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  1. Dudlety has a population of around 200,000 with a general mix of housing.
  2. Dudley Council to give free advice to people in danger of losing their homes. Its a good job its free http://www.birminghammail.net/news/black-country/black-country-news/2011/01/13/dudley-plan-to-deal-with-mortgage-eviction-problems-97319-27976644/ Not looking too good in Lenny Henry's home town . Will it get worse or better. I think it will get worse. A lot worse
  3. But we are looking at a coalition government and a labour opposition at the moment. How on earth can you attempt to di-sect the coalition government in a breakdown of the votes ? I would suggest the coalition is actually stronger this morning
  4. Don't quite follow the logic here. Surely the coalition got more votes than the labour party ? Labour: 14,718 (42.1%)<LI>Lib Dems: 11,160 (31.9%)<LI>Conservatives: 4,481 (12.8%) <LI>UKIP: 2,029 (5.8%)<LI>BNP: 1,560 (4.5%) Labour 14718 votes Coalition 15641 votes That is a massive vote of confidence for the government in a traditional northern labour stronghold
  5. Are you saying that this will be a direct result of shedding 2000 council posts in manchester ?
  6. some are. It depends on the investment expertise of the council treasurers. Prior to 2007 some funds were doing very well. When the markets dived so did the funds. Its the non contributory schemes that have the big black holes. Most council schemes are contributory and to a greater extent are self funding. Not all local authority schemes have a fund as such
  7. I think they are part of a pension consortium under the umbrella of the GMC pension fund. Most local authorities carry a small pension deficit at the moment
  8. The figure is arrived at by agreement with the Manchester labour councillors who hold the posts of cabinet members and chairmen on the city council. Councillors just love spending other peoples money. It makes them feel important.
  9. I dont think it all came about by design. Councils have just tried to outdo each other over the years regarding service provision. when the ten year old metropolitan authorities were abolished in 1984 thousands were made redundant and services transferred to local authorities. The local authorities had the cash to build on those services and departments just got bigger and better. In the late 80s most local authority departments had grown so big that accomodation for all the staff was the main problem. Departments started to move into their own buildings at additional cost. no one really cared about value for money. Any shortfall was made up by government funding and an increase in council tax. I would love to see full employment with good earnings and job satisfaction for all but now the money has run out the public sector needs to adopt the working practice of the private sector. . It will be very painful for all those who lose their jobs. Are we prepared or able to pay 4 times the amount of council tax to keep things as they are now ? Thats the bottom line really.
  10. Birmingham Council is even more out of control. Sack all council workers and start again from a clean sheet http://www.birminghammail.net/news/top-stories/2011/01/12/outcry-as-birmingham-binmen-paid-45-000-each-97319-27970868/ No wonder the managers are overpaid
  11. I agree. Since 1980 councils have recruited without any thought of cost. All departments have been encouraged to built up their empires. Since 1980 not one local government agency has improved its performance. Like most public organisations two out of three employees are there to service the needs of the third employee and not to improve actual service delivery. I worked as an officer of the council for many years. i can assure you that you could get rid of at least 50% of employees and actually make service delivery better and sharper. Manchester council could dispose of 6000 jobs without any effect on services whatsoever. 2000 is just a token gesture
  12. I have a great local library. Always busy . Pop in most days. The Isle of Wight Council is about to close it for good next month to save money. If the council decide to tax holiday and second homes they could raise £5 million each year. Most of the councillors own such properties so they will prefer to shut down all the local amenties instead. Thats democracy
  13. So am I. She is quite delightful in all aspects ( we need a smiley with a tongue hanging out)
  14. there is no problem with rising house prices. The problem is that wages need to rise at the same level. Thats the problem. The average wage should now be around £60K
  15. Trust me. You can knock at least 30% off those asking prices. Have a look in at the local auctions. you will be really suprised what you can get for your money in Birmingham inner ring. It really is a buyers market
  16. Same here. Lived in the same 3 bed detached house since 1994. Replaced kitchen a couple of years ago from B&Q sale and ebay for £500. Maintain 1988 gas boiler with parts off ebay. (£50). Biggest expence has been replacing the 30 fencing panels and posts over the years (£600)
  17. Friends lives in barratts timber framed four storey block. The block is one year old. You can hear everyone walking above you and the washing machine upstairs sounds as if the ceiling is about to come down . All the flloors have dropped 12mm from the skirting but perhaps its just Barratts construction
  18. retired at 47 with a million pound pot index linked. Pays out £50K before tax. Not great but better than some i suppose. Had I been able to carry on working would be earning around £150k today so lost out big time. Shite happens. So much for no qualifications and leaving school at 14
  19. 37 for FTB is not bad. In the past people started work at 14 today its 24. In the past people got married at 20 today its 30. In the past people became FTB at 27 today its 37. In the past people lived till they were 70 today its 80. Today people develop and mature more slowly than in the past . Its called progress (i think)
  20. Its not about having a downer on second home owners its about justice. They should be made to pay additional tax to offset the damage they do to local communities. Think of it as community service rather than an ASBO.
  21. Pensioners , believe it or not, are a natural part of a community. Second home owners are not. They are cuckoos who kick the youngsters out of the nest. That is why there is now an imbalance . Spain is different. Homes are built specifically for second home owners. They do not buy up the old existing stock from the locals. It would be the same if existing property was bought up by overseas buyers and not replaced with new builds. There is one price for locals and another for overseas buyers. Second home owners money is an addition to the local spanish economy not a poor replacement. It would be great in the UK if a new dwelling was required to be built in the same area for every dwelling sold as a second home to maintain a balance within the community.
  22. goodness knows why. Developers are giving sweeteners somewhere along the line. No affordable housing or extra road or community infrastructure is required in these type of developments so profits can be maximised. large estates of such holiday homes are all empty. Places such as Island Harbour on the Medina river are a disaster. £450K (now £250k) houses that no one buys or wants. Unable to rent them out to local families because of occupancy restrictions and poor facilities. Prospective second home buyers do not want them because holiday home restrictions make them a bad investment compared to traditional village and sea side properties. The only upside is that the mainland developers always end up bankrupt. Unfortunately they take a lot of local small suppliers with them
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