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  1. People who vote Labour know what they are going to get - big debts and a bankrupt system - it's been the same since the second Labour government collapsed in 1931 (see my signature).
  2. This doesn't seem to take into account legacy debt i.e. the £780 billion we already owe.
  3. I just read that and got a nauseous feeling of being back in a first year economics lecture with a hangover!
  4. Expect more raids on the evil motorist - more speed cameras higher fines. Then the roads will end up as empty as the pubs and sales of petrol (major source of tax revenue) will decline rapidly.
  5. Are we sure this is a good thing? Being 'upgraded' to overweight isn't something people usually celebrate.
  6. It wouldn't be able to keep up with the speed at which Gordon Brown is spending it.
  7. Brown knows the next election is lost and has decided to make the job of the next government as difficult as possible. He seems to have adopted the same kind of disturbed thinking that Adolf Hitler adopted towards the end of the war.
  8. Physical goods are wealth, money is just a means of exchange. Increasing the amount of money in the economy does nothing except make goods more expensive. The only way out is to produce more goods!
  9. Why all the interest in the RPI all of a sudden? Gordon's been telling us for 6 years that it's the CPI that counts.
  10. If banks used the accounting methods of other companies, yes banks would be insolvent. The Bank of England, for example, was founded in 1694 and was technically insolvent by 1696. However, this report means that even using bank accounting methods, they are totally insolvent.
  11. “China and the U.S. have a symbiotic relationship,” said Win Thin, a senior currency strategist in New York at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. I think he meant parasitic!
  12. It's hard to see how they can stay down now that many lenders are having their credit ratings downgraded.
  13. I've not heard anyone in the US mention that prices of everyday items are falling. This may simply be a fudge like our RPI - i.e. VAT cuts and IR cuts being a contributing factor to its recent fall.
  14. Actually it looks like 50p houses are already here again! http://www.bbc.co.uk/suffolk/content/artic...e_feature.shtml
  15. It's not quite like 1995 when houses were selling for 50p in the North East - some of them are worth at least 10 times that amount now!
  16. It's quite simple the £ was oversold and very cheap. Demand for the £ increased and so did the price- and that's all there is to it!
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