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  1. They've got you covered there as well! http://www.amazon.com/Earth-Global-Warming...k/dp/159486781X http://www.global-elite.org/node/690
  2. There's a very real chance that bond yields will rise significantly at some point in the near future.
  3. £400.000,000 here, £5000,000,000 there for ID cards - and tax revenues that are falling and already no where close to covering Labour's spending. I think its can only be a matter of month's before the UK has its credit rating downgraded thanks to that bunch of [email protected] in government
  4. Santander today, the UK tomorrow the way that [email protected] Brown is going!
  5. They always seemed like the worlds worst negotiators - usually conversations went like this: PHIL: So you've looked around three houses, which one have you decided to go for? SUCKERS: Well we really like the cottage in Aylesbury. So we'd like to put in an offer at £15,000 below asking price. PHIL: OK I'll ring the agent. Phil picks up mobile and rings the agent PHIL: Hi Steve, I'm with the couple now and they love the property and are really, really desperate to buy it and would chew off their arms and legs to have it........but they want to offer below asking price. Here's a tip Phil - sometimes indifference can be the greatest tool in the negotiators box!
  6. Keynes was right if the Western world had spent more time spending instead of being frugal and saving over the past 15 years then we wouldn't be in this mess today...........oh no..........erm.............
  7. To put it in perspective, that incompetent one-eyed Scot has borrowed about as much over the past 12 years as every administration put together for the previous 300 years - i.e. including WWI, WWII, Napoleonic wars and recessions.
  8. Yup, she's already holding her head in the right position!
  9. Tis true! The bankers are back to earning big bonuses just like the old days, so everything is back to normal!
  10. Or join the army and die and 18 fighting a campaign to line the pockets of the rich!
  11. I went off her when she never responded to my letter asking her to ride a rocking horse!
  12. History shows us that at times at times of economic instability it is good to find a scapegoat - the weather and disease are usually top of the list. So for example if you were expecting a period of bad economic news. you could find a generally insignificant virus and blow its effects out of all proportions, then worry people some more with tales of bad weather and ruined harvests. At least that's what they used to do in centuries past!
  13. I hope one day to become the president of a united Europe. My first decree shall be to force all French citizens to wash at least once a day and use soap (or soap substitute).
  14. It's true unfortunately. What he's saying is that any robust audit would expose the US for the bankrupt nation that it is - this would have an immediate effect on the county's credit rating and consequently bond yields!
  15. Thank God the recession's over otherwise we would be neck deep in poo!
  16. I find the leaves at the bottom of my tea cup provide a more useful indication of which way this economy is moving!
  17. Clearly I am the only one who has seen my petrol pump price rise recently along with all the items I buy in shops - admittedly increases seem to have eased somewhat over the last 2 months but I certainly expect inflation to really take off in a significant way towards the end of the year. There is NO evidence of deflation whatsoever in retail prices!
  18. The accepted rule of thumb is that changes in interest rates take approximately 18 months to work through the system, so it will be August this year before we see the results of the 0.5 cut in February last year. We then still have to feel the effects of 4.75% interest rate cuts and then the effects of QE will kick in sometime mid 2010! It's a bit like pouring water down a mountain with your mate standing at the coast complaining that he can't see the water when you pour it, so you add more, and then some more..........and some more again until it arrives in one powerful torrent flooding the coastline!
  19. Has he bought a domestic property to convert? Is he mad? Has he actually looked at how much hotel you get for the price of a pokey house?
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