of offers (without viewing) and only go and view the offers that get accepted just as a final check ta ta H
  5. I'm currently buying 2 properties in finchley valued @ £450k each for £250k each!!! With the right motivation of carrot and stick property being a very very very illiquid asset CAN be bought with the right techniques for REAL bargins!!! ta ta H
  6. Didn't quite get that one right eh!!!!) +0.6 prediction... reality -0.6%.... thats equal to being 1.2% wrong * 12 = 14.4% p/a wrong!!! maybe we need to start 'seasonally' adjust HPC members predictions to get the real figures! ta ta H
  7. Hate to say this as somone who is positive about property... BUT YOU HAVE WELL OVER OFFERED!!! I would not pay a penny more than £190 for a prop on at £280!! Nothing sells because of the stamp duty resistence between £250 - £275 so you can automatically knock £30k of as £250 is the price they want....and that is True Market Value.... then start discounting from there... personally I would NEVER buy unless it is at least 20% BMV this then would bring it to £200k so I wuld start by offering £190k and then upping the off by £3k to show you don't have a lot in the kitty... By my estimations your
  8. I have an account... it IS NOT OPEN for bets... however prices are London Jun 05 - 241.9 London Mar 06 - 236.6 uk jun 05 - 163.5 uk mar 06 - 159.0 Make of that what you will ta ta H
  9. I just made £2k buying the £ against the $ on it too!! ta ta H
  10. This is a question asked in all honesty.... Firstly I understand the point very well about the relationship between £/$ etc... but wiht IR's... surely rasing rates creates more wealth as there are more savers than there are borrowers... or am I wrong there? ta ta H
  11. Just shows what a fool you are then eh? It's plainly obvious that SP is owned by one person.... and he himself is doing the best thing he can to profit from property.... buy BMV through AQS ta ta H
  12. Of course I make money today... cuz my investing has nothing to do with which way a market is moving... simple buying BMV and then selling BMV will always make money... if I'm buying @ 20% - 25% BMV and then selling @ 5% BMV the market would have to be really really really bad to make me even break even.... bearing in mind the biggest ever fall in one year historically is 13%... and I normally turn around props in 3-4 months... we'd have to see prices dropping by 10% a month to really affect my route. ta ta H
  13. I guess it's an indicator that rates have peaked though! ta ta H
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