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  1. Rents need to be falling in line with house prices in the area that you rent. Tenants would have to be mad to pay any increase in actual rent at the moment. give notice to quit and find somewhere cheaper. These greedy landlords need to be taught a lesson . Its a renters market now.
  2. I agree. Nature allows us all a brief spell on the planet. We are all insignificant to nature. Nature determines every thing. It is impossible to control nature in any shape or form
  3. No idea, but the reactors would be on site and the site would be about twelve square kilometres
  4. That really was a major explosion . To get some perspective those dynamo rooms (The square buildings) along side the reactor are at least 100metres high. There would have been a loss of life at the plant from the blast.
  5. Perhaps you should consider watching BBC news 24 for main coverage on this subject
  6. I agree. Three years ago I posted on this site that I would buy a one bed at the Mailbox to use as a bolthole when the prices dropped to around £80K. I doubt I would consider it now even if they drop to £60k. Same goes for the Rotunda
  7. Thats what my mate was also paying for a two bed in the Mailbox (£3800). i believe there is a a ceiling for the service charge though. i think a service charge in excess of £1500 is too much even for a draughty hole like the Mailbox
  8. Service charges at the Mailbox are actually in the range of £3k-£4K per annum. These flats were selling at auction 2 years ago for £140K so the guide price of £200k plus is being a bit silly
  9. Think about buying 15 minutes across the water on the Isle of Wight. Thousands of properties for sale with prices continuing to fall and thousands of marina berths empty and available at 50% the annual fee of Lymington
  10. Its been very quiet for a saturday but I suppose its only the middle of february so not too much disposable cash floating around. PC world, Currys, B&Q all totally empty today. Large numbers of staff just standing around not sure quite what to do in the empty store. I only popped in to see if the £30 item that I just bought on Ebay for 1p was still in stock . Yes it was. Happy that I had saved £29.99. I moved on to the next store to price up another item on my Ebay watch list prior to making another silly bid. The economy where I am standing is fine thank you.
  11. Around six years ago the total build cost of a barratts three bed with garage was £41K . It was traditional build and the price covered all site costs. I was talking to a well known local developer yesterday building next door to a new David Wilson (Barratts) estate that has just started. He said that the build cost per house unit was now only £26K which included all the land and infrastructure. Yes thats right, £26K . The costs have dropped dramatically because its all timber framed building Systems. I spoke with him for around 15 minutes. In that time all the timber roof frames of one house and been craned up and fitted in place as we watched. This week over six houses have been constructed by a handfull of operatives. Prices start at £199K. Thats a tidy profit of £173K for each rabbit hutch. Barratts are already in the rented sector. Most affordable housing built as part of the requirement of any development are only leased by Barratts to housing associations for a 40 year period . 40 years is the anticipated life of a new barrattls house so it all works out nicely . Housng associations and Barratts seem happy with this arrangement
  12. This happened to me in december 1983. I went and asked the vendor if an offer had just been made on their property has I had been informed by the EA. They said it was news to them. I would have offered £4K more than it sold for. It was eventually was sold to a relative of the estate agent .
  13. I agree that the days of the bloated public sector are rightly drawing to a close. We have indeed priced ourselves out of the old markets. Some of that was being unable to compete against slave labour rates in the far east. some of it was the greed of shareholders in the city. I well remember GKN in Smethwick causing a strike on purpose in 1978 . Arrangements had already been made to ship out all the machinery using Pickfords heavy lifting. The huge machines were quietly moved away each morning at 0300 under the cover of darkness down to Southampton docks . They were shipped out to the far east. It turned out that they could not import the raw material to make quality screws as cheaply as making them abroad and shipping the finished (inferior) screws back here. It was all orchestrated in order to maximise dividends to shareholders. Greed killed the golden goose
  14. I think the problem is that if people could not get credit the cost of every large ticket item would have to fall .
  15. I never meant the council jobs were highly skilled It was the engineering and manufacturing jobs that were highly skilled. Those jobs have now gone. For good
  16. They went mad on job recruitment from 1974, then went crazy on recruitment from 1984. What we are now seeing is the start of a correction in numbers. Work is very short in Birmingham now that most of the traditional manfacturing and engineering joibs have moved abroad. A massive pool of highly skilled talent has been dumped on the scrapheap. The country is about to pay the price of this folly with financial disaster looming. Dark days ahead
  17. Right. Lets get this straight. 7000 jobs to go over the next three years. 2450 to go next financial year. 1807 staff cut last year. 26000 staff (non teaching) .at the moment.. 3000 teaching and support staff to be placed on a different payroll. Some jobs to be hired in from the private and voluntary sector. http://www.birminghammail.net/news/birmingham-news/2011/02/12/birmingham-city-council-redundancies-private-and-voluntary-sector-to-provide-more-services-97319-28159067/ I think that there is plenty of room for even more cuts at Birmingham Council. Talk about dragging it out
  18. I don't fink so. They would be unable to find 50000 who can actually speak english in Birmingham. I think you will find that "only" 18000 are paid by the council
  19. It must be considered a non job because only one local council in the UK has one. This is an advisory role for the local health centre not the council. This post would neede to be on a one to one around the clock to be of the slightest use.
  20. I would do that job for £3k a year. Its all I can afford
  21. He enjoys it. The SWP obtain a number of tickets for QT . Its the third QT audience he has been in during the last two years. He is so far left he is almost extreme right.
  22. Your stupid enough to be in the audience then. The boos are coming from members of the SWP. My brother is a paid up member of the SWP and is in the Bristol audience fourth row back. Its orchestrated mate. Sorry to ***** your bubble
  23. My sister and her husband were both NCO's attached to the SAS during the late sixties/early seventies. They were always posted abroad together as a team attached to British embassies all around the world. Both their kids remained in the UK at boarding school at the taxpayers expence. The education they had was second to none. Not allowed to say what one of them does today but the other one is head of one of the largest australian banks. Not a bad outcome for two working class kids. However, it came at the price of a dysfunctional family life.
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