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  1. Ask yourself where is the closest metro? Take some body armor: Meadowell Bad :North Shields, Shiremoor OK:Cullercoats Good :Tynemouth, , Whitley bay, Monkseaton, West Monkseaton,Northumberland park P
  2. Big plus 1. The banks will lend to sensible people with sensible multiples.
  3. Yes cuts very thin on the ground, I think inflation will out run any losses. The only hope I see is Housing Benefit being cut, leading to forced BTL sales. P
  4. I was looking at London today as it happens. I could achieve somewhere between £70-£110k there. At the lower end of that I am no better off than on my current salary in the North. About half the lower end of my London expectations!! Yes I could rent somewhere, yes I could buy somewhere but the quality of housing/area would not compete. On the other hand it would do my long term career some good. Swings and roundabouts I guess. P
  5. I think his is blameing them regularly. Certainly if you follow PMQs. The trouble is the Tories did not really talk about how big the problem was at the election. All the main parties (with the media asking no questions) ducked the big issue and debated about £6billion of a ~£175billon deficit. In my opinion the Tories should have been up front, even if it meant losing the 2010 election. Their campaign should have said: "we need to make £175billion of cuts over 4 years. This means the following jobs will be cut/ benefits cut/ taxes raised etc etc. Or stick with Labour and go bankrupt like Greece/Ireland" If they lost they could have had a great time in opposition for a few years and watch Labour become unelectable for decades. Massive open goal missed IMHO. Now they are becoming unpopular for cuts they did not mention at election time (with help from the BBC and especially BBC regional news). P
  6. Still nothing but brick walls from any boomer I talk to. :angry: "Things were hard in their day too you know" The worst thing is that they all think that as my partner and I are in reasonably decent jobs that we must be rolling in it. :-( P
  7. Not surprised at that! I bet the bullies are remembering those days fondly ;-) P
  8. Yes, no real crash in the Newcastle area. But no forced sellers means that most prices are in la la land. Will it last long enough for wage inflation to catch up? P
  9. A couple of luxury cruises followed by care home costs may un-stich that strategy* :-( *Assuming they are not MEW'ed up to the hilt already.
  10. There are many many left and left of centre people I meet that miss the above. Labour voting boomers in particular have a massive blind spot for this. They grew up as poor children from a working class background. They just cannot acknowledge they are now wealthy and today's poor young are totally shafted. I don't think I have actually met a left winger over 30 who thinks high house prices are bad. P
  11. I got offered about 3.5 joint with a 10% deposit. Maybe nationwide are a bit slack? P
  12. I went to two viewings yesterday *shame* On the plus side they were easy to get appointments for
  13. In today's press release Rightmove are predicting a five percent fall for next year. Prices down three percent this month according to them. Sorry no link, can someone please add?
  14. -1 from me. I can see no way they have gone up. The although volumes as so small anything could happen.
  15. :angry: Not surprised though. Just enough ticking over to keep the whole pyramid going.
  16. "....ending rules that force local authorities to cut bills by 10 to 50 per cent for owners of weekend bolt-holes" Ending a rule is pretty east to enforce IMHO. It will only have a minor impact but does send out the right message. P
  17. I hope so! That's a good reduction, but the asking price seems way too high to me. There have been a few drops here and there as far as I can see, but nothing of any real consequence. I'm a bit down in the dumps about it again. The stand off has legs :-( P
  18. My fear is that this does not happen and we have a decade of stalemate as wage inflation catches up slowly. In a low interest rate environment renters (like me) will lose :-( We've defied all logic here for 3 years, who knows how long it will last. P
  19. Stalemate is right... I honestly can not understand the situation in newcastle/tyneside. House prices are more expensive here than other areas, yet wages are low. Chances of redundancies are high due to the over reliance on the public sector and "businesses" solely funded by One North East. No real change since 2007 here in my opinion. Three years into the crash and nothing! Total pointless, generationally unfair, and seemingly sustainable stalemate. Phoney
  20. I know, it makes my head hurt! How much have you got to be earning to afford a semi decent flat in semi decent part of london? I don't think £100k would do it. P
  21. 32 (-4 years doing a PhD), Software, earning ~£36k in the North East. Wife on ~£19k. Good wages for the area, GREAT if not working in the public sector! I rent a two bed house I pretty much hate with my wife for about £500pm. At the moment managing to save around £1.5k per month. I am still amazed how expensive prices are and how little they have fallen in the nicer parts of North Tyneside. I still feel very poor. Elders think I should be pretty well off on my salary and should be able to afford a nice place. Still banging my head against a wall explaining to them how expensive houses are now compared to their day in terms of earnings. Disillusioned about the prospect of large real falls (lack of forced sellers), terrified of the prospect of a 10 year Japanese style L. Currently mulling over a plan to drastically increase my earnings by moving to London. Sick of paying for the older generation's public sector pensions (I have none). Sick of paying for overextended home-owners mortgage interest (I don't have a house), sick of paying for housing benefits for people living in decent parts of London (I could not afford it on 100k!), sick of paying a fortune to the NHS and then having to pay for a private dentist. P
  22. My accounts are not there tonight :-( Is it time for me to start queueing outside tomorrow morning demanding my money ;-) P
  23. Yorkshire bank have had them for a couple of months now. P
  24. As someone who wants to see Labour out of government for as long as possible I was gutted he did not appoint Balls as shadow chancellor. Balls believes we should spend (borrowed) money paying people to dig a hole and then pay people to fill it back in. No cuts whatsoever from Balls. This would have given the unions and the old Labour left plenty of ammunition for strikes and rhetoric. It would have rendered Labour un-electable for a decade. Oh well, maybe he'll be back one day... P Edit typo
  25. I was queued up and ready to rant about private landlords, but my phone died on me :-(
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