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  1. Had to help out organizing my farther-in-laws funeral this time last year. Couldn't believe what grubby money-grabbing barstewards the funeral directing company were. Utterly disgusting. (PM me if you want to know who NOT to use in the Salisbury/Wilton area :( )

    We were so incensed it actually motivated us into discussing what we want to happen when me or my spouse goes and, having looked into the legal situation, we have agreed that we are just going to be wrapped in a big sheet and buried in our own woodland without any involvement from a funeral director (will need to hire a mini-digger though). This is entirely legal as long as the burial site is far enough away from a water course and clearly identified on a map to the registrar. Total cost: half a days mini-digger hire and one good quality sheet.Sorted.

    seems a waste of a good quality sheet. Buy some old curtains from a charity shop

  2. that was something to do with the fact that the normal working nobs werent allowed to have a mortgage.

    Inflation came with the financialisation of the market...and really blasted off when safety of lending became safety of the bonus cheque.

    That's when people knew their place and were happy with their lot. Today people aspire to own a property but are not prepared to pay much for it. What on earth is the attraction ? In the fifties a few lowly paid white collar workers would virtually live from hand to mouth all their lives in order to say they were buying a house. Kippers and curtains are what the renters called them.

  3. But we didn't start to get house price inflation till the 1960's. Really took off in the early 70's (after Nixon came off gold convertibility for the dollar in 1971).

    Good god. That was a blast from the past. I thought it was only me that remembered that . It was the last time life seemed normal in the UK

  4. Its alright for you youngsters. Us oldies are expected to manage on £200 winter fuel allowance. What a joke. It just about pays for a tank full of petrol for my Jaguar XJR 4.2 supercharged 400bhp chariot . It should be increased to £300 so that I can also fill up the tank on my 4.2 supercharged land cruiser. What's the problem ? 90% ends back up at the treasury through fuel taxation and vat. Its a win win situation.:rolleyes:

  5. Would the people here complaining about 'Johnny Foreigner' coming to the UK be happy to have their movement restricted to just the UK?

    Would they be happy to be denied the opportunity to freely live and work in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland,

    Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden?

    Another thing:

    If the UK is so great that everyone wants to come here and claim benefits whilst sitting on their asses doing nothing, why haven't the Greeks relocated? How about the unemployed Spanish Youth? The unemployed Irish? The truth is they are better off staying well away from the UK.

    I think most here are falling for the propaganda pushed out by the media claiming the UK benefits and living conditions are great, when they are actually some of the worst in Europe. If people opened their eyes and looked around at the other European countries they may realize the truth.

    + 10 Why on earth would any European want to come over to this sh**hole ?

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