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  1. Fantastic! Falling wages and rapidly rising prices through QE - what a combination!
  2. Not so much a question of ownership, but more who sets the agenda - the clues are in this group: 'He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. He also attended the annual invitation-only conferences of the Bilderberg Group in 1991, 2003, 2006 and 2007'.
  3. Here are two: www.bigsalariesfortheinept.gov.uk www.jobsforleaches.gov.uk
  4. This is getting very frightening, food is flying up in price. Guitars, camera equipment, projectors and other AV equipment have seen prices increase from £699 to £899 and from £899 to £1199 since last month. I've never seen this happen before - and I fear this is just the start. Can someone please stop these lunatics before they ruin all of us???
  5. Worst of the recession may be over for Britain, says OECD Sorry, can't speak for laughing!
  6. There are already plans in place to reduce the numbers of people teaching in further and higher education. Schools will be next on the list followed by the health service. Environmental funding was one of the first areas to be pulled as I found to my detriment last year.
  7. It is working, everything I look at is flying up in price. A projector that I was looking at has gone from £899 to £1199 since last month - this is just one example.
  8. True, when I left Uni in 1997 only a select few would go on to study for a Master's degree, now every sod has an MSc - even me. If I were studying for a Ph.D I would definitely sit it out if I was being paid to do one, the job market is worse than it's been in decades - I should know I start back at work again next week after spending most of this year on the dole after being made redundant from a half-decent job. My advice to anyone in education who wants to quit is to look for jobs apply for them (what few their are) and if you get a decent one then quit - don't for god's sake quit and then look for a job.
  9. Why is it that everyone apart from the BBC realises that goods are wealth and money is just a means of exchange; printing more money simply means that goods become more expensive, people buy less, firms suffer and lay off staff and people buy even less again!
  10. Why is everyone on this site so down on the Nazis? Underneath those hard exteriors they were just peace loving hippies! Otherwise how do you explain this design of theirs?
  11. Mr Brown has already begun to make the necessary arrangements! Photo from earlier this week.
  12. No doubt a few US warships will be sent to the South China Sea
  13. Taking Darling's budget statements as an example - the numbers stood up to scrutiny for less than two minutes and were proved to be completely wrong within two days when the UK's growth (collapse) figures were published.
  14. Looks like your letter has been answered by an administrator who has just given you a stock answer based on Wikipedia.
  15. I never really understood how they could ever sustain a business model which sometimes placed shops just yards apart. This works for bars because you will go in one place and have a drink, then leave and drink next door - most normal people don't do that with coffee, however.
  16. But neither responses really tackle the issue of risk management. Risk management is applying an appropriate response to the size of risk, in other words don't get hysterical over something if the risk is small but don't completely ignore it either. It's rather like calculating the risk of you being run over tomorrow (probably actually quite high statistically) and deciding that it's better not to leave the house.
  17. Private school is now solely the preserve of the rich. It costs in real terms far more than it did during the last recession, plus there were assisted places available for those kids whose parents didn't earn so much. Then Labour came into power and said we can't have poor kids going to private schools so we'll get rid of all assisted places and in the mean time completely ruin the already dilapidated state education system.
  18. Forget the nuclear threat, the Chinese must be filling their pants at the thought of US zombie banks full of toxic debt!
  19. Hmmm something tells me someone is having a laugh with names like Tacky Jacquie Smith and Endo Boombust!
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