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  1. one hopes someone will remove his head from his fragile body and display it on the railings of westminister. please, pretty please.
  2. A house worth £80k in the seventies would be worth around £2.5 million today. Driving around the south it would be no suprise if one in ten was worth at least a million in assets.
  3. I need to get myself on one of the mature ladies dating sites asap. Would love a nice attractive 40 year old rich widow
  4. Eggcelent discussion . Great points from our JD yet again on the housing situation in NI. Also liked the chat about the ulster fry beforehand
  5. My late mother would have loved that offer. She drank two bottles of Grants most days. Sadly that is the reason she is now my late mother. Be warned.
  6. Bet they only employed him so they could tick the diversity box. Expensive mistake. Hilarious
  7. In your position I would be inclined to buy. Prices will imo continue to drop but not at the rate of a £1k a month which is the amount you are paying in rent. You could get a decent repayment mortgage for that .
  8. It would be great if they were found to be shafting each other on a regular basis (allegedly)
  9. 300 "victims" so far and not one ever complained whilst he was alive ? pull the other one. In this country you are guilty until proved innocent now it would seem. How can a dead man defend himself ? something is never right here. Wait till thatcher dies, then I will reveal all
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk...dorset-20000863 Another olympic financial disaster. The olympics cost us billions that will never be recovered. The politicians should be held to account for fraudulent claims with intent to deceive the taxpayer.
  11. I am fully aware of that. The difference is I don't object to paying for essential public services and the pensions if they are part of the employment package. Those public services also spend a fortune directly back to the private sector for equipment and supplies. Again I do not object to my tax being used in that way even when a proportion of that expenditure goes towards pension provision in the private sector. The point is all the money in circulation is a result of the tax I and others pay, directly or indirectly.Every penny I spend ends up as a tax payment eventually somewhere down the line. I see no difference in paying a nurse or a bricklayer. Both are selling experience and labour. I do object to individuals picking on certain occupations whose pay and conditions are governed nationally. I do object to paying out child benefit and other benefits not related to severe disability but accept that is the wish of the majority in society to provide those benefits
  12. Kill him/her to send out the new message from the government
  13. You lost me there mate. Its people like you I object to. If you want to breed kids then pay for their fookin education and stop taking my tax in child benefit you parasite. Why should I pay for your brats ? And no I don't work but I pay a small fortune in tax from my private income on people like you. I have no objection in paying for the NHS which no doubt you and your brats will take full advantage of during a lifetime.. I hope to god you are true to yourself and refused your childs mother a pre natal GP and a NHS delivery for the birth or you will really be p$ssing me off big time.
  14. You should have bought all them london properties up for £4k each and made a killing today
  15. He was a paratrooper during the war and joined the fire brigade after the war (1946 ?) He would have retired about 1976. Died about 1980. He was as nutty as a fruitcake.
  16. Heprobably retired with a pension in excess of £18k before tax. Index linked aswell. Also a tax free sum of around £50k. Add to that an old age pension at theage of 65 of around £100 a week. Plus free bus pass, winter fuel allowance andB&Q discount card. House probably paid for. Nice position to be in for apleasant retirement after a relatively easy working life
  17. Employee is the worker. Employer is the person/organisation who employs the worker. My uncle was on the original fireman pension scheme that you mention. After 30 years at the age of 55 he retired on a unbelievably generous pension of £17 a week. Compulsory retired at 55 he was considered to old to be employed by anyone else. Thankfully ,like most of his work mates, he died before he reached the age of 60 thereby saving the rest of us a fortune in age related nhs provisions, pensions and benefits. Please correct me if I am wrong but I don't think the term "accrual" applies to contributory pension schemes.
  18. I think Bath can afford to drop a bit. Prices there are crazy still
  19. And the rest. Its at least 33 years old. I was offered an audience ticket in 1981 which I declined
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