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  1. Anyone still watching the Salisbury market? It is the worst I have ever seen it in terms of the quality of property coming on. Sadly, there has also clearly been a rise in prices. Tat that wouldn't go for 230 last year is being put on and snapped up for over 270. Very depressing.
  2. We put an offer in on a house which was accepted. Two agents were involved. The other agent (quite unscrupulously as he has a client wanting to buy too) rang today and told us that the vendor owes more money to the building society than he will get from the sale and that he has to ask permission to sell. He says 'they have been to court about it'. The estate agent we are dealing with has confirmed the vendors have to get authority and that they need to confirm that the lenders will pay their solicitors fees. This sounds like a possession order has been asked for and that this may be a mortgagee sale. Perhaps, as he alreday had the property on the market and has a buyer, they have let him proceed This is an old couple. The property has been on the market for a while and then suddenly dropped massively in price. The husband is very ill and hasn't worked. What are the difficulties with buying from someone in this situation?
  3. Lovely house - personally, I'd need a garage for storing the kids junk! I'd be worried about the flood risk too. It is beautifully presented.
  4. I have seen that (price drop) house. Massive garden but on a very steep hill and a tiny third bedroom. Still, a year or so ago, it still would have sold. They must be desperate if they are instructing Connells who are completely dreadful. The Feversham rd house is a joke. The market is all over the place. Price drops and reductions, property not selling, yet still some property appears and is massively overpriced.
  5. Thanks for the tip. But in my experience, private landlords are not likely to tell you their future plans if they want tenants in and, legally, you have very little security whoever your landlord is. We were in the first property for 7 years and had to move very quickly with two months notice. We have been in this for three years. But are kids have been forced to live in two different houses. So quite long-term lets but I don't like living in a property only at someone else's whim. Properties rented by trusts for the very long-term are, I would imagine, pretty rare. I have to say, ten years on, with our kids now at 9 and 6, we have rented waiting for a 'correction' to no avail. If we'd bought ten years ago, we'd have ten years left on a mortgage now. Instead, we are getting older, and we are face getting a mortgage. It's not the same for everyone. If you're on your own, or in a couple, so what if you have to move? But, if you have kids, things change.
  6. Benzlife - I have heard talk of a 20% correction for ten years but I'm still waiting and my kids are growing up and I am in a large detached house on a new estate that I can't even put a shelf up in ( not so much because the landlords would say no but because nothing stays up on these crappy walls!!) and I can be thrown out at the drop of a hat. I don't want to waste my hard earned savings on a house but I've tired of this renting business and being treated like crap by landlords.
  7. Couldn't work the link on your first one. I agree that area is nice but prices usually are anywhere between 230-270 and the higher end is for properties with a fourth bedroom and views of the cathedral. I can't understand why they've dumped an extra 50k on the price of this one. Even the terraces in Albany/Belle Vue which did go for these type of prices have slid well below the 300k mark. Perhaps it's got a magic garden? Not sure what to do about the property I linked to. We have been renting for years and I have tired of it. We've been kicked out of one house already when the landlord decided to cash in his army pension (sods claim money from the army to rent a place while the buy one and rent it out) and it's not good for the kids. I can see it happening again here.
  8. I like this house but it is badly overlooked at the back by houses in Hallows Close - a little row of 5 terraces. Good price for the area and nicely done. What do you reckon? Anyone know the area?
  9. It's craziness. Alot of the houses of the houses on that street have 'Spire views' or fourth bedrooms and even they don't go for more than 270k. Mackillop and Gregory are clearly hiking it up.
  10. Yet estate agents don't seem to be getting the message - look at this from MacKillop and Gregory which came on -today 320 for a little terrace in a street where property usually goes for around 250 in a market where nothing is selling - it hasn't even got a separate dining room -crazy!
  11. The market has definitely frozen up. I have been watching it since early this year and there was a flurry of sales around early spring. Since then, however, more and more properties have come on to the market under the 300k mark (and particularly below 200k) and nothing is shifting. Some prices have been reduced but there is a lot of overpriced crap on there that frankly has very little chance of selling at anywhere near the asking price. If you look at the figures for number of properties on the market in search on Rightmove, there are over 300 on the market under 300k. I have never seen a number that high. We have been watching the Salisbury market for a very long time, hoping for a slow down or slump. This is definitely a significant slow down.
  12. I agree. There is no house price crash in this place. My sons have just started school over the Hampshire border and we were thinking of moving that way but the house prices are so much higher there - literally fifty grand on top of Salisbury prices. I think this is what must keep Salisbury prices high - lots of other place are much more expensive, so people work there but live in Salisbury and send there little cherubs to the obnoxious grammar schools.
  13. When oh when are these houses here going to fall? This came on today on Bishodown Farm I mean really - 325k for that! That's 25k more than it would have been on for 2 years ok
  14. This town has got to be going tits up soon.......surely? I'm still on the Rightmove daily alert and there has been another flood of houses on recently - at ridiculous prices. £325k for a terrace on Belle View rd. No drop in price there. The BFarm ones still seem to appear on the market with an extra 20k added each month too. I have noticed quite a few big money houses on recently. Why;s that do you think? 500k plus. Money leaving the town??
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