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  1. Honey, What are doing on here at nearly ten past five?? You should be coming home
  2. You have hit the nail on the head! Which is why I am doing a stupid commute to the outskirts of London everyday
  3. Oh RichM, you surprise me with this kind of comment. I thought better of you :angry:
  4. Commute to London? Geez!! Sounds like you are onto a winner. I need some luck like that Actually I'm looking around Newbury, I'm not asking for too much just a nice sized family house, big kitchen, garden safe, that kind of thing. Just to live nicely while we wait for this thing to bottom out. It seems everyone is after the same now - you can't get 3/4 bedroomed houses for love nor money atm!
  5. Gee I wish I could find that kind of place for £900 a month. Where I'm looking I can't find anything nice for less than a grand!
  6. Can I see that scale of yours? Okay, I'm sad. But I laughed
  7. Thank you for that zzg - that's very helpful!
  8. Currently we are renting privately with the same landlady for 3 years. We count ourselves very lucky, she has left us alone, not increased our rent and allowed our dog. We have also have had a child during the time and are expecting a second. We need to move areas and renting seems the only/most obvious thing to do. We could rent an unaffordable four bedroomed house for less than a mortgage on a three bed box! However, I have heard that 95% of landlords will refuse pets and children. Obviously this is a worry. Am I worrying unnecessarily? Thanks in advance
  9. My sister and her husband are FTB's and buying right now with no chain!!! The EA in Scotland said they are not affected by a house price bubble - they boomed 'a bit' but now they are stabilising. And they're happy to go with that!
  10. And here's another in the same boat, only with one child so far. I can empathise with Mrs Starcrossed, I'm afraid it's something only women understand as so well described by JBeau. The fact is that there is a very important part of us that needs to look after our family and we only see that in our own homes. Sorry guys, you just can't rationalise Mr Diddlysquat and I have spent hours and I mean, hours talking about this. Both of us a HPCers but I have to admit I really struggle sometimes and all too often our lengthy discussions end in tears. I'm so hoping that we'll manage something re
  11. That's exactly the situation we were afraid of, hence the fact we are still renting!
  12. Maybe I have HPC to blame for this - I am an avid lurker, but I'm so surprised this isn't obvious to everyone. I was in the office yesterday with many senior colleagues. When I mentioned the fact there had been a profit warning from B&Q, one colleague simply put it down to their poor reputation. Her husband works for Homebase, apparently they are making loads of money. Aside from that the colleague said if there was a house price crash, all DIY stores would see an increase in profits because people would just refurbish instead of selling. Or in the case of those selling, they would refu
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