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  1. nice try. But how do you pay for people born with long-term conditions? How do you fund A/E and critical care? What about if you are in a RTA, does the ambulance driver shout over to you "where to mate?" The model you describe works for some services, but not all and the trick is, identifying what the costs are to strip out of the NHS, which, when many trusts cross-subsidise their fixed costs across a range of services, aint easy.
  2. didn't get a reply to this one. I'm wondering how you secured the reduction on rent - I could do with doing the same tbf
  3. fair play. Perhaps my simple mind didn't understand your point.
  4. I bet there are a few hundred people in the UK right now, with IOs that are gonna get a huge shock in 25 years time when the "bill" comes through the door. "er love, best cancel that range-rover - you know we thought we'd just made our last mortgage payment? Well the bank says ere that we stiill owe them £250k"
  5. Agree. THe fact is, you can switch to an IO with one phonecall and possibly a form to fill in and you "save" £'00s a month, whereas to rent, it is selling, looking for a new place, packing up, moving etc, it just isn't practical, expecially when money is tight. Which is another oft-forgotten problem with renting "we have the flexibility to move which mortgaged owners don't have" - well from my experience, moving house sucks richard in a big way, renting or buying, not for me thanks.
  6. That's amazing mate. I've never heard of someone offering only 70% of their rent and the landlord agreeing to it. Well done sir! Was that done recently? If so, how did you get him/her to agree?
  7. dude, I say what I see. I see a lot of people in London renting. During the crunch and even more now, there was a lot of demand for rental properties, so a vibrant market from LLs keeping the sales ticking over. What I see much more of these days is houses and flats for sale (at 2007 prices) and now I see people buying these houses with 90% mortgages. 2 lots of demand on one lump of housing stock. only another credit crunch or severe reduction in the rental market is going to change that IMO. Are you seriously telling me that current prices are caused entirely by foreign investment due to devalued pound?
  8. my thought processes are very simple. Aren't yours simple too? - i.e. aren't you saying that it is all driven from non-UK residential demand (i.e. foreign investment / sales)? Nowt wrong with being simple!
  9. Explain why prices in London continue to be above 2007 levels then.
  10. Generally price is a function of supply v demand. For house prices to get lower, supply needs to outstrip demand. In London, demand outstrips supply, so that increases the value of houses. However, whilst people are struggling to get mortgages, one could argue that demand will soon drop in the retail market. HOWEVER, the steady stream of migrant workers in London, all looking for rentals leads to a very vibrant rental market, so people can therefore rent out their houses rather than sell, or sell to LLs - so there is another (upward) force on the price of houses. In short, not many people need to sell houses in London, if they do, they either sell to retail, or sell to BTL / LLs, so there are more people chasing the sales - keeping the prices up. Its not all about retail demand. The market is London has a limited supply and loads of demand, whichever way you cut it.
  11. Wouldn't say they are all stupid, I bet loads of them are, but don't forget, IO offers people with mortgages the flexibility to reduce mortgage payments for whatever reason (either to put capital repayment money into another investment vehicle, or, [more likely at the moment], to release some pressure on the otherwise already overstretched finances) sure, it is barmy to do it for extended periods, and with IR being low, you can argue that it is silly to do this at the moment, but try doing that approach with your landlord when times are tough "soz mate, can I pay 70% of my rent for a year cos I am having trouble paying"] What would be really unfortunate for some, would be if people are IO because they have MEWed to the max and have nowhere else to go!
  12. 100% agree. Definitely get the "pret a habite" one - victorian will be better built, probably warmer and the clincher is the bigger garden and fact you spend more time with the kids in the bigger garden. Don't know about you, but I have 101 jobs round the house that I keep meaning to do, but never do. there is always a more urgent thing to spend money on than fixing the floor (esp if just cosmetic). Just check the victorian one for damp and check it has been rewired in last 30 years! (often the downstairs has, but the upstairs has not) good luck!
  13. I would rather own my own home. I know that prices are crazy and, for the same money pcm, you can rent a much nicer house than the one you could afford through mortgage, there is a very different feeling you get from sitting in your "own" home and one you "rent." Take my parents for example, they dilligently spent their working life paying the bills etc (including the mortgage), but now one of them has retired, they have paid off the mortgage and their outgoings are just the gas bill and council tax. They can relax and enjoy their retirement, knowing the job is done. mortgage vs rent. I like the satisfaction that the mortgage will be one day paid and each month takes you a step closer, whereas with rent, someone else is directly getting richer every month you make a payment. Add in the fact we have been absolutley stuffed in the past by landlords chasing an extra buck, we'd much rather have the stability (appropriately) mortgaged 'ownership' brings. Just my view, aint saying it is the view everyone should have or share, but that's my take on the question
  14. It must be hard for FTB - you've saved a deposit of £30k, the prices of houses momentarily crash to almost top-end of realistic, but then you can't get a mortgage.... Let's not forget, the price of everything else is going up, so the "disposable" part of the income is being squashed meaning less is available to be saved away and also, the affordability ratio that the banks impose now means many FTBs cannot technically "afford" the mortgage. Prices will keep going up (I'm talking London here) because immigrants need rentals and those who have houses can rent them out rather than sell.
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