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  1. for some reason you appear to be unable to grasp a simple concept. Are you a troll or just a bit dim ?
  2. Thats a good point. Green belt land should be released around these villages to allow affordable housing for local young people. The only people who are objecting to this on the Isle of Wight are NIMBY second home owners who do not want the tranquility or value of their holiday homes affected.
  3. The "buyer" was fortunate that the case never dragged on for another couple of years. The flat must be losing £20K a year
  4. over the last thirty years people whose families have lived for centuries in an area have been unable to buy a property in the village or town they were born in. The houses have all been bought up by people outside of the area for use as a holiday home. This has resulted in young families moving out of the area causing primary schools, post offices, village pubs, local shops and garages to close down due to lack of day to day trade. local transport has been withdrawn because of no demand. Second home owners have a moral responsibility to redress the economic balance by paying a large precept to offset the immense damage they have caused to these communities.
  5. t would be a requirement that a property is occupied or rented out for a minimum of 48 weeks a year. This would be enforced the same way that holiday homes are not allowed to be occupied for more than 48 weeks a year.
  6. Fell out the bed. Its not big enough for the four of us. They said they will carry on without me.
  7. cocoa and in bed by 11 with three girls from the local escort agency to see in the new year in style.
  8. does Alison give head to offset the permanent voids ?
  9. Works a treat "One of our more luxurious slums" What on earth are the rest like ?
  10. Great post Dr Glooooooom. Make the people who are most able to afford it pay up instead of making the poor members of the community take all the financial pain. There is a brilliant letter in response to this subject in the Isle of Wight press last week so I think the revolution is about to start. It would seem you are not alone in your views http://iwcp.co.uk/ne...-pay-36448.aspx
  11. Its not about people who rent somewhere to live during the week, its about people who own two homes
  12. Lived aboard my boat there for many happy years and had a mooring there for 20 years . Marina was then sold on to some really funny people who got planning permission for housing phase 2. They were completed around 6 years ago but none were sold and have fallen into disrepair. The marina was then sold on to some more peculiar dealers who then developed phase 3 of the housing (the ones on the elevated piles). They were complete disaster. Finished about 3 years ago using mainly eastern eoropean labour and again none are sold. All the houses have been reduced by 40% since being built and still no interest. The last developer acting for a dodgy consortium said that money was no object 2 years before going bankrupt. Planning has now been granted for a hotel complex on site. The entire venture is still being "run" by the adminstrators. The marina is empty for most part of the year. There are more boats there in the winter than the summer because they offer a reduced rate which attracts boats off the river. Sadly, this once idyllic marina now faces a huge new industrial estate built with government funding for Vestas across the river which has totally destroyed its charm and that of the entire Medina valley. In a few years the marina will cease to exist because it can never be economically viable as a stand alone going concern. In 23 years they have turned something that was popular and beautiful into complete tat. That's Isle of Wight planning and development for you :angry:
  13. According to the lady who lives next door the timber framed structure was erected the wrong way round leaving the front door in the wrong road. Every corner brick on all corners of the house had to be cut with a band saw and filed to make it look like the corner bricks were whole bricks instead of two separate bricks.
  14. Average cost of car and four people is around £100 for period return on Red Funnel april till september. Can rise to £150 return during summer peak weeks. Wightlink is about the same.
  15. at least vince wasn't caught out in an interview with Ali G. Not sure why people think the telegraph is a quality newsheet. I personally know of four major articles over the last five years that were total nonesense yet never challenged
  16. It is a prison . Those who bought these flats are trapped in negative equity for life.
  17. http://www.housepric...howtopic=136584 Worth a re visit just to show the scaffolding ( mentioned in post above) to carry out "remedial work" at the Charles Church damp flats . I still think £2600 rent for a flat in cowes week is pushing it a bit Edit : Sorry its £2750 a week
  18. In all fairness the property in cowes is in an industrial area and surrounded by scaffolding in an attempt to stop water entering the flats
  19. There is no place in this country for a honest politcian. He will have to go
  20. don't be too hard on him. Remember that he has already taken a £150k loss on his investment. Plus his annual service charge 0f £3k. winners and losers. He just happens to be a loser
  21. If labour had still been in power then the snow would have all been cleared from all the roads and all airports would be working normally. Thats if you believe the shadow transport minister. You have to admire her gross stupidity
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