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  1. Also some lovely properties in the Lordswood road area of Harborne
  2. Could I suggest Bournville ? Some lovely properties in the area with a rail station on the doorstep.
  3. how much have wages increased since 1971 ? Mine have increased 40 fold
  4. A very dysfunctional family with a number of mental health issues that need to be addressed
  5. Huhne should lose the lot because its built on the proceeds of crime over the last ten years. He has been an MP on false pretences claiming a salary and expences during that time. The btl properties should be sold and the money given to good causes.
  6. Pikeys will probabley just use middlemen for the final transaction
  7. Trouble starts when we enter quadruple dip because it just does not roll off the tongue like double or triple. Bit like once, twice, three times a lady. Never four times.
  8. Well done KB . We need to focus on what is important for the future of this site. We all know that this is the true cost of high house prices across europe. No spare money available for private purchasers of new non fleet cars.
  9. It just shows these councils are actually awash with cash.
  10. I became suspicious when Halifax lied about the 15% increase in house prices in Southend. I reckon they are about to go bust. I suggest all customers start withdrawing their money if at all possible from lloyds and halifax. Lets have another run on the banks. Hurrah , panic over. websites up and running. praise the lord and mohamed
  11. Its funny no one mentions the hundreds of thousands of Special Constables who all have another job. How come they are considered fit for purpose to do a second job ? can't have it both ways
  12. +1 I think its very wise to have a second string to your bow in these economic times. At least these moonlighters are not sitting on their backsides moaning about benefits.
  13. I wonder if Halifax are attempting to obtain pecuniary advantage by deception by knowingly putting out false and misleading information ? Its a criminal offence. I wonder if Halifax are about to go bust ? I think I will withdraw all my money tomorrow just to be on the safe side.
  14. good old halifax. Never let the facts get in the way of a good headline
  15. Why did no one see this coming in last years HPC predictions ? We could all have made a killing http://www.bbc.co.uk...siness-20850856
  16. Good idea. Send ours out to Bulgaria at a fraction of the cost. We should also build our prisons out in bulgaria.. would cost a fraction to run.
  17. Plus they are generally stupid enough to believe the hype about "bargains"
  18. i was buying up loads of full and half sovereigns on ebay six years ago for £40 and £75 each. Where was you then when I needed your sound advice
  19. examples of markup staples http://www.staples.co.uk/SearchEngine-counterfeit+pens + vat Ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-x-Money-Tester-Pen-Counterfeit-Bank-Note-Detector-Pens-Same-Day-Dispatch-/160832669550?pt=UK_BOI_Office_Office_Supplies_Stationery_ET&hash=item25725fc76e buy one get four free. That my xmas gifts sorted in true HPC fashion
  20. No but I did think briefly about hitting her over the head with a large brass poker that was right next to my hand in the room where we met. I thought it might make me world famous . Looking back glad I never. You need to control your inner anger and reduce your stress levels on matters you have absolutly no control over otherwise your health and well being will start to suffer. Don't end up like me. Focus on the positives in life.
  21. The queen was once introduced to me (not the other way round funnily enough) many years ago. I found her absolutely charming and very down to earth. I have also been fortunate to have been introduced and spoken at length with princess anne, duke of york, duke of kent, duke of edinburgh ect. .Without exception they were all lovely and down to earth. Contrast that with everyone in between me and british royalty. Even some supervisors at Tesco think they are very important people. Next time your t$sser of a line manager, or an arrogant copper has a feeling of self importance ask them why they consider themselves in some way superior to the queen. Remind them that their attitude places them somewhere on the bottom of you shoes and tell them to f u k off.
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