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  1. why cant the government just bogof itself? supermarkets can do whatever they like with offers. i like bogof offers and half price etc. I cant believe one poster was complaing that alcohol is too cheap! No it isnt, it is still expensive, its just that it is astronomically expensive in a pub. you actually want the government to take more money from people? So that they can give it to banks and a load of wasters? The mind boggles.
  2. i find it strange that people can be emotionally attached to London. it is, like most cities, totally impersonal and unsentimental. you are a nobody in London, a nothing. You are about as important as a hydrogen atom being expelled out of someone's lungs. A tiny insignificant spec surrounded by countless others. as you can tell, i'm not a city person at all. i loathe cities, even Edinburgh, the capital of my country. One of the main reasons i hate cities is that they attract the worst of humanity to them. I'm not talking about criminals, druggies etc. or people like that, I'm talking about pretentious twats with massive egos that seem to think they have some importance above that of anyone else. cities are a magent for a bunch of twats. i've solid evidence to back this up. I've been to London once and gathered evidence supporting my above stance. London is full of twats.
  3. i'm a lawyer. i'm on a 4 day week and pay freeze. some of the posters on here deserve a damn good slapping. why do so many people on here hold so many stereotypical views? i'm from a fairly poor working class family of 7 (mum, dad 5 children) and I spent 4 years doing a law degree then 2 years out to get some money to pay the fees for the 1 year diploma, then i spent 2 years training earning around £11k per annum. I'm now almost 4 years qualified and i've still got about 2 years worth of debt left to repay. i work very hard for my clients and charge what I think is a reasonable rate. If people think becoming a lawyer is easy then go and f**king do it - it'll only take you around 5-7 years and around £30k of debt to qualify. you will need at least 4 higher grade passes or A levels at A grade to actually get in to the course though - not sure the thick b*stards on here could manage that. as for lawyers being a cartel what a load of absolute sh*t. law firms (mine included) aggressively compete with each other for clients and costs have now been cut to the bone.
  4. we're just reverting to how things have been for most of human history. pensions don't work, this is clear. they rely on exponential growth year on year, forever. this worked for a while but it doesn't anymore. also, why do people say things like 'I work hard and therefore deserve a comfortable retirement' ? You don't deserve anything, no one does. People in 3rd world countries likely work much, much harder than you - do they deserve to have the same stuff that you have? it is very sad to say it but we are unfortunately at the beginning of the long term decline of industrialisation and everything that relies on it. i just hope the decline takes much longer than i think it will so at least my children get a chance of having some sort of life.
  5. we can't all do each other's washing that is for sure. in a book i read it showed the economy as a sort of pyramid. everything is based on the hard labour type stuff such as mining, farming, heavy industry etc. all this stuff is at the bottom and the more high skilled service type stuff is up at the top of the pyramid. this means that most people should be working near to the bottom or middle of the pyramid, and there should be far less people working near the top. with globalisation, it seems to me that Labour's plan is for all of us to be working at the top of the pyramid and everyone in China etc. working at the bottom. Sort of a return to the empire?
  6. the more i read these forums the more i think that most people on here are a bunch of miserable sad gits who spend their entire life thinking about one thing only - money. what a sad, pathetic existence. i have aunties and uncles like you lot and they are the most horrible, horrible people in the world. constantly saying things like 'aye, you only get what you pay for' and acting in a general 'I'm better than you' way. they are getting quite old now and live a sad, lonely existence with nothing much to look forward to other than death and the occasional walk round a garden centre with their hands behind their back. no surprise visits from the family, no wee ones to buy a toy for. thank god you lot are removing yourselves from the gene pool and self terminating. i hope that the sad gits among you save all your spare cash into a pension ponzi scheme only to die a day after your first payment arrives.
  7. tax should be at a flat rate of 20% starting after the first £10,000 earned. there should be no distinction between PAYE, dividends, drawings, or all that usual crap that self employed/rich fraudster types use to pay almost zero tax. there should be no NI and nothing such as tax credits or child benefit etc. this would likely mean less income tax raised than now, but the books could be balanced by cancelling lots of the governments functions and departments. government should be strictly limited to law enforcement, defence, transport etc. - the important things to keep the country running. many other services should be provided privately - most people would have a huge amount of spare cash to pay for the services they want. as for this 50% thing - only 1 or 2% of the population are affected. who cares? shouldn't people be more annoyed at the fuel duty increase, the beer tax increase, the fags tax increase? these are things that affect most people. i dont know anybody who earns more than £150k and i bet most people don't either.
  8. i'm in less debt now than i have been for many years. had to take out a £15k 'career development loan' to pay for university fees, accomodation, all that rubbish, and it is paid off in October 2008. 7 years loan! ARGGGG. got a few hundred quid on zero % credit cards that should be paid off before long, also got a couple of hundred on interest free HP for a new telly i just got. also have student loan repayment which ends in early 2011. i'm really hoping i can make it to the end of my loan terms without being made unemployed. on a 4 day week right now which has reduced income a fair bit unfortunately.
  9. The feudal system has been abolished in Scotland although i'm pretty sure it is still in existence in England and Wales. The feudal system means that, in the end, all land is owned by the Crown though there are likely various 'superiors' in the chain before you get to the Crown.
  10. I think Scotland will fare worse than the rest of the UK, with the possible exception of Nortern Ireland. We've had just as bad a housing bubble - possibly worse. As for some areas doing better, I presume you live in one of those areas?... Houses in all areas of Scotland will plummet in value. The ones in the most expensive parts will plummet the most. Ignore all those comments from scottish economists with their absurd predictions. They've got it wrong consistently for a long time now.
  11. the answer is to remove his pension and put him in jail. if he sues and wins, ignore the court judgement. if he takes it to the ECHR or whatever, ignore their judgement. What can he do then? The rule of law needs to be broken sometimes to get the proper result.
  12. why is everyone such a miserable twit on here? there is nothing wrong with eating a mcdonalds once in a while is there? and as far as eating out anywhere goes, any restaurant food apart from salads (why get a salad at a restaurant?) is normally pretty bad for you. i shudder to think what some people on here actually eat and how they live. do you all have celery all day and wear clothes made out of potato sacks whilst cowering around a single candle for heat? half the people on here will likely die with hundreds of thousands of pounds in the bank which they could have spent on something useful. as many on here also hate children and don't want any, that inheritance will likely be claimed by the Crown in the end. what a sad, sad waste.
  13. I assume you were a child once? Your parents got child related benefits for your entire childhood. I think you should pay it all back with a 15 year Child Loan, directly lifted from your wages each month. As for wanting to do what your parents did, forget it. That opportunity happened once and once only. It is over. Unless you haven't been paying attention we are living through the end of western civilzation and all the values and rules that it is based on. This isn't a temporary blip. We are in the midst of global structural change which will have the end result of transforming the 'West' into a much, much poorer place. We are being dragged down whilst the 'East' is coming up a bit. A global levelling off. Did you really think that us in the West could just go on pretending to be rich whilst everyone in the East did all the hard work? it's time to pay the piper unfortunately. the ponzi scheme is over. Aside from all of that, look at the size of the population compared to when your parents were young. There are now more desperate hungry people competing for the Earth's limited resources. There is someone on Earth who could do your job for much, much less money than you - think very hard about that and all that it means. We are in the early stages of the race to the bottom.
  14. You can't make a formal written offer without a solicitor. Solicitors are the only agents authorised to conclude contracts for the purchase of property in Scotland. If you put in your own written offer to an estate agent they'd tell you to have it re-done by a solicitor. They may well say 'yes. we accept the terms of your offer' but that doesn't make it binding (perhaps morally binding?). So, have no fear about submitting informal offers to an estate agent - especially verbally, since heritable property cannot be bought or sold by verbal contract in Scotland.
  15. no it isn't. it is an offer, not a contract. it still requires to be met by a written acceptance which will usually contain some conditions such as removing the survey clause, removing the time limit, possibly referring to alterations etc. this is then seen as a 'counter offer' and requires to be met by a further written acceptance by the buyer which, if unconditional, concludes the contract. if the buyer's further acceptance contains more conditions then this is another counter offer and needs another written acceptance from the seller.. and so on. the buyer or seller can walk away with no penalties up until the final unconditional acceptance is received. might have some legal expenses of course, but they nor any other costs can be recovered from the other side in this circumstance.
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