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  1. or if you leave your derelict house up a tall tree with no floors, roof or walls and the windows smashed...and then arrest some kids for sitting on a branch.............I like your style
  2. Why not wait a few months and buy that flat at £40K.
  3. But they sold it to us on the basis it would be a massive £12 billion boost for the economy. Surely they would never mislead us ?
  4. Even the charity shops are struggling. Low rent. Stock cost nil. Staff costs nil. Having said that many are employing full time managers on a salary. That must make a big hole in any income from the shop. It would be funny if a charity shop went bust.
  5. If the paralympic team gb are assessed as fit for work then benefits will be cut and they will be required to work. This will impact on training time for the next paralympics in four years time. No wonder all their friends and relatives booed. This single incident sums up the nonesense paralympics for me . It purely a leftie PC event.
  6. She could light a smelly bonfire every day and smoke them out. She could become the neighbour from hell and drive the school crazy with some thought
  7. She could light a smelly bonfire every day and smoke them out. She could become the neighbour from hell and drive the school crazy with some thought
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19316713 Mortgage lending rebounded in July, lenders say. Lending to house buyers and people remortgaging rose by 8% from June to the highest monthly level this year of £12.7bn, with the figure up 2% from the same month last year. However, the CML warned that the figures should be treated cautiously. It said that behind the monthly "see-saw" pattern of lending, the housing market was still "broadly flat". "Interpretation of recent trends continues to be challenged by one-off effects," said Caroline Purdey of the CML. "We look forward to the September figures when the distorting effects of the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics should largely have worked their way through."
  9. But the money would all end up in the hands of the top 10% within weeks
  10. No, I agree that your family have little standing in society. I was drawing a comparison with a couple of my close friends. One is a chief nursing officer for the regional health trust and the other is the chief treasurer for the county council. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  11. You must have a very wide social circle to know so many accountants and health professionals well enough to confide in you. I am truly amazed at your standing in society. When on earth do you get the time to make the occasional post on here ?
  12. Would take the best part of 30 years to get to a band 7 (community matron) . To get to that level would also require a degree. I have never seen a nurse driving a BMW for work purposes. They mostly drive basic fords or nissan micras. Community nurses are paid very low mileage rates for the use of their vehicles.
  13. "even educated people have been caught up by this," he says. Educated people of very limited intelligence he should have added
  14. Looks like 53 african countries are struggling financially in London as well as local traders http://www.bbc.co.uk...london-19190778
  15. Looking forward to buying some stamps with the female rowers on just so I can lick the back with my tongue
  16. after just watching 55 beautiful fit young women in the womens triathlon in a variety of poses, particulary the rear view in the cycling, I feel I have just had my £1000 worth
  17. How could it have ever benefited the UK economy ? We would need to recover the original stake of £9 billion as a starter before even thinking about turning a profit. All countries make a huge loss on hosting the games. It the nature of the beast. The lasting legacy will just be more debt for the taxpayer
  18. These poor wannabe traders are learning a hard lesson." If it sounds too good to be true it probably is" . They have been suckered in by hype and marketing from stupid politicians and highly paid consultants who as usual do not have a clue what they are talking about. No country has ever made money from hosting the olympics. All the money is creamed off by developers and politicians. The amount of corruption is breathtaking. What else can we expect when £9 billion is up for grabs with no sensible questions asked. Many of these stall holders will go bust after paying £300 a day rent plus £10000 for stock then selling nothing. They are just trying to make some sort of living for themselves and their families. These are the real victims of these never ending scams by their so called betters who we provide with vip traffic lanes and free tickets.
  19. It looks like the UK might not see a vast profit on its £9 billion investment then Perhaps we have all been lied to yet again. Where are the 10 million visitors we were promised ? Who comes up with all this cr&p ?
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