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  1. Thinking slightly bigger than North Devon, I've sent off my concern about the story to BBC Spotlight. There may be a budding investigative journalist there (although they're more likely to be job-fearing freelancers toeing the line these days).
  2. But, given the North Devon Gazette is very likely to be dependent on advertising revenue from Webbers, why would they have any interest? My only hope would be if editor Andrew Keeble was a priced-outer who understood the initiative wouldn't actually help him and was bent on some investigative journalism to further his career to the nationals.
  3. "Executive Member for Housing, Councillor Faye Webber....." Well, I grew up in North Devon and Webbers was one of the main estate agents. Couldn't possibly have kept it in the family, no? :angry: Still very much in existence in Devon too.... www.webbers.co.uk
  4. I don't get what's so special about those Javelin trains anyway. 140mph on track that's designed for 200mph? The Intercity 125 that this new Hitachi contract is set to replace could probably manage 140mph on HS1 (and, I understand, did so on normal track on a few test runs). And bear in mind the 125 dates back to the 1970s and is a diesel!
  5. LOL. I got to pic 6 thinking that I'd want a bigger garden than that if I had enough kids to fill 6 bedrooms. Then pic 7 and there is a whole hill! Might as well put in a dry ski slope to keep the kids amused.
  6. I'm not convinced by the Pug BMW engines at all. I had three 1.6L 307 s on lease and the last one had the BMW engine, apparently. It was much less powerful than the previous two and did less mpg. Couldn't even maintain 60mph up the hills on the A361 without dropping down to 4th. I could have sworn it was a 1.4L and, in fact, looked more like it under the bonnet vs. the owner's manual!
  7. I looked at a used car at a main dealer in Surrey 2 months ago. About £12k. Car had already been on sale for about 3 months even then. As a side issue, the salesman was particularly arrogant and really put me off wanting to spend my cash with him, whereas a technician who I'd spoken to on a previous call had answered my questions much better. The salesman wouldn't accept my offer so I walked. Car is still for sale at just £200 more than I offered at the time!
  8. I thought all property had doubled in the last 10 years? Why is this news? Just an excuse for misleading headline again?
  9. Headlines like these are yet another part of government spin. The thinktank doing the analysis used goverment projections i.e. the message is: "nobody else is expecting pay rises so don't ask for one for yourself either. You're all in this together".
  10. Why have they put a bed in the bathroom?! And can you legally have an electric heater that close to a shower? I presume the double cupboard in one of the bedrooms is actually the garage.
  11. Yep, 10 years living in central London and, as a car user, cyclist and pedestian, I was left in no doubt that the cyclists were the worst. Followed by the motorcycle couriers. Got knocked down twice by cyclists running red lights at crossings while hidden by buses - yet managed to escape touching metal of motorised stuff. I put it down to a) cyclists not wanting to lose momentum and b ) 'holier than thou' attitude of cyclists who consider themselves victims in relation to cars but don't see how dangerous they are to pedestrians (and to themselves half the time!). Of course, the whole reason commuting has become such a nightmare is because of the toxic combination of high living costs and the ridiculous 'flexible economy' - as people are no longer able to make long term economic decisions on where to live in relation to where they work!
  12. What about 'London-by-the-Sea' aka Brighton? Surely that's going to plummet once the people who are lucky enough to keep their jobs realise they're wasting half their lives commuting to London in order to live in a damp shoebox in a run-down seaside town where their car rusts so fast they can actually watch it?
  13. I agree with the OP. The one thing that strikes me about the last 10 years is how I've become progressively less happy as the decade has gone on. I don't think this is entirely because I couldn't buy a home; it's also a combination of other quality-of-life things that have been eroded too such as: Job security (I'm redundant from a permanent post in March and will probably end up taking on the personal risk of self employment merely to continue doing the same job for the same organisation that I have done for the last 8 years), Pension (final salary pension will be destroyed at the same time), Real cost of living (rent, council tax, food, energy and public transport costs, as opposed to being able buy a cheap sh1t washing machine for £150)
  14. The best car I had for driving in the snow was an old Talbot Horizon I had when I was a student. It had skinny tyres, no torque and really supple suspension (without anti-roll bars, I assume). Meant all the wheels stayed in optimum contact with the groundI I just drove normally and left all the rich students with newer cars standing. Actually, the brakes used to lock up on dry tarmac so perhaps I was better at skidding than I realised.
  15. Isn't that illegal? Aren't there are laws about the proximity of baths to electrical switches and appliances? That fan/lamp/whatever at the head of the bed could end up in the bath accidentally/on purpose! And why the f is the bed in the bathroom anyway?
  16. I think some talented HPC people should find a way of organising some negative publicity in advance of the show, in much the same way as HBOS times its data releases in an attempt to influence the rate decisions. We need FP and others expressing their digust at the continued flogging of this dead horse and warning FTBs in particular not to get into negative equity. The adverse publicity needs to re-play suitable clips of Krusty and Phwil stating prices won't fall etc etc and find a way of digging out Krusty's previous victims.
  17. It looks like it's faced with wood. At least it will look marginally better in 5 years time once moss and lichen has grown all over it.
  18. If retail sales do go up in the short term it's only because the 'opium'-induced Great British Public still believe that retail therapy is the best way to comfort themselves over the catastrophic state of the economy and the plummeting value of their shoeboxes.
  19. He was also on Vanessa Feltz's morning phone-in show on BBCLondon Radio. He was obviously having a very busy morning and Vanessa was practically begging him on air to stay on the show to answer all the questions from her 'lovely listeners'. Actually, I thought they made a great double act - Vanessa is extremely articulate (much better on radio than TV, IMHO) and FP was really going for it! Edited to add missing word, duh.
  20. Can the person who wins it claim something under the trade descriptions act if the value of the prize is not actually as stated?
  21. No idea but give me a bunsen burner and I'll be happy to find out.
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