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  1. I fear you may be right. Its only a consultation and far too many people in power have second and third homes. It would be interesting if such homes were burnt to the ground on such a regular basis that they became uninsurable . The owners would not then have to worry about paying tax on them. A win win.
  2. I doubt that you have ever cleaned a window in your life. However my mother says she will give you a go for £5. Its only a one bed council bungalow so should take you ten minutes or so. You only need another 25 similiar properties a day (total 5 hours work ) to give you £125 cash in hand each day. For 5 days work (25 hours) each week you can take home £625 . You can still spend 40 hours a week on facebook and have a modest living wage. Don't blame me because your bone idle though.
  3. Low paid high stress jobs ? your havin a laugh mate. Young men and women today (english) are bone idle. Thats the problem. My mother in Birmingham has been unable to get a window cleaner for the last six years. Young people see these tasks as menial and beneath them. In other words they are bone idle and prefer to waste time on gaming and internet sites .
  4. At 13 years of age I used to gut chickens by hand (no gloves) . If I gutted 250 in a day I got £3. At 14 I was offered a full time job by my employer.Thats how you make your way in life. I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to show how hard I could work. My grandaughters would now consider that type of work beneath them.
  5. I would take great pleasure in watching Blair and Brown being beaten to death by a baying mob. In fact I would pay to watch it. Wembley stadium would be a good venue.
  6. An elderly gent aged 81 thinks he can return to the UK from Thailand with £70K and buy a property in the south. He seems to have dementia and can only remember house prices of some 20 years ago. Thats what 20 years of sex with young Thai girls does for you. Round these parts £70 would not be enough for a mobile home. http://www.bbc.co.uk...pshire-15400417
  7. The UN should hold an enquiry as to why the french air missiles only wounded Gadaffi when they were instructed to silence him for good
  8. There has been a a saying in the British Army for almost two hundred years that a good arab is a dead arab. So yes he is now a good arab. I would add that without a shadow of a doubt he was a great leader and will be missed as are all great leaders
  9. sadly we are required to keep these poor old zombies alive in a condition that would be illegal if they were household pets.
  10. they don't need to. They just build garden slums in the gardens http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showforum=22
  11. At least the sheds are built to a higher standard than Barretts houses. This is going on all over the country in other asian ghettos
  12. Charlie on news 24 just mentioned the corruption in the finance and banking sector
  13. Euro lottery £101 million winners are to buy a house. How crazy is that ? Why don't the wait and see if house prices drop further first. They say a fool and his money is soon parted. They should stay in the one bed flat they rent and bide their time http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-15253038
  14. Nationwide. Now getting 3.1% instead of 1.1% with lloyds. Lloyds keep expecting you to close an account that pays a derisory amount then reopen the same account with a limited introductory offer which is still way below the average. Lloyds saving rates are now the lowest in the industry.
  15. Moved all my money out of Lloyds last week after 47 years. Got a real bad feeling about them. A bank is about to blow
  16. Not trying to make an argument sunshine. I think you will find that the general picture is that most people who were born around 1974, and indeed 1984, are in full time employment of one form or another.
  17. My youngest son was born in1974. He dropped out of uni and worked in double glazing a and bar work for a couple of years. He then picked up a plum job which led on to other things and today he is worth a couple of million. He is happily married with four kids and lives in a large detached house (paid for) in Cheshire. He would never waste time on these silly forums. My concern is for those born after 1995.
  18. That kid is going to be a rich boomer
  19. The boomers inherited nothing. Those born after 1974 will inherit the lot from the boomers without lifting a finger. praise be to allah
  20. "Lessons will be learnt" Always used by agencies who are arrogant and grossly overpaid prior to the event. Once the event has occurred they become contrite and hide behind their true" trainee level" status. Never take a pay cut that refects their true incompetence and that of the organisation though.
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