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  1. Erm......isn't that the system that has been in place for the best part of 30 years under capital adequacy requirements? Oh yes I remember now, they lent more than they should have done, then when they should have been declared bankrupt the government bailed them out. So there's no incentive anyway!
  2. I've just watched 10 minutes based upon your description expecting something exciting. And what I got was something very dull - I thought I'd developed narcolepsy in the first 5 minutes!
  3. I agree. I know people who have got the equivalent of £26k doing post doc work, i.e. 20k bursary, but I've not heard of anyone receiving this much for a PhD - usually more like around £10k-£14k bursary.
  4. No, if a government pays a company to do work the employees are government contractors. At the end of the day the economic system is a big game with rules played internationally with pointless metrics. The problem is that the public sector simply recycles the county's wealth and does not add anything to these metrics.
  5. Have you seen Northern Rock's recent performance? It's just gone from bankrupt to even more bankrupt!
  6. Nobody said we don't need them, just that if they are employed by the public sector rather than the private sector (as are some teachers and doctors) they are not economically productive. This government is presently pursuing a policy of employing people in the public sector (often on higher wages than the private sector)by borrowing money in the hopes that at some time in the future the private sector will have grown to a large enough extent to pay off any excess debt accumulated now. The consequences of this policy will prove disastrous in the medium term!
  7. Yep, take a ride on the public sector gravy train and let everyone else do the productive jobs on half the wages!
  8. His greatest revelation since his blog revealing that bears do indeed sh!t in the woods!
  9. I would say more like like the Mississippi scheme where a Scottish lunatic got a whole nation (France) to buy into his giant ponzi scheme, then when the plan started to collapse he (John Law) decided to print lots of money to put everything right again - which was unfortunately an unmitigated disaster. Or perhaps the Darien Scheme where a Scottish lunatic (William Patterson) decide to get a whole nation to invest in his giant ponzi scheme which led to almost bankruptcy of the nation (Scotland).
  10. Sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat after dreaming about being trapped in Northampton!
  11. If he were sentenced in the UK, by the time they'd taken into consideration time served, discounts for pleading guilty and good behaviour he'd be out by Christmas!
  12. Maybe they should consider running a 2 for 1 to bring the punters in!
  13. Hmmmmm.............I'm pretty sure his son's not going to be happy when he sees what Daddy's done to his car because the gubmint made him real mad!
  14. As pointless as asking people whether shitting where you eat is a good idea or bad!
  15. I wouldn't see any child go without food - not while there are chimneys to sweep and shoes to shine anyway!
  16. That was yesterday's news - my mate's pretty sure he's seen him alive and well working on the bins in Wigan!
  17. Everyone else heard, it's just that the government took no bloody notice.
  18. On the positive side your 'depression' will now allow you to ride the gravy train of sickness benefit for all it is worth!
  19. Yes, all the economists round the world are agreed that it's the right thing to do!
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