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  1. These are LR figures and trail the approval figures used by Halifax and NW and the asking prices reported by RM. If you cast your mind backs a few months this merely reflects the Halifax and NW figures back in March and April. Of more import are the leading indicators from Halifax and NW. I would expect the next couple of months to reflect a slowdown as reported previously by Halifax and NW.
  2. Most houses in the area I live in (West London) are in need of a major overhaul and a complete gutting. On a cost per sq ft basis houses are going for more than flats in this area. Forget a garden most flats have balconies that are larger. I appreciate that this may not be the case outside of London but within London flats are often a better buy.
  3. Europa, I have told you before to stop all this bs and I am not telling you again. Obviously you are starting to feel twitchy with your mistake to buy at the peak last year. Looking at the figures for London the price increases are concentarted in the outer suburbs i.e. greater London. Prices in the nice areas are already falling.
  4. You bulls are missing the point. House prices are being driven by available credit. It has very little to do with anything else. This is why hpi is a global phenomenom. It looks like the credit markets are starting to turn as we speak. You will soon see all those arguments about why house prices have been going up disappear. Only one thing matters and that is availability of credit.
  5. Okay Europa, that is one side of the equation. Surely you are making the same mistake as RB by ignoring the other side. All in all most commentators would say thay the risks are on the upside. Everybody knows the supply has increased in the past few months so it is a little strange to be arguing that it hasn't. With regards to the Foxtons quote I believe that was from many months ago. As a journalist you should be able to present a balanced argument but have so far failed. Isn't it time you came clean.
  6. Europa you are such an a*se. If you want to argue your case start by presenting some facts.
  7. Chiswick W4 is awash with properties. For sale signs are now littering the streets. The reported continuing London increases are now confined to the outer burbs such as Bromley. Central and inner burbs went dead about 8 weeks ago. The only thing hot is the asking prices.
  8. The average salary in London is about 36k. House prices are already priced accordingly. London will burn with the rest of the country.
  9. I think you should be calculating your yield on current market value rather than what you paid for it which is what your figues suggest. Using current market value on my flat in W4 the yield comes out to about 4% take off fees and voids etc leaves about 3.5%. This is typical for W4.
  10. Totally agree. He is a complete disgrace. What's more he is inconsistant as well. Both of the points you made he has also made in previous articles. I think he must be a 'neither' as he keeps changing course or perhaps he spends a lot of time in the local boozer as his output is hardly impressive.
  11. That's right it has the lowest rental yields in the country. London is due a massive correction.
  12. It's the same in Chiswick, home of the aspiring media types and investment bankers. Foxtons empty the past three times I was in the vicinity. Talking to my neighbour who has friends trying to sell, one a house on market for 800k one offer three weeks ago from an asian newscaster on the bbc for 770k, offer refused, went back a few days ago to accept offer now removed, no other offers forthcoming. This is in a market where only two months ago every house attracted multiple bids over asking. Flat in my development on at 650k no offers.
  13. and as the average first ftb is 8 years older how old are they going to be when they can afford to trade up from a 1 bed flat and in 1990 miras gave tax relief on interest and in 1990 many banks and insurance companies gave employees 3 pc mortgages and with low inflation trading up is a non starter for many years and etc
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