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  1. it failed to take into account recent increases in energy prices
  2. Could not agree more. I would advise bankruptcy in most cases. It will help to drive the message home to lenders. " I am sick of seeing people destroy their lives even more than has already been done, in the vain belief that if they somehow keep trying to pay what they couldn't pay in the first place, that all will be right in the end. Millions could escape their 'spiral' by simply recognising the futility of trying to pay the unpayable - and simply stop paying! PERIOD. Many of these debtors have nothing to be taken from them. It baffles me why they allow themselves to be fooled into thinking that if they try really hard and continue to 'play the game' by the 'system' rules. Being persuaded into entering into one form of debt restructuring or another, in a vain attempt to pay off what they couldn't pay, let alone save for, in the first place - just in the promise that they will still be able to borrow in the future again. These people need to just walk away from the debts. Stop playing the game by the lenders rules. Provided they learn from their mistakes, they can rebuild their lives. It takes two to tango. Lenders and Borrowers. I've said this here before and will continue to say to till my tongue bleeds. The only way to bring sanity back to credit markets is to make lenders more fearful and revert back to common sense lending standards - rather than lend to anyone with a pulse! I'll wager many of these people borrowed for things they 'wanted' rather than genuinely 'needed' - but have been brainwashed into believing it is part of their human rights to have the same trinkets and baubles as the next person. Old fashioned virtues of making a real personal effort to attain it (i.e. saving) being long forgotten. Credit will become scarcer and more expensive and that, overall, will help keep in check the relentless rise of everything whose price is driven by credit - all the way up to housing."
  3. when I was in Tokyo a couple of weeks ago with two of my teenage granddaughters I was amazed how many of the youngsters appeared to live in a virtual reality world. Perhaps its a way of protecting themselves from reality. In all fairness the young people seem really happy living in a world reminiscent of Roger Rabbit.
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-25108891 I was speaking the other day to someone who works at the local CAB . She reckons the debt problem is out of control at the moment. I did download the CAB application form around five years ago for the position of an advisor. Perhaps now is the right time for me to get off my comfortable backside and give some assistance to the community.
  5. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bulgarian-Holiday-Home-in-Bulgaria-Overseas-Property-House-VT-no-reserve-auction-/131043779644? If they can sell 100 similiar properties they might have sufficient funds for a deposit on a one bed flat in london
  6. My mate has built and sold three houses for himself in that time. He is now worth a tidy sum.
  7. R.I.P Reminds me I have 100,000 yen left to change back to stirling after last weeks trip to tokyo
  8. I just knew that picture would come back to haunt me
  9. A friend popped in to her local branch of Lloyds yesterday to ask advice on putting £20K into a fixed term bond. The advisor told her to hold on until january because interest rates will be higher then.
  10. motability scheme for the disabled accounted for around 250,000 new car sales in 2012. At least six in my road sporting new september plates.
  11. Nechells, Winson Green and Castle Vale are all areas where the cheapest property can be found in Birmingham so I suppose the yield would be higher
  12. But is there a monthly charge of around £12 for a vantage account ? or is that just for a gold vantage account. My interest just covers the charge each month
  13. Can do better than that. Worked at Meriden in the 70s.
  14. I am proudly apolitical myself. I honestly believe that thatcher was the most hated female in Britain since records began. Shame really.
  15. Perhaps Its all the cash from the 2012/13 isa's going in. Then the fundmanagers take their profits
  16. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21979039 This is my pet hate. The way second home owners are a cancer on rural communities. Here on the Isle of Wight they have destroyed most of the villages. Second home owners are destroying the very thing that they buy in to. Tax them all out of existence. Its better than burning them out http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/
  17. Does anyone know what miracle will occur in 2018 to get us out of this financial mess ?
  18. Dimbumble should resign over this matter.
  19. Manager, assistant manager and admin staff are employees. Good riddance to them all. Hope they remain unemployed for a long time. Case is now with small claims court so I hope they can last out for a few more weeks.
  20. Good. It could not happen to nicer people. They robbed my friend of £100 which they had overcharged. They then refused to refund it after numerous attempts. What goes around comes around . I hope they are all out of work for a very long time. This happy story has made my day.
  21. http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/local-news/sale-west-midlands-homes-leave-1690191 Brummies lost £20k on each property sold according to this report.
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