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  1. I agree. I often wonder what happened to "innocent until proved guilty". Today it is "guilty until proved innocent". It is very difficult to prove your innocence in court these days.
  2. I think its difficult when talking in terms of relative poverty as opposed to absolute poverty to assess the position within the UK.
  3. Having just returned from Calcutta (its in India) I can assure you that no one, I repeat no one, in London knows what poverty is.
  4. Me. My mate who works down the road at waitrose on general multi tasking duties runs a two year old jag and moans about the long hours he works. Poverty my ass. If you don't like the pay and conditions of slave workers then don't shop or buy the products. Simples.
  5. The poor Barratts employees have been given the boot and soled down the river
  6. This was all fatboy Prescotts great idea. He was told in no uncertain terms by the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) that it could not work but he decided to go ahead with it regardless. Corruption on a grand scale. Good old new labour
  7. The BBC again gave out misinformation on the news last night. They reported that some 30,000 people marched through Birmingham yesterday. That has now been downgraded to 4000. Shoddy biased reporting again from the beeb. http://www.bbc.co.uk...cester-15944330
  8. as usual the Mash sums it up exactley. Its the only rag not involved in phone hacking as well. Whats the point of a one day strike ? If the strikers were genuine in their beliefs they would stay out on strike until the matter was resolved even if it took months. The last strike I was involved with went on for eleven weeks until we were starved back to work. I think that they know they are on a total loser with this one.
  9. That would be the perfect solution if it could be phased in
  10. Doubt if they are begging. Sounds as if they are humouring
  11. If 2 million protesters buying tents, camping equipment and trendy outdoor clothing to look the part and going day camping outside st. Pauls fails to save Blacks and Milletts then nothing can.
  12. When was it the "Tarzan" had a great mind exactly ? He has always been a bit of a buffoon, certainly for the last thirty years
  13. Its the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I have not had a job for the last twenty years
  14. Bang on Hector . I have been looking,off and on, for a suitable job since 1992. After almost 20 years I have still found nothing that is suitable and appeals to me. I don't think that I could now actually bother to do a job any more. I blame everyone but myself for my predicament
  15. At least its given the terrorists a level playing field. No doubt they all came into the UK unnoticed last summer and are now preparing to cause carnage on a massive scale during the 2012 London olympics. Top tip. avoid London like the plague during the olympics and during the run up to it. Our security services are as efficient as passport control so do not hold a false sense of security.
  16. What a load of rubbish. I know people well into their sixties who can lift a 16 stone man on their shoulders and carry them over a distance. In my local gym the only person who can do maximum weights on all the machines with total ease is 66 years of age. It causes considerable embarresment to the younger macho members.What job functions do you have in mind ? Fighter pilots ?
  17. David Wilson are building two bed terraced for £28K per unit including road and development costs. They are selling them for £199K. This suggests that margins have considerable scope for large downward movement without causing too much problems.
  18. A black cab owner/driver in london can earn in the region of £100k per annum. They always deny it though. Must be a similiar situation in New york. Best paid job I ever had.
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