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  1. Googl, being US based, is subject to different privacy laws than here in the UK. Freedom of information is inbuilt into the US constitution so they have much greater access to data and information than companies in Europe do. However, I'm sure there are enough grey areas for PropertySnake to exploit - if it wanted to take the risk....
  2. The thing that cripples people getting a mortgage now is the "Higher Lending Charge" that has become de rigeur the past month or two. Unless you can afford to put down 10% deposit or more they tend to want £2500+ from you. I remember this in the early 90s when it was called Mortgage Indemnity Fee. This large fee alone will scare many people off. However, as a single factor does not point to HPC, only to a slowdown of mortgage approvals.
  3. I didnt say he "will save the day" but was a nice bit of para-phrasing anyway. The discussion was about GB being a so-called buffoon vs. better alternatives from the Tories. Tebbit's star has waned...unless a knight in shining armour comes racing along soon we'll have to get used to living with this scot and his housing policies for a good while yet.
  4. We get the opportunity to give them a cardboard box every 4-5 years. Until we get some real opposition with some real substance we're gonna have to get used to Brown, like it or lump it.
  5. I'm sure you're aware that most other European central banks sold off a large amount of their gold at that time - thinking the EURO was going to be the global reserve currency of choice. Hindsight shows us it cost us about £2bn. Far less than the damage Lamont did on Black Wednesday of course. No-one is infallible. All leaders, even the great ones, make mistakes. I'm not even a traditional labour supporter but Brown has far more substance than the so-called dream ticket of Cameron/Osbourne. And in the debt-ridden, credit tightening period, his scottish-prudence profile may just fit with the times. Either way, the guy is no lightweight.
  6. exactly and if we were in power we would probably be doing the same thing the financial systems are so pervasive now they have a longevity of their own custodians may change but the system wont (unless countries got someone brave enough like Ron Paul into power)
  7. Oh come on. Faults these people may make, but buffoons they are not. Brown is probably one of the brightest guys on the political scene for many a long year. People have been predicting he would make an immediate mess of things but are instead starting to realise he's no fool. Just look at how quickly he has side-stepped the tories. Cameron is a deeply worried man. Let me put it another way - if you were sat across from Brown having a coffee and a discussion about anything remotely "strategic", I presume having called him a buffoon that you would run rings around him on any given topic then? And your recommendation of leader of our erstwhile country is...?
  8. Yes, my thought was do the lines always need to be close together - or indeed should IR be ahead of M4? Would be good to see more historical data to back this up for sure.
  9. Thats a good chart, see your point. Thanks for that. RB...lol cheers.
  10. But I thought that money supply and interest rates had an inversely proportional relationship. So wouldnt we want to be seeing supply going down to force upwards pressure on rates?
  11. Does the 695,000 figure ever change?
  12. Yeah but you wouldnt get the mortgage in the first place on that salary.
  13. What a worn out, cliche-driven load of old cobblers that expression is. So according to your theory any problem a country has is always the country's fault never the actual people in the governments? Drivel.
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