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  1. Looks like Brown might have to fire Sugar because Sir Alan seemed a little confused by what he had signed up to.
  2. I asked this question as well but it was not allowed and this was my previous question in November along with Gordon's non-answer as a response. I don't know why I keep trying.
  3. watch the great unelected one answer a question he thought I had asked. My question his response I don't know why he bothers with it all.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/DowningSt The May 2009 Ask the PM is now open for votes. You can now vote for which video you want the PM to pretend to answer with his crazy ramblings
  5. The homeowner secures a rate around 5.5% with an upfront fee of £1500. Hardly a reward and don't forget that these homeowners now owe the bank around 30% of their purchase price. Halifax wants to milk them rather than turn them into a repo stat. It is best to stay on the SVR at the moment, but I expect Halifax will use their scare tactics to push people towards these deals.
  6. I think this is only for existing customers whose deals are finishing. It's not for remortgages. I know it mentions remortgages in the article, but I think the journalist is wrong A spokeswoman for Halifax said: "When our borrowers come to the end of their existing product rate, we work with them on a case-by-case basis to determine the product options that are available to them." I don't see anything wrong in this.
  7. Gordon never answers the question even if he says he is answering the question. I just like getting it off my chest How about In 1997 you said that you would not allow house prices to get out of control and put at risk the sustainability of the recovery. You then took away powers from the bank of England to regulate bank lending. There then followed the biggest boom ever in house prices on the back of an explosion of debt. By 2007 lenders were lending 6 times a couples joint income at 125% of the value of a property and without needing proof of the applicant’s income. These mortgages were then securitised and sold in the marketplace. This is exactly what was going on in America where you claim all the blame lies for the financial crisis. Why should we trust you to create the regulatory framework needed to ensure this does not happen again, when it was your regulations that allowed this to happen in this country?
  8. http://www.youtube.com/DowningSt Another chance to watch Gordon Brown answer a question other than the one that is asked. Here is my latest question I am going to try to do a house price question this afternoon - is there anything in particular you want me to ask?
  9. Or this one http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/the-d...0940.html?ino=1
  10. He is at the end of the road - I am waiting for history to judge him.
  11. All true and Gordon claims none of them are true. ?!? The politician friendly questions he gets asked by Marr etc are 'PM what can you do to make sure the economy survives the downturn' GB - 'eveything we can' Or you could
  12. go to http://uk.youtube.com/user/downingst?ob=4 click on the vote tab put stevex1969 into the search for video box and click go click on the thumbnail underneath watch my clip - if you like it click on the thumbs up thanks Text of my question After the debt fuelled boom of the last 11 years the bust is here, house prices are now falling at the fastest rate ever recorded, negative equity is forecast to be higher than ever recorded, mortgage lending has fallen to the lowest level ever recorded, the economy is in a recession that is forecast to be the worst ever recorded, the pound is plummeting, the regulatory framework that you established has failed, Government borrowing is through the roof and the UK consumer has taken on the highest amount of personal debt in the world. Do you still think our economy is best placed to weather this downturn? And if you do then which economies are worst placed and why. You say that you are the best person to get us out of this mess, is that because you lead us here or is there some other reason?
  13. she is looking glum nowadays - I miss the old girl who used to spin negative figures as positive. memories
  14. He does not accept that he played ANY part in the housing bubble, even though he admitted there was a housing bubble. All bad things occur due to outside influences, all good things occur because of his decisions. A flawed character.
  15. with all the stress to come there should be a few more of these classics
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