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  1. Capital letters used so that you know I am shouting: ITS A FLAT YOU FOOL! EVERYONE KNOWS THEY ARE TERRIBLE VALUE DUE TO OVERSUPPLY IN MOST PARTS OF THE COUNTRY. IT IS NOT THE SIGN OF A CRASH- JUST A BAD INVESTMENT. Thanks you for listening. Have a nice day now.
  2. Because Bush could start a war in Iran with a democratic congress- I dont think so
  3. Im not sure what la la land you live in where you think any economic group could control inflation that it always hit 2% Thats why there is a buffer of 1% up or done- inflation must stay between 1-3% with a target of 2%. Any variance below 1% and above 3% then this would be considered to be out of control as Inflation is a long way from target. Having kept inflation within this zone throughout the last 10 years I dont think they have done badly. Im sure however you think all the figures are made up as everybody who isnt a bear is conspiring against you?!
  4. Like George Washington who was given the right to be President forever after the American Revolution. Served two terms and then got on his horse and rode off to his farm. Devious Ba**ard!
  5. At least it wasnt a ridiculous bear anti VI SPIN comment. Lets see what happens in the next few months then we will have a clearer picture of what it all means HPC or HPI
  6. Apologies Steve, I was scanning posts quickly as I am in a rush and may have mixed bits of your one with others which have poor political understanding of ideology. I think your point has some validity but largely I think the US has to many lazy people in terms of accountability and too many conspiracy theorists
  7. And do you read articles with a critical outlook or as sources to support your beliefs?
  8. Im sure you have a point im just sure i cant see it. Could you help a poor bull and spell it out please?!
  9. Im not sure what this is called but I think it is cognitive dissonance or something like that my Ridiculous Bear This is where you have to find information that agrees with your point of view in order to confirm you are correct. You should spend some time trying to challenge your ideas instead of crying VI spin everywhere. Surely you read the article and can see it as a VI anti-Brown report? Maybe you cant anymore RB. Have you heard of Emotional Intellegence by the by?
  10. we could keep the methodology the same but surely inflation is falling on twin tubs and LPs. Oh yeh consumer trends change so we have to change the methodology- now it all makes sense!
  11. Thank God! The first time I have agreed with a bear on the posts. For me this is one curiosity, how we avoided spiralling inflation with such high oil prices.
  12. Your tone suggests it is negative for governments to control society to some extent- isnt that their job. The reason the French envy our society, and many of them do, is because we have a liberal free market democracy. I think we have more here than we think and the grass isnt greener on the other side.
  13. Whats in a number then- Oil prices are down 26% on last summer from $78 to $58. It doesnt matter if they are up on the last two months YoY is what counts and that points to declining inflation alongside wholesale gas prices down a whopping 50% on last year. I dont really believe it, it is just statistical fact.
  14. And I presume you think anarchism would be the way forward do you?!
  15. Socialsim leads to totalitarianism?! Have you got the slightest clue what you are talking about?
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