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  1. and theres more http://www.lettingag...ets-lying-empty greedy bastards
  2. A local David Wilson development in East Cowes is nearing completion. Two weeks ago one of the finished terraced properties caught fire in the afternoon. I made the original 999 call. Despite the prompt attendance of the local fire brigade the two adjoining houses burnt completely to the ground within 6 minutes. Energy efficient or what ? Complete death traps
  3. The local David Wilson development builds 3 bed units for £28k and trys to market them at £220k. Only people buying are housing association.. If they drop the prices to a realistic level the problem will be solved
  4. £7 an hour. Pay for your own travel and accomodation. Self employed basis. Pay your own SIA licence Sounds like a dream job for 17 days. I wonder why SIA personnel are not flocking to london to make their fortune.
  5. Thats very true. Also it will be difficult for a court to give a fine of £2000 for working with an expired sia licence because a major precedent will have been set. win win
  6. The exception being the london olympics it appears. The event must be deemed outside of the law
  7. Yes, bag searchers need to be SIA as do any security staff dealing with public .
  8. Security staff must by law be SIA trained screened and registered. Most of the staff being employed by G4S at the games are not. It has been decided that ' SIA temporary cover notes' will be issued instead to oversee the period of the games on the basis that temporary staff will be security vetted for criminal convictions after the games have finished instead. You could not make it up. My advice would be to steer well clear of the games. I do not blame G4S. The fault is that of the government for moving the goalposts at short notice. The SIA takes around 12 weeks to check and licence a single individual. Just do the math
  9. Being a SIA registered security operative It would not be worth mine or my colleagues time to work the london olympics for less than £55 an hour on a temporary four week contract. Any less than £55 and we would be out of pocket. Its just basic economics.
  10. Why stop at the foreskin ? why not take off the top couple of inches and stop them breeding. Sexual mutilation of little girls is also vile abuse. Its even rightly against the law to dock dogs tails. What power over authority do these religious nutters have I wonder ?
  11. The mafia do run this country. Its the most efficient mafia in the western world. We call it the establishment.
  12. a grovelling thanks to good old bob for appearing in front of the committee. Makes you proud to be british
  13. Poor old bob diamond is having to dumb down to try to reach the level of understanding of the committee. I reckon he could get the job if the other candidate fails to show
  14. Have the members of the select committee been specifically chosen for their stupidity ?
  15. The UK has the finest, best organised and largest Mafia in the world. It consists of the most influential people in the country. They are,and will remain, untouchable .
  16. Logged in from a submarine at a depth of 40 metres in the solent. All working fine
  17. After two weeks a miracle has occurred The site seems back to normal this morning
  18. Its the worst site I have ever encountered by a mile over the last two weeks. It needs to be sorted pronto. It took me a week to post this Surprised the advertisers are standing for it. ( the site is a bit like a bus. Wait a week for one then two come along together )
  19. Its the worst site I have ever encountered by a mile over the last two weeks. It needs to be sorted pronto. It took me a week to post this Surprised the advertisers are standing for it.
  20. The site has been appalling all day to day. Its been getting worse over the last week or so. Internet explorer has not been able to find the site. Its the worst site I have encountered for problems. Years ago it was fine.
  21. It was the first time. They all looked superb lit up in the darkness as they followed each other out into the solent past my bedroom window. A truly wonderful sight.
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