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  1. Hi there Me and wife have recently bought a property, we own the property jointly, no mortgage on i and will be renting it out shortly. Currently my wife is not working and i want my wife to be responsible for the rent aspects and receive the full rent, can i inform HMRC to tell them this and can her PAYE allowances be used againsnt the rent received or will it have to be 50/50? thanks D
  2. Hi there i wanted some advice , i am thinking of buying a new house, budget is around 250,000. I currently own a midterraced house valued around 100,000, no mortgage and also another mid terraced house worth around 90,000, ive rented it out and receive around 350 per month, again no mortgage. I am thinking of selling both houses and get a mortgage for around 50,000 to buy the new house, but i am undecided, whether i should sell my second rented home or leave it as it is and get a mortgage of 150,000 instead.. any advice would be great? thanks
  3. although this wasnt in the tendancy agreement, any advice would be grateful
  4. Hi there I moved into this property over 2 years ago and my landlord had provided me with a gas cooker, now the gas cooker needs replacing, my landlord says that hes is not expected to replace it as it was his decision to provide me with one when i first moved, and it i require a new cooker, i would have to buy my own just like if i wanted a washing machine etc? i wanted to know if that is correct? Thanks
  5. Hi guys im a new landlord and have had tennants over a year now. Over the past year i have had repairs fixed on a boiler, few taps replaced on sink and also have had a leaking toilet replaced. I just wanted as a landlord is it reallt my reponsibility to pay and arrange these repairs? do they not come under wear and tear? when is the tennants responsibilty to pay for any repairs needed? advice would be cool thanks D
  6. Hi guys Anybody know of any specific websites that have articles in helping to find a property to let? or any members here can offer any useful advice/info? would be appreciated. The area that i am interested in are burnley/nelson areas if anybody can give me more specific advice with regards to the location. thank you
  7. I just wanted to ask people living in the Burnley and Padiham areas a few questions. I am thinking of buying a house to let and know they are pretty cheap in the Burnley and Padiham areas. Can anyone give me advice on which areas to avoid? what rent charges are there on average and anything else that can help? i am lookin to buy a 2 bedroomed terraced house, thanks in advance dave
  8. thanks for that, indeed they are cheap. Any comments would be appreciated, anybody how do i go about finding out the best spots for buy to let properties in these areas? and what rent is being charged for these areas?
  9. Hi guys I am thinking of buying a house to rent, I live in West Yorkshire and need to know which towns nearest to me have the cheapest house prices, I have heard they are pretty cheap in areas like Nelson, Colne. Can somebody confirm this? ifso any links? Where actually are the cheapest areas in the UK? for buy to let purposes. Thanks Dave
  10. Hi guys i am currently renting out a place for £65 per week, the rent is paid directly to me by the DHSS. My asking price was £65 per week back in October 2004, and I got a letter from the Rent Service saying that their estimated rent for my property is £65 which was fine as it was my asking price anyway. However i am wanting to increase the rent by £5 per week. Just wanted to know if the Rent Service will accept this? Has the rent offically increased since last year? any suggestions?
  11. I certainly would not be complaining if it is 20-30%! I have one other question which might be a dumb question. I have two properties each valued around £65000 rented out. I am planning to sell both properties and buy a home around £200,000 like i said previously in around 2 yrs time. Does this my mean that these two properties will be worth less in 2 years time, or is only the top end of the houses are likely to be most effected?
  12. Thanks for that Ive been checking daily on house prices since May, and the situation is completely different now to what it was then. i.e Shann Park which is a popular area in Keighley, during the summer people were literally bidding for houses , driving the prices even further! Now i can see price reductions in that area and still no sale! Hope this keeps up and in two years from now and hopefully I could buy a £200,000 property at least £20,000 cheaper then! (whilst i save up too)
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