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  1. Since when did EA become legal experts? The site: http://www.sell-your-home.org.uk/hips1.php has a link to the Statutury Instrument that was presented to Parliament on 29th March this year. Section 7 is the part that refers to penalty charges: Amount of penalty charge 35. The amount of a penalty charge specified in a notice given to a person under section 168 of the 2004 Act (penalty charge notices) shall be £200. Section 168 of the 2004 Housing Act isn't much clearer, but the second paragraph states: 168 Penalty charge notices (2) A penalty charge notice may not be given after the end of the period of six months beginning with the day (or in the case of a continuing breach the last day) on which the breach of duty was committed. This implies that marketing of a property without a HIP or a good excuse would be a continuing breach, therefore the penalty would be £200 total and not £200 per day.
  2. So are you admitting that your phone-number is listed on the closing credits of the Muppet show then??
  3. I'm sure it could and it will - there's a bad smell hanging around the behaviour of mortgage brokers in relation to self-cert mortgages. Also, after the stampede to reclaim bank charges (itself owing momentum to the endowment mis-sale compensation movement), the great British public has the smell of institutional fear in its nostrils and will hang on the words of anyone who promises "free money" from greedy banks.
  4. I bet a significant proportion of people think that there will be state benefits to help pay the mortgage, as there were 'last time round'. However now, if you lose your job, for mortgages taken out since Oct 1995, there is no help at all for the first nine months. After that, you may get the interest on the first £100k paid. This could make any new recession cut much harder and much quicker than it did in the early 1990s.
  5. So which demographic are most likely to haul out to the polling station - genuine question? What policies give the best return on investment, vote wise?
  6. But there isn't a clear divide between the pi$$-takers and the serious sellers. There's a continuum between those who just fancy seeing if they can persuade some muppet to pay more than the ceiling price for the road for their place, right through to the distressed seller who will take any price they can get quickly. It will reduce supply. The person who thinks it won't because if owners aren't selling, they won't be buying either is kidding themselves. Owners will still peruse the estate agent window - they just won't lash out for a HIP until they've found the place of their dreams. Hence, tighter supply and greater demand, with its consequent impact on prices.
  7. According to the BBC, a House of Lords committee has described the oppostion to the introduction of HIPs as "striking" and "widespread". Obviously they then went off to get a quote from the vested interests who said something along the lines of: Well they didn't ask us! We could have told them that we welcome the opportunity to fleece English & Welsh home sellers by flogging them a load of useless cra... are you still recording?
  8. I still can't quite see what you are so het up about. If you go to buy a new car, you'd have to be damn rich or famous to get the showroom to close to anyone but you, why would houses be so different? The estate agent is acting for and is paid by the seller, not potential buyers. I can't quite believe I'm sticking up for estate agents here, and if they did ring to apologise then ok, but you don't know that the sellers weren't being awkward and demanding that they were only happy to have viewers between the hours of x & y because they were having a dinner party / family barbeque later. Its hardly an underhand trick if you are aware that some people might get carried away & pay over the odds in a faux-auction. Its up to you to view a place and decide what you are happy to pay for it. If some greater fool is willing to pay more, then it's their look out. If there are a lot of seemingly greater fools about, then perhaps you are not valuing the local market in the same way as other viewers and will not be able to buy at all. That may be a smart decision in the longer term, but that's not the point. Hmmm "Estate agent rounds up lots of willing purchasers and shows them a property". Not the crime of the century, and if I were selling, I'd be pretty happy about it You weren't actually promised a private viewing, and was it actually implied? Just because you had your pick of the time to arrive, doesn't exclusively block out that time to anyone else!
  9. I don't know if there will be a flood before June 1st, but I reckon there will be a dearth for 6-8 weeks afterwards. Are there enough Energy Certificate Inspectors around? Will sellers want to pay for this? Don't forget, no more speculative "stick it on the market for a few weeks and see if we get any interest - we can always take it off if we don't like the offers".
  10. On a pure cost basis, a fine would seem cheaper than a HIPS pack. Will there be a mass rebellion against them? If not all elements are available, the property can still go on the market, if there is a promise to include the missing documents within 28 days. If there is restricted supply, its likely that an offer will be made and perhaps contracts exchanged, before that deadline expires. What then? If a sale is agree - who will wait for an energy performance certificate?
  11. Absolutely, the very term "Property Ladder" should be struck from usage until the market corrects. It simply does not exist in current circumstances.
  12. There is an unpleasant trend in this government to create so much bureauocracy that it is impossible to escape without being hobbled by an undifferentiated mess of it. How long will it be before they be using it on tax credit claimants who have tried to correct wrong information without success through every possible channel? Perhaps they ought to concentrate on not sucking most of the population into the benefits system in the first place, rather than making criminals of innocents when computer systems can't cope and all common sense has fled.
  13. Don't be so ridiculous. You think its only working class girls that get knocked up? Don't you think that it's attitudes like that that persuade all the thousands of nice middle-class girls that get pregnant to have abortions? I bet you're one of those that complain about the decreasing birthrate and its impact on pension funding, and then complain about the ones doing something about it. Or are you going to hide behind the usual prejudice of "all teenage girls that get pregnant only do it for a council flat and scrounge on the dole for life" routine. If that's all the expectations that exist for them, no wonder a proportion think that their only options are abortion or signing on for life. Its not.
  14. Its often said that the person who has no chance of getting credit is the prime minister on the day he is elected. Change of address and job on the same day? Very dodgy! Financial institutions want to make sure you are who you say you are, that you are going to repay what you say you're going to repay and that you aren't going to do a flit. That's why homeowners get better credit (all else being equal) than renters, because its more difficult to walk away from a home you own than one you rent. Likewise, a home phone number proves you live at the address you say, rather than a mobile. Being on the electoral role shows you've been at the address for a while, and aren't trying to hide it. All these elements are just as, if not more, important than showing that you are good at paying back credit. If you can't show the address side, there's no proof that you are the person with the nice line of 0000's. The latter certainly helps, though.
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