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  1. Ah Wootton, nice place, great for the kids, I lived there from 95 to 99, bought a 4 bed (Bryant) at 103k sold at 135k.... now valued at 250k Most people were in negative equity still or just climbing out of it when I moved there... I on the other hand had saved a 20k deposit. Good luck!
  2. Wow Quokka, does that mean you are near Whitfords... I am in Kallaroo patiently waiting for the market to drop....
  3. I am currenctly renting 20KM north of Perth. My rent is the same as a 25 year repayment mortgage of $250k (assuming 100% mortgage) The house has 5 beds, overlooks the Indian Ocean, has pool and garden maintenance thrown in. And get this it is "worth" $900k and belongs to an investor living in singapore. He bought new in 1993, for around $350k. I have a 2 year lease and he can't raise my rent. Denial phase in Perth currently, but that will change. 350 sqm blocks selling for $400k (165 sterling), same again for a house to be built on it which leaves no garden. Sitting this one out and lookin
  4. That is my local wrag, Lincoln is an awful place, normal headlines are such as 'lawnmower stolen from shed' or 'Local man battles influenza'. Basically it was a rural backwater with steady and cheap sales, but was awoken to the growth in th emarket everywhere else coupled with a doubling of the size of the University (read polly). Things are on there **** big time here, nothing is moving. It is gonna be a big fall next year, it took me over a year to sell and the house went on in July 2003. The lower end of the market was the most bouyant with people BTL for students, now there is an oversup
  5. What a pair of tits.. Sarah Beenies that is not the pair of women who were clearly arses.
  6. Todays rag is out and normally features half a dozen or so SSTC slapped across pictures per agent. This week, 10% reduced stickers, 30% New, only count 3 SSTC in the whole paper the rest are aslo rans. The biggest agent and my nemesis are running a whole page - we sell more than anyone feature incorporating 'look one of the publications we advertise in has given us award' Completed today on my last property, that's it now I am liquid. Phew that was close.
  7. Could not agree more, it would not even be conceivable in the early 90's ... I fixed at 14.65% (1991 I think) on a £56k mortgage, that is nearly £700 a month in interest alone. Add to that a rather miss-sold endownment we did not go out much. Variable rates were 16% at the time. Forget crash, it would be armageddon if that happened again.
  8. Totally agree, one of the reasons we are going WA is the better attitude to immigrants being as 27% are born overseas. The immigration policies are extremely tight, for example if you have a condition that is likely to cost more than £10k per year the state (health or education) it is an instant no. Basically no blind, no hadicapped etc. Not PC in the least. We have a son with mild autism but luckily he is doing fine without help, any worse he would have been rejected. I don't want to get into an Oz versus UK debate. Every country has it's pros and cons, I am swapping some pros for som
  9. I had a fixed rate deal of 14.65% in 1991, and breathed a sigh of relief to cap it this cheap... I sat at work the day there was a run on the pound and watched peoples faces turn white with 2 rate increases in one day. Britain came out of the ERM that day and things steadily came back to earth. I never thought it could happen again... people seem to have short memories.
  10. Thanks.... About the best result I could have hoped for, I also did a quick turn around BTS with the proceeds and made 8% after fees but I won't be going near the market any more.. 5% in ING for doing nothing.
  11. Please don't tar me with the 'rosey specs Pom' brush. My reasons for going are sincere, well thought out and not at all related to beaches. I was born and raised in London...
  12. I am on a 2 stage business visa, basically 4 years to establish a business to get perm residency. It is quite tough now and relies on having business experience in your country of origin.
  13. As someone who is now out of the market and ready to emmigrate the following makes good reading, http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/commo...5%5E601,00.html I would guess we are headed for a global correction in house prices, Australia's base rate is amongst the highest in the world. It has taken me well over a year to sell a 5 bed property in Lincolnshire... I am liquid and relieved...
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