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  1. Satoshi wouldn't need anything hidden in the blockchain to prove himself. The blockchain is public and he would own some of the original coins (addresses can be checked). Also, selling that many coins in one go would collapse the market. I'm annoyed that I spent the bitcoin I bought for $400 a year ago. Pleased that my altcoins are up 300% in months Love crypto.
  2. I think you will find that Henry Smith won and is now the MP for Crawley
  3. the chance of being elected if you do not stand as the candidate for one of the main political parties is ZERO it has only ever happened when two of the three main parties have not stood in support of an independent candidate i.e. Cash for questions scandel MP Neil Hamilton vs Martin Bell (the other parties did not stand) OR if their is a local Party dispute like Blaenau Gwent (2005) where Labour upset their members by imposng an all women shortlist.
  4. My 8-year-old nephew just asked what I am doing, so I showed him the chart. When I explained what it was he said, "the green bit must go." Maybe I should get him to write a letter to boy George... let the banks fail.
  5. Interesting report. Government debt is the least of our worries, and welcome to the period of inflation and slow growth.
  6. Sevenoaks station (a hub for commuters who work in financial services) car park car park half empty. It use to be full with a waiting list for season tickets. The Public Affairs (lobbyist) industry taking a dive - many experienced workers, who are friends of mine, being made redundant because companies are not renewing contracts with agencies. Headhunters recruiting new candidates and speculatively approaching agencies in an attempt to drum up new business.
  7. Always complains, offers no solutions, only interested in cheap media hits, possesses no diplomatic skills whatsoever - which are essential in moder day politics. Does he not realise that Britain no longer has an empire. Thank goodness he has no power.
  8. Interesting chart: Who owes what to whom? UK Foreign Debt shows our exposure to events around the world - especially in France & Spain 436% of GDP / €117,580 per person only eclipsed by Ireland
  9. Hi Peeps! I'm James, 26, from Kent. Good forum you have here.
  10. THE OIL RESERVE FALLACY Proven reserves are not a measure of future supply The Middle East does not have two thirds of all world oil reserves, as is claimed by the oil companies and the US Dept. of Energy. It only has two thirds of "proven" oil reserves. According to the US Geological Survey, other categories of oil reserves need to be taken into account. They say the Middle East has only half to one third of recoverable world oil reserves. The idea that only the Middle East has the key to the world's energy future is not true and is politically dangerous. If the Veneuelans are right, there is enough oil in Venezuela alone to power the world for 44 years (at 27.3 billion barrels of world consuption per year). Similar or greater reserves exist in the Athabasca tar sands and other unconventional reserves that push actual world reserve life well out into the 22nd century. These are not as cheap as Middle Eastern reserves, but they are not prohibitively expensive either. True, not all of the unconventional oil can be recovered. Estimates range from 15 percent upwards. And there may be a number of these unconventional oil fields in other nations that have not been publicly characterized. For example,Russia and Madagascar may also have heavy oil fields.
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