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  1. Could we refer to "Community leaders" as " Ghetto spokespersons" please ? This is a more accurate title description
  2. The people of Birmingham would disagree with you. Far more emphasis was placed on the London bombings. West Midlands Police even closed the case in 1995. It is the only murder case in british history that has been officially closed without being solved.
  3. It took 25 years for the victims to be marked with a small plaque over a mile away from the scene so that it did not cause offence to the irish in the city . In London each victim was marked by an individual memorial. Out of interest what do you mean by "changing history" ?
  4. Having lived in Salford for many years that would not surprise me in the least.
  5. The only reason this is news is because it kicked off in London. The riots in Lozells, Birmingham in 1985 destroyed more property by fire and looting than London, Birmingham and Manchester put together this time. People were also burnt to death in Lozells. Just like the Birmingham Pub Bombings in 1974 when 21 died and 200 were injured it never really mattered because it was not the capital. What we are seing today in London is just political trivia to highlight the problems caused by darkies.. Grow up and get over it.
  6. Thats exactly what the labour government did in 1974 following the birmingham pub bombings with the terrorism bill
  7. Never quite sure why the traders look so shocked. Surely they must be the ones that are selling to cause the markets to drop. Or is the selling done by someone other than traders
  8. that Its difficult to say. As a boomer i was never in a school class of less than 44. I still have some pals left that I went to school with from the age of 5. Not many though. At the age of eleven I went to an all boys school in the middle of a vast council estate. Out of the 45 boys I left school with only 16 made it to their 65th birthday. We all still keep in touch and take bets on who will survive the longest. My money is on me. Most of those lads worked the best part of fifty years and never got a state pension of £100 a week. I really hope that once you get a job and work 50 years that some money will still be in the pot to pay a pension. Meanwhile, if you shave yours legs and put a £1 on the table I am quite prepared to give you a good seeing to . it might just take a bit longer than it used to though. On behalf of the 45 boys in my class I am truly sorry that we ripped you off. Lesson learned
  9. your generation brought those requirements in young lady. When you have worked 51 years down a coal mine I will hang on your every word. when you actually get a job I will bow down to you.
  10. or the old and ancient women in their twenties. One once offered me a £1 to give her a good seeing to. Never worked so hard for a quid
  11. [quote name=Oh Well ' timestamp='1311869782' post='3068371] I have a second property in Cornwall. When the council tax was 50% I didn't mind paying it. We don't use the education or social services, hardly have any rubbish etc etc. The council was on to a good thing. When the greedy bstards put it up to 90% I registered the property as a business. I get small business rate relief so now only pay half again! This is actually less than I paid in the first place! The morons who invent all these complicated rules always **** something But you put nothing in to the community. If you don't live there the post office, village shop, primary school, local bus all cease to function and shut down. If you paid 200% tax on the property it could subsidise these services. You are killing the very thing that attracted you to cornwall in the first place
  12. The greatest days of your life. A weekly pay packet with a few bob in it and all the young chicks you could handle. What could be better
  13. I had to wait until I was 65 for my state pension Charlie . Use that as pocket money to run a high performance car. Never been so well off. Would swop it all to be 14 and poor again though.
  14. I left school at 14. it was three weeks before my 15th birthday. At the age of 18 I was a man in charge of other men. I ended up in charge of thousands of other men. Whats the problem ?
  15. If we are now talking net we are only looking at £1350 a week. Not enough for cashews
  16. You may find that over £100k a year is approx £2000 a week .........large peanuts
  17. Good old Vince Cable was right again and well ahead of the pack ,as usual. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Article/201009115863267
  18. Biggest strike for 100 years ? What on earth happened in 1911 then ? I retired from the public sector in 1992. 19 years later my post is now done by three highly paid men (£80k each) and four support staff. I pop in and see them on occasions. There has never been an increase in the workload since I left. That is how the public sector has grown in the last 19 years. I am all for giving people employment in the public sector but we just need a correction back to affordable and realistic levels. The winter of discontent proved that there is no such thing as an essential worker. These strikes will go nowhere.
  19. Bought private a really nice black 2004 Jaguar x350 XJR six weeks ago for £7400 with twelve months tax and mot, full main dealer service history, recent service and nearly new tyres. Just done 2500k in it and overall 26 mpg. 400bhp from the 4.2 supercharged V8 makes it very responsive. All alloy body with every single extra possible including three televisions . Original cost £72k so thats a loss of £64,600 for somebody . Yep, used car prices are really down
  20. Its might be because the cases are being brought by the leading lending instituitions rather than individuals. The lenders are getting twitchy over big falls in property prices
  21. but the UK is winning the race to the bottom. Must be the olympic spirit
  22. The report in the mail is rubbish. No one knows the position with ownership of second homes at the moment. That will change once the recent census forms are collated. For the first time they have required information on second homes. Figures on BTL are even more vague I wish they would tax second homes in the UK out of existence personally
  23. Its been very obvious since this morning. I did point the obvious out in post 1752 of this thread. I would now urge all HPC posters who are still in the area advising the authorities and posting on this thread with their gems of wisdom to catch the next bus out
  24. I think the message is slowly sinking in. When the Japanese Emperor goes on the tv and says that he is worried about the situation its time to be very worried about the situation http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-12755739
  25. A typical landlords mentality. Dont give a decent reference unless the tenant is totally compliant even if the tenant is acting within his rights. Its called blackmail. . 4% is an outlandish increase at the moment. i suggest witholding the rent and squatting for the next twelve months before moving on . Most posters on this site would provide you with a reference
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