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  1. In the entire world 98.6% of all people with brown hair are poor so perhaps not the best example Try ginger hair next time.
  2. Had a funny feeling about Lloyds yesterday so transferred all the money to Nationwide. Doh. Been banking with Lloyds for 47 years and just started getting the jitters about them for some unknown reason. Best to follow your instincts I suppose.
  3. I am prepared to trade a large sliced hovis (best before 8/10/11) for a gold guinea at a time and place to suit you.
  4. Tits like coconuts. ......... Ffs who likes brown hairy tits
  5. Please do not let the facts get in the way of some of the opinions posted by losers on this site
  6. Killer Bunny knows (4500 within the next ten days)
  7. Good luck to the tube drivers. I would not bother to get out of bed for £50k let alone work in the gloom of the underground for hours at a time
  8. Bang on target again KB . 4500 here we come If I wore a hat I would take it off to you
  9. Killer Bunny remains the top man on this site
  10. If you actually watch or have watched QT over the last 40 years you really are of very low intelligence. Its a programme for utter morons. I know because I watch it every week just to wind myself up.
  11. The local fire service will fit an alarm free of charge. Existing buildings have to meet minimum requirements so do not get uptight. The means of escape will meet current legislation on fire resistance. The size of the windows are not relevant. Your sister will be fine . Trust me. Have a chat with your local FB and they will reassure you on the concerns you have raised on this thread.
  12. Not true. During the Fireman strike of 1977 the then Labour Government sent written instructions to all benefit offices that striking fireman should not receive a single penny in an attempt to starve them back to work. As I have said many times on this forum the Labour party are public enemy no 1 of the working classes. If you ever meet a labour supporter please give the evil shite a real hard kicking on my behalf. Many thanks in anticipation
  13. David Wilson are building houses down the road from me. Timber framed 3 bed terraced. each unit is costing, with all land and road development costs, £31k to build. Each house starts from £215k to buy. Thats £184k profit on each house !!!
  14. They are not getting preferential treatment. They are no risk to the community. Most importantly they will never be allowed to hold public office again, thank goodness. They should now be sold off as slaves at the pikey slave markets.
  15. Locally, three bed timber framed David Charles houses are being constructed ,including land and development costs, for £31K per unit. They are up for sale starting at £215 a unit. That is one hell of a mark up. No wonder developers can afford million pound back handers.
  16. Is it worth buying more physical gold to add to my already large stock purchased in 2007 ? I see trees of green, red roses too................
  17. £1.8 million in a double mattress and £1 million in a single mattress (3ft). Thats using £20 notes. Hope this helps
  18. Maths was never my strongpoint but it looks like the pass rate wil be 106.7 % in 6 years time if standards continue to improve at this rate
  19. My friend is looking to hire a marine engineer here on a long term contract if thats any help
  20. Thinking about setting up mail order shop for baseball bats and balls. You can carry a baseball bat around if you have the ball on your person. Matt black bats are best because you can never recall seeing them in the dark just before they make contact with your head. Need to order a container load from China and make a mint . Any financial backers ?
  21. If you had managed to spell my name correctly I would have doubled it to a tenner
  22. The Daily Mash tells it as it is http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/policing-seems-to-work-201108104177/ http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/broom-army-infiltrated-by-cleaning-extremists-201108124188/ and one for any posters on this site actually interested in HPC http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/business/housing-market-affected-by-houses-being-on-fire-201108104178/
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